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last changeMon, 20 Apr 2015 15:50:12 +0000 (15:50 +0000)
2015-04-20 Venugopal ShivashankarDoc: Added a brief overview about the module 5.5 v5.5.0-beta1
2015-02-17 Antti KokkoUpdate copyright headers v5.5.0-alpha1
2015-02-04 Milian WolffMerge branch '5.4' into dev
2015-01-16 Oswald BuddenhagenBump version
2015-01-16 Milian WolffMake the tests less flaky and don't send empty property...
2014-12-19 Bernd LameckerDo not broadcast signals or property changes of wrapped...
2014-12-15 Sumedha WidyadharmaSeparate registered and autoregistered QObjects
2014-12-08 Milian WolffDo not broadcast initialization data to all clients.
2014-12-08 Thiago MacieiraBump version to 5.4.1 v5.4.1
2014-12-04 Kai KoehneUpdate plugins.qmltypes
2014-12-03 Lutz SchönemannFix crash on signal after deregistration
2014-12-02 Lutz SchönemannFix: Delete objects even when no transport is available
2014-12-02 Milian WolffMake objects inside properties accessible.
2014-10-20 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.4' into dev
2014-10-17 Milian WolffRemove obsolete conversion work-around.
2014-10-17 Milian WolffNever manually connect to the destroyed signal of any...
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