2010-10-07 Xavier Claessenschange: Fix AccountPath field not appearing on self... master
2010-10-07 Xavier ClaessensImprove a bit unit tests
2010-10-07 Xavier ClaessensStore the authorization status in tracker, using the...
2010-10-06 Siraj RazickPrepare for release : Fix date in change log harmattan/0.5.36-7
2010-10-06 Siraj RazickPrepare for Harmattan 0.5.36-7 Release
2010-10-06 Siraj RazickFixes : NB#193964 - [Hamsin IM] Avatars are not displayed
2010-09-30 Siraj RazickBump Version
2010-09-30 Siraj RazickPrepare for Harmattan/0.5.36-6 harmattan/0.5.36-6
2010-09-30 Siraj RazickChanges : Mark contacts presene as unknown once the...
2010-09-30 Xavier ClaessensTests: Support verifying only parts of the contact...
2010-09-30 Xavier ClaessensAdd initial test case for connection going offline
2010-09-30 Xavier Claessenssimple-account: Remove the connection when it gets...
2010-09-30 Xavier ClaessensFix build warning
2010-09-24 Siraj RazickBump Version
2010-09-24 Siraj RazickPrepare for harmattan/0.5.36-5 harmattan/0.5.36-5
2010-09-24 Xavier ClaessensFix crash in cleanup unit tests
2010-09-24 Xavier ClaessensDo not run contactsd test unside our env
2010-09-24 Xavier ClaessensAdd unit test for the self contact
2010-09-24 Xavier ClaessensAdd "account" parameter on the fake Account
2010-09-24 Xavier ClaessensSome unit test cleanup and fixes
2010-09-24 Siraj RazickChanges : Fix service name and presence issues
2010-09-24 Siraj RazickChanges : Fix self contact presence update problems
2010-09-24 Xavier ClaessensCorrectly set the nickname on the self contact
2010-09-23 Siraj RazickBump Version
2010-09-23 Siraj RazickMerge branch 'master' of git@gitorious.org:/qtcontacts... harmattan/0.5.36-4
2010-09-23 Siraj RazickPrepare for harmattan 0.5.36-4
2010-09-23 Aleksandar... Merge branch 'master' of git@gitorious.org:qtcontacts...
2010-09-23 Aleksandar... Changes in aegis file format - previous was requesting...
2010-09-23 Siraj RazickBump Version
2010-09-23 Siraj RazickPrepare for harmattan/0.5.36-3 harmattan/0.5.36-3
2010-09-23 Siraj RazickChanges : Fix Contactsd Crash
2010-09-23 Siraj RazickChanges : Review Fixes for "Support Merge Contacts...
2010-09-23 Siraj RazickChanges: Support Handling Merged Remote Contacts
2010-09-22 Aleksandar... Aegis certificate request (to access tracker) for contactsd
2010-09-20 Xavier ClaessensAdd unit test for presence and avatar changes
2010-09-17 Siraj RazickBump Version
2010-09-17 Siraj RazickPrepare for Release harmattan/0.5.35-5 harmattan/0.5.35-5
2010-09-16 Siraj RazickBump Version
2010-09-16 Siraj RazickPrepare for Harmattan/0.5.35-4 harmattan/0.5.35-4
2010-09-16 Siraj RazickChanges : Fix Removal of contacts on account removal...
2010-09-16 Xavier ClaessensDo not run tests when building package
2010-09-16 Andre Moreira... Fixed help debug in configure.
2010-09-16 Andre Moreira... Properly set version in pkgconfig file.
2010-09-16 Andre Moreira... Improve/fix configure debug.
2010-09-16 Andre Moreira... tests/telepathyplugin: Removed trailing whitespace.
2010-09-16 Andre Moreira... Updated README with dependencies to run the tests.
2010-09-16 Andre Moreira... Kill contactsd instance started by runtest.sh when...
2010-09-16 Andre Moreira... Fixed Contents table in INSTALL file.
2010-09-16 Andre Moreira... Properly run the tests when using out-of-tree build.
2010-09-16 Andre Moreira... Improving pre-processing in files and properly remove...
2010-09-15 Andre Moreira... Updated .gitignore.
2010-09-15 Andre Moreira... Remove warnings when buildings fake account manager.
2010-09-15 Andre Moreira... Cleanup tests pro files and tests/contactsd code a...
2010-09-15 Andre Moreira... Make tracker-control properly launch tracker-store.
2010-09-15 Andre Moreira... Fix the last patch that was doing a method call with...
2010-09-15 Siraj RazickChanges : Support Contact Removal from tracker when...
2010-09-15 Andre Moreira... Run uninstalled version of contacts with uninstalled...
2010-09-15 Andre Moreira... Revert "Also divert XDG_CACHE_HOME to have a fake avata...
2010-09-15 Andre Moreira... Merge commit 'zdra/test2' into tp-plugin-refactor
2010-09-15 Xavier Claessensupdate gitignore
2010-09-15 Xavier ClaessensDisable the default contact list, so we start with...
2010-09-15 Xavier ClaessensRename test-account-manager to fake-account-manager
2010-09-15 Xavier ClaessensAlso divert XDG_CACHE_HOME to have a fake avatar cache
2010-09-15 Xavier ClaessensSet connection offline before destroying it
2010-09-15 Xavier ClaessensMake the connection online otherwise contactsd does...
2010-09-15 Siraj RazickChanges : Make Saving work again
2010-09-15 Xavier ClaessensImprove testing of telepathy plugin
2010-09-15 Xavier ClaessensPort telepathy plugin unit tests to new API
2010-09-15 Xavier ClaessensPort daemon unit tests to new API
2010-09-15 Xavier ClaessensRemove unused tests/common
2010-09-15 Andre Moreira... telepathy plugin: Properly remove contacts.
2010-09-14 Siraj RazickChanges : Async Contact Removal
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... Updated .gitignore.
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... telepathy plugin: Properly handle account removals.
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... telepathy plugin: Use account object path as hash key...
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... Fixed Contents table in HACKING.
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... Added INSTALL file.
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... Updated README.
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... telepathy plugin: Use new statusChanged signal from...
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... Updated HACKING.
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... Remove .pc file.
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... Added contactsd options --help and --version and modifi...
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... Added version support to configure.
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... Improved packaging.
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... Generate contactsd-1.0.pc based on variables set on...
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... telepathy plugin: Use fancy header for ContactsdPluginI...
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... Added fancy header for ContactsdPluginInterface.
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... Use variables set on configure to install headers and...
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... Use libdir set on configure to install plugins and...
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... Use libdir set on configure to install pkgconfig files.
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... configure: Added options to set bindir, libdir, include...
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... tests/lib/glib/contact-list-conn: Properly use test_con...
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... tests/lib/glib/contact-list-conn: Use const where appro...
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... Build testslib statically and remove warnings and qt...
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... Proper export avatar data related methods without stati...
2010-09-14 Siraj RazickChanges : dpkg-buildpackage build fix + typo fix
2010-09-14 Andre Moreira... Added glib contact-list test to be used by automated...
2010-09-13 Andre Moreira... Removed old benchmarks.
2010-09-13 Andre Moreira... Bump tp-qt4 dependency to >= 0.3.9.
2010-09-13 Xavier ClaessensImplement avatar support