2010-12-14 Mathias HasselmannRevert "Changes: Create missing contacts when fetching"
2010-12-14 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Add additional consistency check to ut_qtconta...
2010-12-14 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Create missing contacts when fetching
2010-12-14 Mathias HasselmannFixes: Fetch needed details in ut_qtcontacts_trackerplu...
2010-12-14 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Report which detail failed in ut_qtcontacts_tr...
2010-12-14 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Don't fetch display label details unless requested
2010-12-14 Jens GeorgFixes: Spelling in unittest
2010-12-14 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.11.0-3 harmattan/4.11.0-3
2010-12-14 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.11.0-2 harmattan/4.11.0-2
2010-12-14 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Update EXPECTFAIL file
2010-12-14 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Update reference queries for 946b8b17eaa96ea0d...
2010-12-14 Friedrich W... Fixes: the files slots.{h,cpp} are now in ut_qtcontacts...
2010-12-13 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.11.0-1 harmattan/4.11.0-1
2010-12-13 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Fix merge-conflict typo in tests.pro
2010-12-13 Jens GeorgChanges: Add missing files to project
2010-12-13 Jens GeorgChanges: Move slots.* to _common
2010-12-13 Jens GeorgFixes: QContactManager signal test
2010-12-13 Adrien BustanyChanges: Properly fetch nao:Properties with custom...
2010-12-13 Adrien BustanyChanges: QB UT: Add more cleaning regexps to queries
2010-12-13 Adrien BustanyChanges: QB UT: Rename all variables and anonymous...
2010-12-13 Adrien BustanyChanges: Update QB UT data files to match Cubi queries
2010-12-13 Adrien BustanyChanges: Add missing setOptional on Organization::Name
2010-12-13 Adrien BustanyChanges: ContactIdFetchRequest: Put statements before...
2010-12-13 Adrien BustanyChanges: Don't drop triples in bindFilter
2010-12-13 Adrien BustanyChanges: Fix collectFilters
2010-12-13 Adrien BustanyChanges: Factor OPTIONALs better
2010-12-13 Mathias HasselmannUpdate Cubi to ef060bd7f8046fb03e9f3572a880ca000fca54ca
2010-12-13 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Don't link with QtTracker anymore
2010-12-13 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Drop QtTracker dependency from ut_qtcontacts_t...
2010-12-10 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Add Other context to ut_qtcontacts_trackerplug...
2010-12-10 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Remove debug messages from last commit
2010-12-10 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Sanitize blog test
2010-12-10 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Remove useless ut_qtcontacts_trackerplugin_sparql.
2010-12-10 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Remove lost QtTracker includes from unit tests
2010-12-10 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Liberate ut_qtcontacts_trackerplugin_common...
2010-12-10 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Remove QtTracker from ut_qtcontacts_trackerplugin.
2010-12-10 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Trun ut_qtcontacts_trackerplugin_common::execu...
2010-12-10 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Improve command line parsing of configure...
2010-12-09 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Cleanup Cubi namespace usage.
2010-12-09 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Update gitignore file
2010-12-09 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Use cubi convenience ontology classes instead...
2010-12-09 Mathias HasselmannNew: Add generated ontology classes
2010-12-09 Mathias HasselmannNew: Introduce ontology compiler tool
2010-12-09 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.10.91-4
2010-12-09 Adrien BustanyRemove ncal definitions from schema
2010-12-09 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Remove long time obsolete rdf-mapping tool
2010-12-08 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Sanitize cubidefines a bit.
2010-12-08 Friedrich W... Changes: bump version number
2010-12-08 Friedrich W... Changes: begin changelog section for 4.10.93~1
2010-12-07 Friedrich W... Fixes: NB#208065 - call ui displays incorrect contact... 76
2010-12-07 Friedrich W... Fixes: control contacts was never saved in testFilterCo...
