2011-10-14 Harald FernengelDisable ELF interpreter check when cross-compiling
2011-10-14 Joerg Bornemannqmake: fix incrementalLinker option writing for vcxproj
2011-10-14 Laszlo AgocsAvoid using 0 as the default winId in QPlatformWindow.
2011-10-14 Laszlo AgocsMake the window active in eglfs and minimal plaform...
2011-10-14 Lars KnollRemove commented out reference to QShortcutMap
2011-10-14 Kent HansenAdd autotest for QMetaType creation of gui types
2011-10-14 Kent HansenImprove the QMetaType::create() autotest coverage
2011-10-14 Lars KnollRemove dependencies of QShortcutMap onto widgets
2011-10-14 Jędrzej NowackiSmall re-factor of QVariant autotest.
2011-10-14 Frederik GladhornAccessibility plugin for mac and xcb.
2011-10-13 Jocelyn TurcotteFix OpenGL on Harmattan showing only the first frame.
2011-10-13 Laszlo AgocsCalculate an area in the touchscreen qpa plugin.
2011-10-13 Friedemann... Remove Q_WS_ and Q_OS_SYMBIAN from QtGui.
2011-10-13 Friedemann... Fix struct/class mismatch.
2011-10-13 Simon HausmannFix build on Harmattan when cross-compiling
2011-10-13 Morten SorvigCocoa: Update QPlatformWindow geometry on move
2011-10-13 Laszlo AgocsMigrate the touchscreen generic qpa plugin to QWindow.
2011-10-12 Martin PeterssonQNetworkAccessManager: hostInfo lookup should use proxy...
2011-10-12 Shane Kearnsfix tst_QNetworkReply::headFromHttp failure
2011-10-12 Rohan McGovernDo not unconditionally use pkg-config in .pro files
2011-10-12 Jason McDonaldAvoid building empty, inapplicable QWS tests.
2011-10-12 Jason McDonaldExclude qtconcurrent tests via .pro files.
2011-10-12 Shane KearnsFix platformsocketengine test failures
2011-10-11 Tor Arne VestbøMake CONFIG+=GNUmake respect shadow builds
2011-10-11 Shane KearnsFix construction races in QtNetwork
2011-10-11 Friedemann... Windows: Adapt to new Lighthouse API
2011-10-11 Joona PetrellMove input panel visibility ownership from QInputPanel...
2011-10-11 Casper van... Remove stale documentation and fix qdoc errors.
2011-10-11 Pekka VuorelaQTextEdit - Fix selectionChange emission bug
2011-10-11 Pekka VuorelaRemoved obsolete custom input context support
2011-10-11 Kent HansenRename QMetaType::construct() to create()
2011-10-11 Jiang JiangDon't crash when no usable font is available
2011-10-11 Kim Motoyoshi... Import symbol from QtGui rather than export from QtWidgets.
2011-10-11 Kent HansenFix typo in qfontengine_win
2011-10-11 Tor Arne VestbøPrevent 'Argument "" isn't numeric' warning when module...
2011-10-11 Lorn Potteradd qmetaobjectbuilder to qtbase.
2011-10-11 Jason McDonaldRemove redundant logic from dbus test .pro files.
2011-10-11 Rohan McGovernRemoved outdated config.profiles
2011-10-11 Aaron KennedyUpdate V8
2011-10-11 Rohan McGovernFixed CONFIG+=declarative_debug with QT+=declarative...
2011-10-10 Kent HansenRemove duplicate check in qtextcontrol cursorMoveKeyEvent()
2011-10-10 Friedemann... QtBase: Move idc to Active Qt.
2011-10-10 Bradley T.... Make all uses of QBasicAtomicInt and Pointer use load...
2011-10-10 Samuel RødalRemoved src/gui/opengl/qopenglcolormap.*
2011-10-10 Samuel RødalFixed some doc errors in QOpenGLFramebufferObject.
2011-10-10 Samuel RødalFixed missing snippets for QOpenGLShaderProgram.
2011-10-10 Christiaan... QUnifiedTimer: Add callback for timer ticks. Used for...
2011-10-10 Casper van... Add some snippets from qtdoc.
