2014-01-15 Sergio AhumadaUpdated Qt5 blacklist
2013-12-10 Sergio AhumadaRemove -no-sse configure option for Qt5 builds
2013-12-09 Sergio Ahumadasetup_rim: Do not run tests when trying to install...
2013-12-09 Wolfgang BremerChange handling of build artifacts
2013-12-03 Sergio AhumadaFix configure options for Qt5 builds
2013-11-05 Wolfgang BremerEnable C++11 and add missing qpa qnx
2013-08-27 Wolfgang BremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev' into 'master'
2013-08-27 Wolfgang BremerRemove rpath from qtbase configuration
2013-08-22 Wolfgang BremerRevert "Change user to devuser for experimental purposes"
2013-08-20 Wolfgang BremerChange user to devuser for experimental purposes
2013-08-20 Wolfgang BremerRemove unmount function from maintenance
2013-08-20 Wolfgang BremerFix bug in maintenance runtime
2013-06-27 Wolfgang BremerApplied perl beautifier to scripts
2013-06-24 Wolfgang BremerMerge branch 'dev'
2013-06-24 Wolfgang BremerAdd quickcontrols to known modules
2013-06-20 Wolfgang BremerMerge branch 'dev' into 'master'
2013-06-20 Wolfgang BremerRemoving outdated configure options
2013-06-20 Wolfgang BremerMerge branch 'dev' into 'master'
2013-06-20 Wolfgang BremerFix build procedure, use correct mkspecs in all modules
2013-05-23 Wolfgang BremerQNX improvements, replacing Tabs with whitespaces
2013-05-16 Wolfgang BremerBugfix for screensize export and os_version
2013-05-16 Wolfgang BremerBugfix
2013-05-16 Wolfgang BremerBugfix
2013-05-16 Wolfgang BremerAdded basic compatibility for QNX
2013-05-07 Wolfgang BremerAdded support for automatic device date time adjustment
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerWill slay navigator now
2013-04-29 Wolfgang Bremerrevert the buildnr addition
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerBugfix and add buildnr to artifacts
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerSupport latest modules for CI build
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerUpdated blacklists, README and build script
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerAdditional time measurement, default no. devices set...
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerBugfix
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerAdapted testing to new Jenkins jobs directory structure
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerFail testing on missing results
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerUpdated Qt5 blacklist
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerAdded perl module dependencies for installation
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerUpdated blacklist
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerAdded support for BB10 simulator auto tests
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerAdded modified qttestlibxml-to-junit converter
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerUpdated blacklists
2013-04-29 Wolfgang Bremerstable version(hopefully)!
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerEach device has its own log storage and copies them...
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerLatest version with on device log and core dumps
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerChanged blacklist to include more tests
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerCorrected testing and cleanup method
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerOnly build auto tests when we can use them
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerUpdated Qt5 build and test configuration, cleaned sources
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerBuilds work good, testing is buggy!
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerUpdated perl scripts to support qt5 and added qt5 blacklist
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerUpdated scripts to support Qt 5 builds and tests
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerNow every set is tested except the excluded
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerUpdated perl functions to reliably find test sets
2013-04-29 Wolfgang BremerPerl scripts for building and afterwards testing on...
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannmore instructions
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannmore instructions
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannmore instructions
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmanncorrect hosts file update logic
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannonly try once to add network test server information...
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannadapt to new Jenkins version
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannmore instructions
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannadd QNetworkConfiguration test
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannexecute QNetworkAccessManager tests
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannmore instructions
2013-04-29 BlackBerry... create base dir for base line if it does not exist yet
2013-04-29 BlackBerry... export TMPDIR variable for some auto tests
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmanndo not create symlink for SRCDIR for now, it causes...
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmanncreate symlink on the device so that SRCDIR in auto...
2013-04-29 BlackBerry... run script on device from own home directory
2013-04-29 BlackBerry... make test server available on device
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannmore instructions
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannmore instructions to set up the server
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmanningore errors when building tests
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannbuild tests for Qt5
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannadapt Qt5 build to how it is done internally
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannchange build scripts to adapt to Qt5 builds
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannadd README.BlackBerry for how to set up the BlackBerry...
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannrun build on test server from Jenkins' home
2013-04-29 Peter HartmannRevert "add QtDeclarative classes for testing"
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannbuild: do not ignore errors when building tests
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannbuilding: remove -no-neon options, this works now
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannbuilds: adapt configure line to the one from the device...
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmanncomparing tests: comment out detailed error message
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmanncomparing tests: remove unused variable
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannadd QtDeclarative classes for testing
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannreport regressions with more details
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannrecord which classes improved when comparing tests
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmanncompare all test results before failing
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannconfigure: remove -no-neon option
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannbuild script: add "-system-proxies" option to configure
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannenable QTimer autotest, it is working now on newer...
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmanncompare test results only on ARM; on x86 they are not run
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannsupport ARM and x86 architectures separately
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannuse static file path to NDK version, which should be...
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannsuffix should be .xml for test result files
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannremove classes without test from list file
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannremove build-internal script
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannerror out whenever a test case was not found
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannbump NDK number
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannfix execution of tests
2013-04-29 Peter Hartmannadd license headers