2010-12-07 Adrien BustanyFixes: Fix the build after qttracker removal
2010-12-07 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Avoid "Too many SQL variables" warning in...
2010-12-07 Mathias HasselmannFixes: Adapt NB#206677 fix for QtTracker free remove...
2010-12-07 Mathias HasselmannFixes: Build fix for QtTracker free remove request
2010-12-07 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Add FIXME comment about MR#51
2010-12-07 Adrien BustanyChanges: Port QContactRemoveRequest to QSparql
2010-12-07 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Remove QtTracker based query builder
2010-12-07 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.10.92-1 harmattan/4.10.92-1
2010-12-07 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Pass arguments in tests/runtest.sh
2010-12-07 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Add missing comments
2010-12-07 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Add missing QctContactMergeRequest::targetCont...
2010-12-07 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Give contact merge request proper class name.
2010-12-06 Aleksandar... Mash request: Updated sparql to copy all single field...
2010-12-06 Aleksandar... WIP: contactmerging - initial unit test and skeleton...
2010-12-06 Friedrich W... Changes: add test for 208065 (filter for short numbers...
2010-12-05 Adrien BustanyChanges: respect prefix when installing shared lib 73
2010-12-04 Jens GeorgFixes: testPartialSave
2010-12-04 Jens GeorgChanges: Update reference queries for changes of 93e61b...
2010-12-04 Jens GeorgChanges: Remove a Soprano left-over
2010-12-04 Jens GeorgFixes: GRAPH for contact only applies to insert part...
2010-12-04 Jens GeorgFixes: "No such table xsd:string" errors on start-up
2010-12-03 Jens GeorgChanges: Update changelog jgeorg/pandoras-box-2
2010-12-03 Adrien BustanyChanges: Warn if value can't be converted in QTrackerCo...
2010-12-03 Adrien BustanyChanges: Properly save restricted values
2010-12-03 Adrien BustanyFixes: Improve handling of restricted-valued properties
2010-12-03 Adrien BustanyUpdate Cubi to 030dbc075d0e594d7d8a07e4f6d80c66131b7359
2010-12-03 Adrien BustanyChanges: don't drop detail when fetching contacts
2010-12-03 Adrien BustanyFixes: Fix compilation on master
2010-12-03 Jens GeorgChanges: Port contactSaveRequest to Cubi
2010-12-03 Jens GeorgNew: Helper scripts to run tests on private tracker db
2010-12-01 Jens GeorgChanges: Set correct version number and update changelog
2010-12-01 Adrien BustanyChanges: Update header location for TrackerChangeListener
2010-12-01 Jens GeorgChanges: Update changelog with merged changed
2010-12-01 Adrien BustanyFixes: Install all data files for ut_qtcontacts_tracker...
2010-12-01 Jens GeorgChanges: Don't emit changed signal for removed contacts
2010-11-29 Adrien BustanyChanges: Apply query filters to customDetail query too 59 jgeorg/pandoras-box-1
2010-11-28 Jens GeorgChanges: Change code to prevent empty groups and double...
2010-11-28 Adrien BustanyImprove OPTIONAL handling in query builder
2010-11-28 Jens GeorgFixes: Some Fixes to sync-cubi.sh
2010-11-28 Adrien BustanyNew: Add simple script to update Cubi to latest version 61
2010-11-28 Adrien BustanyChanges: Switch Cubi from submodule to in-tree
2010-11-26 Jens GeorgChanges: Merge changelog entry from stable release
2010-11-26 Jens GeorgChanges: Fix changelog formatting
2010-11-26 Jens GeorgChanges: Bump version
2010-11-26 Jens GeorgChanges: Update changelog
2010-11-26 Jens GeorgChanges: Update Changelog
2010-11-26 Jens GeorgFixes: NB#206677 - Contacts application crashes when...
2010-11-25 Mathias HasselmannFixes: Broken union filter
2010-11-25 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Shuffle declarations in bindFilter() a bit