Improve the CMakeLists.txt files.
[qtgstreamer:qtgstreamer.git] / CMakeLists.txt
2010-07-08 George KiagiadakisImprove the CMakeLists.txt files.
2010-04-19 George KiagiadakisPort the 'echo' example to the new bindings to make...
2010-03-14 George KiagiadakisInitial commit of the QtGstreamer helper code generator.
2010-03-14 George KiagiadakisAdd the missing find_package(Boost REQUIRED).
2010-03-05 George KiagiadakisInitial commit of the new code.
2009-07-12 George KiagiadakisInstall files.
2009-07-12 George KiagiadakisAdd a simple echo example, which forwards audio from...
2009-07-12 George KiagiadakisInitial commit.