2012-02-27 uzaferadded alternative keyboard navigation master
2012-02-21 uzaferintegration tested fixes
2012-02-09 uzaferFixed the remaining known keyboard navigation issues
2012-02-07 uzaferRow offset corrections
2012-02-07 Frank OsterfeldAlso use reimplementation if not using footer row but...
2012-02-07 Frank Osterfeldreimplement pgup and cursor up handling, too.
2012-02-06 uzaferFix the number of rows to advance on PageDown
2012-02-06 Frank OsterfeldThe logic for scrolling down by changing the current...
2012-02-06 Frank OsterfeldRe-link when static lib changes
2011-11-20 Frank Osterfeldapply width to the correct column
2011-11-20 Frank Osterfeldfix mapping order when mapping from visual to logical
2011-11-08 uzaferSupports extended column info
2011-11-07 uzaferExtended column info, code must be enabled to use
2011-11-07 uzaferExtended column info, code must be enabled to use
2011-11-07 uzaferMerge gitorious.org:qtableview-extensions/qtableview...
2011-11-07 uzaferuse the visible list item index also for the to-index...
2011-11-07 Frank Osterfeldmap sort columns correctly between visual index and...
2011-11-07 uzaferuse the list index of the visible item when displacing...
2011-11-07 uzafersignal header data changes, fix item selection problems...
2011-11-02 uzafermake the destructor virtual
2011-11-01 Frank Osterfeldtry fix issues with removing and adding columns
2011-11-01 Frank Osterfelduse const iterators, and Q_FOREACH
2011-11-01 Frank Osterfeldinitialize members
2011-11-01 Frank Osterfeldmerge "footerrow" and footerRowEnabled. rename property...
2011-11-01 Frank Osterfeldsimplify
2011-11-01 Frank Osterfeldavoid unsigned vs. int, make API more qt-like
2011-11-01 Frank Osterfeldremove guard (always true)
2011-11-01 Frank Osterfeldthese are apparently supposed to be queued
2011-11-01 Frank Osterfeldmisc refactoring
2011-11-01 Frank Osterfeldfix case
2011-08-11 uzaferallow to enable/disable the sorting tab
2011-08-11 Andreas Holzammerinsert right behavior for model reset
2011-08-09 Andreas Holzammerfix recalculation of last row
2011-08-09 Andreas Holzammerfix tool tip for headerInfo and setHeaderInfo
2011-06-29 Andreas Holzammerintroduce setSortRole
2011-06-29 Andreas Holzammerintroduce sortOrderChanged signal
2011-06-29 Andreas Holzammerfix painting bug when frozen columns = 0
2011-06-29 Andreas Holzammerfix frozen columns = 0 bug
2011-06-28 Andreas Holzammeradd after setModel a setHeaderInfo
2011-06-28 Andreas Holzammerfix a sliped through bug
2011-06-21 Andreas Holzammeradd check for empty model in setHeaderInfo
2011-06-21 Andreas Holzammerfix removeing and moving rows and add testcase
2011-06-21 Andreas Holzammerfix adding row
2011-06-14 Andreas Holzammertry to fix mapping crash
2011-06-09 Andreas Holzammerdo resizing before checking
2011-06-09 Andreas Holzammermove mapping that is too much
2011-06-09 Andreas Holzammerfix mutiple adding of sections
2011-06-09 Andreas Holzammermake dialogs modal
2011-06-09 Andreas Holzammeradd layout save dialog
2011-06-09 Andreas Holzammerdefault Layout functionality added
2011-06-09 Andreas Holzammeradd missing functionality to delete layout/ open layout...
2011-06-09 Andreas Holzammeradd basic open Dialog
2011-06-09 Andreas Holzammeradd basic delete Layout Dialog
2011-06-08 Andreas Holzammerfix hiding/viewing of columns
2011-06-08 Andreas Holzammerdo column sorting with a seperate proxymodel
2011-06-08 Andreas Holzammerfix section sorting issue
2011-06-08 Andreas Holzammerdo hiding of sections in a diffrent way
2011-06-08 Andreas Holzammerdo hiding of columns right
2011-06-07 Andreas Holzammerfix adding sections
2011-06-07 Andreas Holzammerdo header name right for scrolling
2011-06-07 Andreas Holzammerfix setting of headerinfo
2011-06-07 Andreas Holzammerfix seperator line drawing when last column is resorted
2011-06-07 Andreas Holzammerfix header name for resorting columns
2011-06-06 Andreas Holzammerfix multiple deletion of sections
2011-06-06 Andreas Holzammerfix multiple adding/removing of sections
2011-06-06 Andreas Holzammerimplement autosaving for section data
2011-06-06 Andreas Holzammerfix moving to fixed columns
2011-05-31 Andreas Holzammerclear lists before adding new items
2011-05-31 Andreas Holzammeronly show columns for sorting if they are not hidden
2011-05-30 Andreas Holzammeradd sorting of available lists
2011-05-30 Andreas Holzammeradd functionality to apply changes of the dialog
2011-05-30 Andreas Holzammerfix hiding of columns when setting header info
2011-05-30 Frank Osterfeldadd LayoutStorage interface for save/open/list/delete...
2011-05-27 Andreas Holzammeralso adjust fixed columns
2011-05-27 Andreas Holzammerimprove interaction some more
2011-05-27 Andreas Holzammerimplement move functions
2011-05-27 Andreas Holzammerimprove interaction
2011-05-27 Andreas Holzammeradd implmentation for section add/remove/remove all
2011-05-27 Andreas Holzammermakeing add/remove action more efficient
2011-05-27 Andreas Holzammerimplement add all and remove all
2011-05-26 Andreas Holzammerimplement remove one of sorting order elements
2011-05-26 Andreas Holzammerimplement add one sorting item
2011-05-26 Andreas Holzammeralso enable/disable remove all button
2011-05-26 Andreas Holzammerfix typo
2011-05-26 Andreas Holzammersave sortorder when changed
2011-05-26 Andreas Holzammeradd dialog testcase
2011-05-26 Andreas Holzammerfix wrong model use
2011-05-26 Andreas Holzammerdo some more interaction
2011-05-26 Andreas Holzammerincrease maximum of the width
2011-05-26 Andreas Holzammerinsert data when loaded
2011-05-26 Andreas Holzammerchange some layouting and make controls disabled for...
2011-05-26 Andreas Holzammermake cancel/apply work
2011-05-26 Andreas Holzammeradd spacer to make the dialog more pretty
2011-05-24 Andreas Holzammeradd id to qheadercolumninfo and make the adjustments...
2011-05-24 Andreas Holzammeradd tooltip functionallity
2011-05-24 Andreas Holzammerfix headerinfo related things
2011-05-24 Andreas Holzammeradd toolTip, logicalIndex and visable to QHeaderColumnInfo
2011-05-20 Frank Osterfeldadd UI and boilerplate code for the layout dialog
2011-05-17 Andreas Holzammermake it more robust against empty models and too small...
2011-05-16 Andreas Holzammercheck weather model is larger then 2 rows, then do...