Squashed commit of changes from the 4.8-temp branch.
[qt:qtxmlpatterns-staging.git] / modules /
2011-05-13 Eckhart KoppenUpdate module version number to 5.0.0
2011-05-02 Marius Storm-OlsenUse private headers
2011-04-27 axisIntroduced the QT.<module>.plugins variable to module...
2011-04-27 axisAdded QT.<module>.imports support to module profiles.
2011-04-27 Marius Storm-OlsenMake each module refer to its own bin/
2011-04-27 axisExtended module profiles.
2011-04-27 Liang QiAdd the private_includes path to the modules .pri file
2011-04-27 Marius Storm-OlsenAdd the source path to the modules .pri file
2011-04-27 Liang QiRemove the hardcode QT_CONFIG in those pri files.
2011-04-27 Marius Storm-OlsenAdd module specific pris, and make syncqt create fwd...