Implement changelog filter.
[qtcontacts-tracker:qtcontacts-tracker.git] / tests / ut_qtcontacts_trackerplugin_querybuilder / ut_qtcontacts_trackerplugin_querybuilder.cpp
2010-04-28 Mathias HasselmannImplement changelog filter.
2010-04-27 Mathias HasselmannStore detail schema in engine instead of using singleto...
2010-04-27 Mathias HasselmannMerge requests and engine module again
2010-04-27 Mathias HasselmannActually bind filters on unique details
2010-04-27 Mathias HasselmannImplement range filter
2010-04-27 Mathias HasselmannRemove QTrackerContactQueryBuilder::bindFilter(filter...
2010-04-26 Mathias HasselmannAdd initial implementation of the detail filter
2010-04-26 Mathias HasselmannAdd fn: prefix
2010-04-26 Mathias HasselmannMove FilterFactory into QueryBuilder
2010-04-26 Mathias HasselmannMake QTrackerContactFilterFactory a proper object
2010-04-23 Mathias HasselmannCreate one signal function to create the engine
2010-04-23 Mathias HasselmannFix build error
2010-04-23 Siraj RazickChanges : pass query_builder=all as param for the engine
2010-04-23 Siraj RazickChanges : remove mock engine from query builder test...
2010-04-23 Mathias HasselmannPut more effort into cleansing the Database before...
2010-04-23 Mathias HasselmannDefine OnlineAccount and Presence detail mapping
2010-04-23 Mathias HasselmannRename detail schema test
2010-04-23 Mathias HasselmannAdd support for telepathy: IRIs
2010-04-22 Mathias HasselmannAdd support for telepathy: IRIs
2010-04-21 Mathias HasselmannAdd more sophisticated tests for union and intersection...
2010-04-21 Mathias HasselmannImplement union and intersection filter
2010-04-21 Mathias HasselmannAlso test fetching with localContactId filter
2010-04-21 Mathias HasselmannTest query generated by localContactId filter
2010-04-21 Mathias HasselmannImplement localId filter
2010-04-21 Mathias HasselmannIntroduce central settings facility
2010-04-20 Mathias HasselmannPrepare save requests from XML file.
2010-04-20 Mathias HasselmannAdd initial avatar detail mapping.
2010-04-20 Mathias HasselmannProperly verify fetched contacts
2010-04-20 Mathias HasselmannUse more correct query for class based subtypes
2010-04-20 Mathias HasselmannRetreive content URI.
2010-04-19 Mathias HasselmannCheck that fetch requests have proper queries.
2010-04-19 Mathias HasselmannMore widely use QContactDetailDefinitionMap
2010-04-19 Mathias HasselmannAdd more reference queries
2010-04-17 Mathias HasselmannCreate objects with content URL when saving contacts
2010-04-16 Mathias HasselmannIntroduce common facility for handling content URLs.
2010-04-16 Mathias HasselmannRemove contacts before running testSaveRequestCreate()
2010-04-16 Aleksandar Stojilj... Merge branch 'chavo'
2010-04-16 Aleksandar Stojilj... Merge branch 'master' into chavo
2010-04-15 Mathias HasselmannUpdate contact detail schema for new API
2010-04-15 Mathias HasselmannPrint remaining reference keys on error
2010-04-15 Mathias HasselmannProperly name address detail test
2010-04-15 Mathias HasselmannUse SubTypeFax instead of obsolete SubTypeFacsimile
2010-04-15 Mathias HasselmannUse proper reference file in testInsertBlankQuery()
2010-04-15 Mathias HasselmannAdd missing reference files
2010-04-15 Aleksandar Stojilj... compilation fixes
2010-04-15 Siraj RazickMerge branch 'chavo' of
2010-04-14 Mathias HasselmannProperly name QTrackerContactDetailSchema
2010-04-14 Mathias HasselmannAdd querybuilder code and rearrange files.