2015-04-02 Lorn PotterRe-order the uniqueDeviceId lookup order dev
2015-03-26 Alex BlascheChange Qt bugtracker URL to qt.io
2015-03-26 Alex BlascheUpdate all license headers
2015-03-26 Alex BlascheAdd missing QDataStream include
2014-12-08 Alejandro ExojoRemove unnecessary \inqmlmodule parameter
2014-12-04 Lorn PotterRe-add BatteryInfo qml
2014-11-19 Thiago MacieiraUse QUuid directly on the binary UUID representation
2014-11-06 Lorn Potterremove QStorageInfo
2014-09-30 Christoph KellerFixed runloopThread being uninitialized and causing...
2014-09-30 Lorn PotterMake NetworkInfo work with new linux interface name...
2014-08-22 Robin BurchellQUPowerDeviceInterface: Fix a memory leak.
2014-08-18 Samuel GaistAdd missing private headers warning
2014-08-12 Thiago MacieiraRemove QStorageInfo in favor of the QtCore replacement
2014-08-11 Thiago MacieiraAdd missing #include <QDataStream>
2014-08-03 Robin BurchellUse QDBusReply instead of manipulating the QDBusMessage...
2014-07-27 Robin BurchellQUPowerDeviceInterface: Remove getProperty helper
2014-07-27 Robin BurchellQUPowerDeviceInterface: Make every property request...
2014-07-27 Robin BurchellQUPowerInterface: Do away with use of QDBusInterface.
2014-07-26 Robin BurchellQUPowerInterface: dead code removal.
2014-06-25 Robin BurchellAdd support for retrieving device info from SSU.
2014-06-24 Thiago MacieiraDisable strict strings under MSVC for QtSysteminfo
2014-06-13 Mark Brandadd missing EXPORT decl
2014-06-12 Mark Brandfix filename case
2014-04-05 Lorn Potterprefer os-release for operating system name
2014-04-05 Lorn Pottertry harder for unique ID, use wlan mac addy
2014-04-05 Lorn Potterget model from hw-release
2014-04-02 Thiago MacieiraBump module version to 5.4.0
2014-03-23 Jakub AdamAllow searching a term in a specific release file
2014-03-23 Jakub AdamStrip optional quotation marks from version string
2014-03-23 Jakub AdamPrefer VERSION_ID from /etc/os-release as QDeviceInfo::Os
2014-03-23 Jakub AdamPrefer HW adaptation version as QDeviceInfo::Firmware...
2014-03-21 Lorn Potterstop serviceframework and qsysteminfo building on mac
2014-01-28 Samuli PiippoFix battery related compilation errors on simulator
2014-01-21 Travis AllenUpdated Documentation for QBatteryInfo
2014-01-20 Oswald Buddenhagenwhitespace fixes
2014-01-17 Travis AllenRenames & Add new properties to QBatteryInfo
2013-12-16 Thiago MacieiraFix build: CWGlobals.h does not exist anymore
2013-12-16 Robin Burchellupower: Return QBatteryInfo::LevelEmpty when the percen...
2013-12-16 Alex BlascheFix qserviceinterfacedescriptor unit test
2013-11-29 Travis AllenQBatteryInfo Refactorization Step 2
2013-11-26 Travis AllenRefactor the Linux/upower QBatteryInfo to match the...
2013-11-25 Travis AllenFirst steps towards QBatteryInfo Refactorization
2013-10-18 Iain LaneDriveType: Cope with mmc devices with more than 9 parti...
2013-10-10 Timo JyrinkiDo not require signal strength information to return...
2013-10-10 Lorn Potteruse resource file on qml example so they can run better
2013-10-06 Robert GrieblFix method invocations with both custom and standard...
