prepare for test release
[qtcontacts-tracker:sirajs-contactsd-merge.git] / configure
2010-10-13 Siraj Razickprepare for test release master harmattan-test/0.5.37-1
2010-10-06 Siraj RazickPrepare for Harmattan 0.5.36-7 Release
2010-09-30 Siraj RazickBump Version
2010-09-30 Siraj RazickPrepare for Harmattan/0.5.36-6 harmattan/0.5.36-6
2010-09-24 Siraj RazickBump Version
2010-09-24 Siraj RazickPrepare for harmattan/0.5.36-5 harmattan/0.5.36-5
2010-09-23 Siraj RazickBump Version
2010-09-23 Siraj RazickMerge branch 'master' of harmattan/0.5.36-4
2010-09-23 Siraj RazickPrepare for harmattan 0.5.36-4
2010-09-23 Aleksandar Stojilj... Merge branch 'master' of
2010-09-23 Siraj RazickBump Version
2010-09-23 Siraj RazickPrepare for harmattan/0.5.36-3 harmattan/0.5.36-3
2010-09-17 Siraj RazickBump Version
2010-09-17 Siraj RazickPrepare for Release harmattan/0.5.35-5 harmattan/0.5.35-5
2010-09-16 Siraj RazickBump Version
2010-09-16 Siraj RazickPrepare for Harmattan/0.5.35-4 harmattan/0.5.35-4
2010-09-16 Andre Moreira Maga... Fixed help debug in configure.
2010-09-16 Andre Moreira Maga... Improve/fix configure debug.
2010-09-16 Andre Moreira Maga... Improving pre-processing in files and properly remove...
2010-09-15 Andre Moreira Maga... Run uninstalled version of contacts with uninstalled...
2010-09-15 Andre Moreira Maga... Merge commit 'zdra/test2' into tp-plugin-refactor
2010-09-15 Xavier ClaessensImprove testing of telepathy plugin
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira Maga... Added version support to configure.
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira Maga... Generate contactsd-1.0.pc based on variables set on...
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira Maga... configure: Added options to set bindir, libdir, include...
2010-09-14 Siraj RazickChanges : dpkg-buildpackage build fix + typo fix
2010-09-13 Andre Moreira Maga... Added new target "make confclean".
2010-09-13 Andre Moreira Maga... Added initial test infrastructure to be able to run...