2012-03-17 Morten Johan... QCocoaClipboard: Make QClipboard::clear() clear.
2012-03-17 Arnt WitteveenFix bug showing folder icons for files
2012-03-17 Martin Smithqdoc: Structure the DITA map with a root node.
2012-03-17 Samuel RødalUpdated changes-5.0.0 with some information on the...
2012-03-17 Gareth StockwellEnsure QMAKE_RFLAGSDIR is set correctly
2012-03-16 Girish RamakrishnanInstall fonts when not using fontconfig
2012-03-16 Oswald Buddenhagenallow the unix generator to run in windows host mode
2012-03-16 Miikka HeikkinenFix font cache check in QFontEngineFT::recalcAdvances()
2012-03-16 Wolf-Michael... Removed move constructor.
2012-03-16 Wolf-Michael... Removed move constructor.
2012-03-16 Morten Johan... Cocoa: Fix menu item activation.
2012-03-16 Charles YinFix broken qWaitForWindowShown() behavior
2012-03-16 Giuseppe D... QRegularExpression: various documentation improvements...
2012-03-16 Holger Hans... arch: Undefine possible architecture defines
2012-03-16 Donald CarrAdd deliberately non-documented qpa platform guard...
2012-03-15 Robin BurchellUn-deprecate QPointer per mailing list discussion.
2012-03-15 Laszlo AgocsAdd a note to QTouchEvent docs about empty touchpoint...
2012-03-15 Shane KearnsRevert "Disable 'check' target generation for network...
2012-03-15 Shane KearnsFix QDnsLookup autotest failure in CI environment
2012-03-15 ShaneFix QUdpSocket bindMode autotest regression
2012-03-15 Xizhi ZhuAdd missing private headers to .pri.
2012-03-15 Samuel RødalAdded missing \since 5.0 and tweaked some docs in QtGui.
2012-03-15 Martin Smithqdoc: Structure the DITA map with a root node.
2012-03-15 Mark BrandQSqlTableModel::removeRows() enforce edit strategy
2012-03-15 Mark BrandQSqlTableModel::setData(): no longer autosubmit for...
2012-03-15 Mark BrandQSqlTableModel: disallow insert if changes are pending
2012-03-15 Mark BrandQSqlTableModel::setData()/setRecord(): fix incorrect row
2012-03-15 Frederik GladhornRemove Q_WS_X11
2012-03-15 Jonathan LiuQSystemTrayIcon/Win: Fix compilation on MinGW
2012-03-15 Donald CarrRemove all QWS centric examples
2012-03-15 Anselmo L.... Make QWindow::isActive return false when the applicatio...
2012-03-15 Friedemann... UTF8-Codec test: Fix compilation with g++/C++0X.
2012-03-15 Jerome LeclancheFix compiling with --no-accessibility
2012-03-15 Morten Johan... Implement cocoa clipboard support.
2012-03-15 Debao Zhangtst_qsharedpointer: Fix auto test fail under Windows 7
2012-03-15 Xizhi ZhuMake sure QGlobalNetworkProxy is created for QNetworkProxy.
2012-03-15 Samuel RødalFixed incorrect reporting of child window geometry...
2012-03-15 Donald CarrAdd Qt Widgets opt out support to build system
2012-03-15 Johannes ZellnerRemove unmaintained and broken uikit platform plugin
2012-03-15 Samuel RødalImproved qWaitForWindowShown().
2012-03-15 Frederik GladhornUse pointers for QAccessibleEvent.
2012-03-15 Honglei ZhangUpdate QtSql module name according to the new naming...
2012-03-15 Bradley T.... Re-enable native print/pagesetup dialogs on Mac OS X
2012-03-15 Bradley T.... Add method to get NSPrintInfo* from QPrintEngine in...
2012-03-15 Bradley T.... Don't keep PMPrint* state separate from NSPrintInfo
2012-03-15 Bradley T.... Add a QPlatformPrinterSupportPlugin for Cocoa
2012-03-15 Bradley T.... Port QMacPrintEngine and QCoreGraphicsPaintEngine from...
