Revert "Changes: Reduce code duplication in CDTpAvatarUpdate"
[qtcontacts-tracker:jensg-contactsd.git] / tools /
2011-05-09 Xavier ClaessensUpdate git-send-review copy
2011-01-20 Xavier ClaessensRefactoring of telepathy plugin unit tests
2010-12-02 Xavier Claessenstrivial cleanup in script
2010-12-02 Xavier ClaessensMake sure to cleanup tests tmp files
2010-11-29 Xavier ClaessensMerge branch 'imaccount'
2010-11-25 Xavier Claessenschanges: Move XDG redirection before starting the dbus...
2010-09-15 Andre Moreira Maga... Merge commit 'zdra/test2' into tp-plugin-refactor
2010-09-15 Xavier ClaessensImprove testing of telepathy plugin
2010-09-13 Andre Moreira Maga... Added initial test infrastructure to be able to run...
2010-08-25 Andre Moreira Maga... Merge branch 'git-send-review-use-sendemail-opts'
2010-08-25 Andre Moreira Maga... git-send-review: Allow usage of git.sendemail config...
2010-07-29 Aleksandar Stojilj... "send to review mailing list" tool script added. Use...