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2011-02-13 George KiagiadakisNuke all files and add moved notice. master
2010-11-18 George KiagiadakisMerge branch 'cmake-fixes'
2010-11-18 George KiagiadakisAdd options for conditional building of tests and examples.
2010-11-18 George KiagiadakisRename STATIC_QTGSTREAMER to QTGSTREAMER_STATIC, make...
2010-11-18 George KiagiadakisBuild qwidgetvideosink only if the video library is...
2010-11-16 George KiagiadakisMerge branch 'events'
2010-11-16 George KiagiadakisMerge branch 'value-fix'
2010-11-16 Mauricio PiacentiniFix Value crash if a NULL GValue is passed in the const...
2010-11-16 George KiagiadakisDon't use const here, there is no good reason to do so.
2010-11-16 George KiagiadakisFix compilation.
2010-11-03 Mauricio PiacentiniInitial implementation of QGst::Event
2010-11-01 George KiagiadakisMerge remote branch 'piacentinis-qtgstreamer/QGstBuffer'
2010-11-01 Mauricio PiacentiniBuffer reviewed
2010-10-29 Mauricio PiacentiniImplementation of QGst::Buffer
2010-10-22 George KiagiadakisFix typo.
2010-10-22 George KiagiadakisMerge remote branch 'piacentinis-qtgstreamer/QGstClock'
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