Changes: adapt reference queries, variable to iri projections in fn:concat no longer...
[qtcontacts-tracker:hasselmms-qtcontacts-tracker.git] / debian /
2011-03-31 Adrien BustanyFixes: NB#239457 - libqtcontacts-tracker-dbg should...
2011-03-28 Jens GeorgFixes: NB#239930 - don't create a event loop in the...
2011-03-25 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.13.4-1
2011-03-25 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.13.3-1
2011-03-23 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.13.2-1
2011-03-22 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.13.1-1
2011-03-22 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.13.1-0
2011-03-18 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.13.0-2
2011-03-18 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.13.0-1
2011-03-16 Adrien BustanyPrepare harmattan/4.12.11-1
2011-03-16 Jens GeorgPrepare harmattan/4.12.10-2
2011-03-15 Adrien BustanyChanges: Externalize dependency to Cubi
2011-03-11 Adrien BustanyChanges: Check for parallel parameter in debian/rules
2011-03-11 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.12.10-1
2011-03-09 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.12.9-1
2011-03-08 Adrien BustanyChanges: Install ut_qtcontacts_trackerplugin_helper
2011-03-08 Adrien BustanyChanges: fix debian/rules after postinst script removal
2011-03-08 Adrien BustanyChanges: install ut_qtcontacts_trackerplugin_settings_h...
2011-03-08 Adrien BustanyChanges: Remove the localUID postinst script
2011-03-08 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.12.8-1
2011-03-04 Adrien BustanyUpdate tracker-sparql pc version to 0.10
2011-03-02 Jens GeorgChanges: Bump tracker-runtime dependency to 0.10.0...
2011-03-02 Mathias HasselmannFixes: NB#231925 - Replace libcreds2-qt with mssf-qt
2011-02-24 Jens GeorgPrepare harmattan/4.12.7-1
2011-02-19 Jens GeorgPrepare harmattan/4.12.6-1
2011-02-19 Friedrich W. H.... Fixes: online account protocol ids need to be converted...
2011-02-19 Friedrich W. H.... Fixes: adapt schema to the new way of storing the proto...
2011-02-19 Friedrich W. H.... Changes: switch to use QContactOnlineAccount::FieldProt...
2011-02-17 Adrien BustanyUpdate changelog for 4.12.5-1
2011-02-17 Adrien BustanyChanges: Loosen a bit the qt-mobility requirements
2011-02-16 Adrien BustanyFix build for qt mobility 1.2
2011-02-15 Jens GeorgFixes: Accidental version bump
2011-02-15 Jens GeorgAdd another fixed bug to changelog
2011-02-14 Jens Georgprepare harmattan/4.12.4-2
2011-02-14 Jens GeorgChanges: Add fixed bugs to changelog
2011-02-11 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.12.4-1
2011-02-09 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.12.3-1
2011-02-09 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Update AEGIS manifest
2011-02-09 Adrien BustanyPrepare harmattan/4.12.2-3
2011-02-07 Jens GeorgFixes: NB#204035 - Add new contact failed without error...
2011-02-04 Mathias HasselmannFixes: NB#201032 - QContactFetchRequest()->start()...
2011-02-03 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Avoid git dependency for
2011-02-03 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.12.2-1
2011-02-03 Mathias Hasselmannmake some people happy
2011-02-02 Adrien BustanyChanges: Update changelog for intermediate postinst...
2011-02-02 Mathias HasselmannFixes: NB#222099 - [REG] Presence indicator for remote...
2011-02-02 Adrien BustanyChanges: Make postinst script fail silently
2011-02-01 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.12.1-4
2011-02-01 Adrien BustanyChanges: Fix postinst script
2011-01-31 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Actually also delete wrong nco:contactLocalUID...
2011-01-31 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Add post-install script for updating nco:conta...
2011-01-31 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.12.1-1
2011-01-31 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.12.0-1
2011-01-20 Jens GeorgChanges: Fix review comments and general clean-up of...
2011-01-20 Mathias HasselmannFixes: Remove obsolete and now broken attempt to explic...
2011-01-20 Friedrich W. H.... Changes: note unit tests for detail-exists and wildcard...
2011-01-17 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.11.8-1
2011-01-12 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.11.7-1
2011-01-12 Aleksandar Stojilj... Changelog update: Fixes: NB#216805 - Unable to merge...
2011-01-11 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Update debian changelog
2011-01-07 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.11.6-1
2011-01-04 Mathias HasselmannFixes: NB#214563 - Regression - Few contact fields...
2011-01-03 Jens GeorgNew: Get ready for tracker direct access
2010-12-31 Tan MiaoqingPrepare harmattan/4.11.5-2
2010-12-31 Aleksandar Stojilj... Fixes: NB#215611 - qtcontacts-tracker deletes postal...
2010-12-22 Jens GeorgPrepare harmattan/4.11.4-1
2010-12-20 Jens GeorgChanges: Remove obsolete unittest from aegis file
2010-12-20 Adrien BustanyPrepare harmattan/4.11.3-2
2010-12-20 Adrien BustanyPrepare harmattan/4.11.3-1
2010-12-20 Adrien BustanyPrepare harmattan/4.11.2-1
2010-12-20 Adrien BustanyNOT MERGE update debian
2010-12-17 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.11.1-2
2010-12-16 Aleksandar Stojilj... Prepare harmattan/4.11.1-1
2010-12-14 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.11.0-3
2010-12-14 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.11.0-2
2010-12-13 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.11.0-1
2010-12-13 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Don't link with QtTracker anymore
2010-12-09 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.10.91-4
2010-12-08 Friedrich W. H.... Changes: begin changelog section for 4.10.93~1
2010-12-07 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.10.92-1
2010-12-03 Jens GeorgChanges: Update changelog
2010-12-01 Jens GeorgChanges: Set correct version number and update changelog
2010-12-01 Adrien BustanyChanges: Update header location for TrackerChangeListener
2010-12-01 Jens GeorgChanges: Update changelog with merged changed
2010-11-26 Jens GeorgChanges: Merge changelog entry from stable release
2010-11-26 Jens GeorgChanges: Fix changelog formatting
2010-11-26 Jens GeorgChanges: Update changelog
2010-11-26 Jens GeorgChanges: Update Changelog
2010-11-24 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.10.91-1
2010-11-22 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.10.90-1
2010-11-19 Jens GeorgChanges: Port RelationshipSaveRequest to QtSparql
2010-11-19 Mathias HasselmannFixes: Add NB#201011 to please BIFH.
2010-11-17 Mathias HasselmannFixes: NB#198749 - One contact from N900 is not transfe...
2010-11-17 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Drop some unicode whitespace in debian changelog
2010-11-15 Mathias HasselmannFixes: NB#203983 - libqtcontacts-tracker-tests fail...
2010-11-15 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Bump version numbers
2010-11-15 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.10.9-1
2010-11-15 Jens GeorgChanges: Adapt to namespace removal in libqtsparql...
2010-11-15 Mathias HasselmannPrepare harmattan/4.10.8-1
2010-11-10 Friedrich W. H.... Changes: Update Changelog with releases done from 4...