2011-10-10 Olli WerwolffUse freetype font engine on Windows
2011-10-10 Jani Uusi-RantalaEasier shader debugging
2011-10-10 Jani Uusi-RantalaEnable using the new Qt::ScreenOrientation enum as...
2011-10-10 Jani Uusi-RantalaMinor build fix for newer XCB versions
2011-10-10 Morten SorvigClean-up a macro for Cocoa
2011-10-10 Charles Yinupdate QmlTest option usage help
2011-10-07 Samuel RødalMake sure window state is synced back to Qt from the...
2011-10-07 Samuel RødalFixed potential issue in XCB plugin.
2011-10-07 Samuel RødalAdded Orientation API to QScreen and QWindow.
2011-10-07 Simon HausmannFix QMouse/Wheel/TouchEvent::modifiers with the XCB...
2011-10-07 Samuel RødalFixed crash due to uninitialized pointer in OpenGL...
2011-10-07 Kent Hansenqwindowsstyle: Remove duplicate flag in mask
2011-10-07 Jason McDonaldImprove QMenu test coverage for Mac and WinCE.
2011-10-07 Jason McDonaldRemove redundant qWarning's.
2011-10-07 Jason McDonaldRemove redundant define.
2011-10-07 Jason McDonaldComment out test that is always skipped.
2011-10-07 Jason McDonaldRemove dead code and empty test functions.
2011-10-07 Jason McDonaldFail test in preference to calling qFatal.
2011-10-07 Jason McDonaldNo need to return after QSKIP.
2011-10-07 Jason McDonaldAvoid using QSKIP in lieu of compile-time checks
2011-10-07 Jason McDonaldRemove obsolete test functions.
2011-10-07 Jason McDonaldEliminate needless QSKIPs in qaccessibility test.
2011-10-07 Lincoln RamsayDon't default to XCB if it is not enabled.
2011-10-06 Pierre RossiFix QFont::defaultFamily() in the new QPA world.
2011-10-06 Thiago MacieiraFix the QNetworkConnectionManagerPrivate initialisation...
2011-10-06 Pekka VuorelaRemoved some dead code from QWidgetLineControl
2011-10-06 Konstantin... fix QChar::isSpace() to handle codepoint U+0085
2011-10-06 Shane KearnsFix incorrect QFileInfo permissions on windows
2011-10-06 Shane KearnsMerge fixes for QDir::operator==
2011-10-06 Pekka VuorelaMake QLineEdit unit test pass again
2011-10-06 Konstantin... QHostInfo: fix a race condition under CE
2011-10-06 Shane KearnsCreate auto test for http HEAD request
2011-10-06 João AbecasisFix QDir::operator==(const QDir &) const
2011-10-06 Morten SorvigCompile on 10.6
2011-10-06 Kent HansenRemove duplicate check in utf endian detection
2011-10-06 Kent HansenFix typo in qbezier shift implementation
2011-10-06 Samuel RødalImproved logical and physical DPI APIs.
2011-10-06 Kent HansenRemove redundant assignment in QXmlStreamReader
2011-10-06 Jason McDonaldFix unreachable QSKIP in QMenu autotest
2011-10-06 Jason McDonaldImprove formatting of QMenu autotest
2011-10-06 Jason McDonaldTidy qsqldatabase autotest
2011-10-06 Lincoln RamsayLogic does not match error message.
2011-10-06 Jason McDonaldRemove code to selectively run test functions.
2011-10-06 Jason McDonaldAvoid QSKIP in lieu of compile-time checks.
2011-10-06 Jason McDonaldAvoid QSKIP in lieu of compile-time check.
2011-10-06 Jason McDonaldTidy QActionGroup autotest.
2011-10-06 Jason McDonaldDon't build qwindowsurface autotest on Mac OS.
2011-10-06 Lincoln RamsayA QPA build on Linux requires xcb or wayland
2011-10-06 Lincoln RamsayIf -xcb is passed and we can't enable xcb, die
2011-10-06 Lincoln RamsayShow the -xcb default properly.
2011-10-06 Martin JonesAdd QTest::keyRelease() accepting a Qt::Key value
2011-10-05 Frederik GladhornAccessible: remove calls with virtual int children...