Some unit test cleanup and fixes
[qtcontacts-tracker:sirajs-contactsd-merge.git] / tests / telepathyplugin / test-telepathy-plugin.cpp
2010-09-24 Xavier ClaessensSome unit test cleanup and fixes
2010-09-20 Xavier ClaessensAdd unit test for presence and avatar changes
2010-09-15 Andre Moreira Maga... Merge commit 'zdra/test2' into tp-plugin-refactor
2010-09-15 Xavier ClaessensDisable the default contact list, so we start with...
2010-09-15 Xavier ClaessensSet connection offline before destroying it
2010-09-15 Xavier ClaessensMake the connection online otherwise contactsd does...
2010-09-15 Xavier ClaessensImprove testing of telepathy plugin
2010-09-15 Xavier ClaessensPort telepathy plugin unit tests to new API