2013-09-25 Samuli PiippoFix simulator compilation
2013-09-25 Thiago MacieiraBump qtsystems version to 5.3.0
2013-09-11 Lorn PotterPort bluetooth powered signal from qtmobility
2013-09-10 Lorn Potterfix file permissions on images
2013-09-10 Lorn PotterAdd operating system name and board name functions
2013-08-29 Lorn PotterFix up some of these best guesses.
2013-08-16 Simon HausmannRemove unnecessary dependency to qtjsbackend from sync...
2013-08-05 Lorn Pottertry harder to find unique ID, and validate it against...
2013-08-02 Thiago MacieiraFix warning found by clang: private unused members...
2013-08-02 Lorn Pottermake signals work on mac
2013-07-29 Friedemann... Disable tests failing on Windows.
2013-07-29 Friedemann... Stabilize qservicemanager_ipc.
2013-07-23 Martin Smithdoc: Eliminate even more cases of multiple topic commands
2013-07-13 Timo JyrinkiAdd license files mandated by (L)GPL and FDL.
2013-07-12 Lorn PotterDon't increment batteryMap before inserting.
2013-07-12 Lorn PotterAdd manual sysinfo-tester from mobility
2013-07-11 Lorn PotterFix compile warnings and build.
2013-07-11 Lorn PotterFix reading imei with ofono
2013-07-05 Samuli PiippoFix simulator build without ofono
2013-06-25 Lorn Pottermake x11 dependency a qmake CONFIG opt-out
2013-06-25 Lorn Pottermake ofono stuff compile
2013-06-25 Lorn PotterRemove device profile, as it is depreciated.
2013-06-24 Lorn Potteradd UPower backend for QBattery
2013-06-24 Lorn PotterRemove DisplayInfo
2013-06-24 Lorn Potterremove libsysinfo, as there is not even config test
2013-06-21 Alex BlascheFix all qmake warnings
2013-06-20 Alex BlascheRemove JsonDB dependencies (2/2)
2013-06-19 Alex BlascheRemove JsonDB dependencies (1/2)
2013-06-17 Alex BlascheThe qtsystems dev branch should build against dev of...
2013-06-17 Lorn Potterbump version to 5.2.0
2013-06-11 Liang QiUpdate all plugins.qmltypes files
2013-06-11 Liang QiUpdate qmldir files
2013-06-11 Liang QiQ_GLOBAL_STATIC's use of noexcept makes QStringLiteral...
2013-05-09 Lorn Potterremove proprietary libsysinfo stuff
2013-05-09 Lorn Potterrefactor the dir structure
2013-04-15 Thiago MacieiraFix interesting warning found in publish-and-subscribe
2013-04-08 Thiago MacieiraFix warnings found in headers (headersclean)
2013-04-08 Thiago MacieiraMake QServicePackagePrivate::clean non-virtual
2013-03-05 Oswald Buddenhagendefine MODULE_VERSION
2013-03-05 Aaron McCarthyFix invalid use of lambda expressions in noexcept expre...
2013-02-15 Oswald Buddenhagenmake use of qtHaveModule()
2013-02-06 Aaron McCarthyRemove use of QT_{BEGIN,END}_HEADER macros.
2013-02-06 Mark Brandfix case of include files
2013-01-29 Rainer KellerReplace qml-battery example
2013-01-23 Oliver WolffDo not use interface as variable or parameter name
2012-12-16 Oswald Buddenhagenremove some unnecessary CONFIG additions
2012-12-13 Oswald Buddenhagenpoint dependencies to stable branches
2012-12-07 Oswald Buddenhagenadjust to changed declarative api
2012-12-07 Christian StengerDoc: Replace outdated macro
2012-11-15 Andrew Stanley... Change default linux backends when dbus is not present
2012-11-15 Lincoln RamsayAllow using QRemoteServiceRegister for types other...
2012-11-08 Shawn Rutledgeservicefw should not be built as an app bundle on Mac
2012-11-01 Aleksey SidorovMinGW: compile fix from Linux host
2012-10-31 Xizhi ZhuRemoved sfwnetreg backend from SystemInfo.