2012-03-15 Harald FernengelRemove QtWidgets dependencies
2012-03-15 Mark Brandimprove processing stylesheet properties
2012-03-15 Gunnar Slettaimplement virtual destructor in QPlatformSurface
2012-03-15 Johannes ZellnerAdd new plugin metadata description and eglfs.json...
2012-03-15 Jason McDonaldVerify expected warnings in QSettings autotest.
2012-03-15 Johannes ZellnerRemove unmaintained and broken VNC platform plugin
2012-03-14 Rohan McGovernheadersclean: omit -Wcast-align also on MIPS
2012-03-14 João AbecasisUse strlen to determine length of returned path
2012-03-14 Rohan McGovernMark tst_qtimeline as insignificant on Windows
2012-03-14 Harald FernengelUse the LSB linker to link
2012-03-14 Harald FernengelLSB requires an explicit header include
2012-03-14 Harald FernengelCompile in the LSB env
2012-03-14 Casper van... Rename qdoc index file to qdoc-index.html
2012-03-14 Casper van... Rename all occurences of qdoc3 to qdoc in the qdoc...
2012-03-14 Martin Smithqdoc3: Change suffix of DITA files to .dita
2012-03-14 Harald FernengelBuild with the LSB build env
2012-03-14 Jørgen LindAdd a way to query for global handles in QPlatformNati...
2012-03-14 Martin PeterssonQHttpNetworkConnectionChannel: Warn if bytesAvailable...
2012-03-14 Mark BrandQTableView: call model->submit() on row change
2012-03-14 Mark BrandQSqlTableModel bugfix: consider uncached rows submitted
2012-03-14 Friedemann... Refactor theme plugin loading.
2012-03-14 Jędrzej NowackiSimplify QMetaObject::newInstance
2012-03-14 Jędrzej NowackiReimplement QMetaType::create method.
2012-03-14 Morten Johan... Cocoa: Improve basic window handling.
2012-03-14 Jędrzej NowackiFix a memory leak in QMetaObject::connectSlotsByName...
2012-03-14 Friedemann... Fix compilation of the Windows accessibility code for...
2012-03-14 Friedemann... Add QGuiApplication::platformName.
2012-03-14 Donald CarrExplicit use of null namespace breaks namespaced build
2012-03-14 Sergio MartinsRemove unused forward declaration.
2012-03-14 Giuseppe D... bootstrap: remove QtXml dependency
2012-03-14 Friedemann... QStyleSheetStyle: Fix icon properties.
2012-03-14 Thorbjørn Lund... QHeaderView - documentation update. Prefer hideSection...
2012-03-14 kbDisconnect slots from the old sourcemodel in QIdentityP...
2012-03-14 Sergio MartinsUse QRect::united(), QRect::unite() is deprecated.
2012-03-14 Thorbjørn Lund... QHeaderView - renaming functions in Qt5
2012-03-14 Harald FernengelFix LSB build
2012-03-14 Thorbjørn Lund... Add two (forgotten) since 5.0
2012-03-14 Pierre RossiUse the lazily-queried families for all QPA multi font...
2012-03-14 Giuseppe D... QRegExp: remove docs about RegExp2 being default in Qt5
2012-03-14 sh kimFix build error when QT_NO_FILESYSTEMWATCHER is set
2012-03-14 jian liangbuild fix for -no-freetype in Windows
2012-03-14 Samuel RødalMade sure first created xcb window still receives focus.
2012-03-14 Jędrzej NowackiUnify QMetaType::TypeFlags detection.
2012-03-14 Giuseppe D... Add bin/qdoc to .gitignore
2012-03-14 Johannes Zellnerremove obsolete qudevhelper and adopt mouse and touch...
2012-03-14 Jason McDonaldUncomment disabled code in QResourceEngine autotest.
2012-03-14 Jason McDonaldTidy the QSettings autotest.
2012-03-14 Jason McDonaldRemove commented code from qtconcurrentmap autotest.
2012-03-14 Kim Motoyoshi... Removed invalid assert in BMP loader code.
2012-03-14 Rick StocktonFix a Typo in evdevkeyboard.pro
2012-03-13 Miikka HeikkinenWindows: Fix QSpinBox background setting via stylesheet
2012-03-13 Mark Brandimprove declaration scope
2012-03-13 Mark Branduse QStringLiteral