2012-07-02 Andrew Stanley... Fix select on OSX
2012-07-02 Andrew Stanley... Make unix backend compile on Mac
2012-07-01 Lincoln RamsayThe unit test modifies the PATH.
2012-06-28 Thiago MacieiraUpdate the export macros in qtsystems.git
2012-06-28 Friedemann... Fix build/ add missing includes for QDataStream.
2012-06-26 Thiago MacieiraCompile qnetworkinfo_linux.cpp under C++11 mode
2012-06-26 Thiago MacieiraDo not depend on indirect includes: include <QDataStream>
2012-06-26 Thiago MacieiraqFree is deprecated, use ::free instead.
2012-06-26 Lincoln RamsayFix a warning.
2012-06-26 Lincoln Ramsayfix a warning and a doc
2012-06-26 Lincoln RamsayCompile
2012-06-26 Oswald Buddenhagenbuild system cleanups
2012-06-25 Oliver WolffRemove Q_SYSTEMINFO_EXPORT from simulator's datastream...
2012-06-25 Andrew Stanley... Remove left over defines and fix the unix backend
2012-06-25 Oswald Buddenhagenswitch to new-style configure tests
2012-06-22 Oswald Buddenhagenuse auto-defined QT_BUILD_*_LIB variables
2012-06-22 Oswald Buddenhagenauto-generate module pris
2012-06-22 Andrew Stanley... Make backend selection easy
2012-06-22 Andrew Stanley... Fix compile error with namespace
2012-06-20 Andrew Stanley... Fix compile error in the unix backend
2012-06-20 Andrew Stanley... Fix sfwlisten
2012-06-20 Lincoln RamsayFix compiler warning about order of initialization.
2012-06-20 Lincoln RamsayQString(const char*) is deprecated - use QLatin1String()
2012-06-20 Lincoln RamsayFix warnings about declared-but-unused symbols.
2012-06-19 Andrew Stanley... Use the localhost interface
2012-06-19 Alan AlpertAdds new asynchronous friendly types.
2012-06-14 Alex WilsonMake certain that qServiceDebugLog can't block; clean...
2012-06-11 Toby TomkinsFix compile error for expression in template-argument...
2012-06-11 Alex WilsonMake sure to create jsondbwatcher on the main thread
2012-06-11 Andrew Stanley... Put watcher on the right partiton, fix debug
2012-06-11 Alex WilsonSend device's timestamp with sfw debug messages
2012-06-11 Lars KnollCompile with gcc 4.4
2012-06-08 Kent HansenFix compilation of examples when Qt is configured with...
2012-06-06 Steffen HahnUse partitions in QJsonDbWrapper
2012-06-06 Steffen HahnContinue support of monitorAllLogicalDrives property
2012-06-06 Steffen HahnCorrect wrong type in QNetworkServiceWrapper
2012-06-05 Corentin Jabotreplacing signals/slots keyword by the equivalent Q_SIG...
2012-06-05 Andrew Stanley... Fix the unix backend
2012-06-01 Andrew Stanley... Reconnect if the interface goes away
2012-06-01 Debao ZhangUsing QStringLiteral instead of QLatin1Literal
2012-05-31 Lars KnollRemove the last traces of the old plugin system
2012-05-31 Andrew Stanley... Set SFW default partion
2012-05-31 Alex WilsonAlways write via the pending buffer, instead of taking...
2012-05-31 Alex WilsonAdd extra debugging messages
2012-05-31 Alex WilsonDisable and re-enable read notifier in readIncoming
2012-05-31 Alex WilsonUDP multicast logging for serviceframework
2012-05-30 Yang LiFix a socket leak
2012-05-30 Andrew Stanley... Wakeup the write notifier when buffering data
2012-05-30 Andrew Stanley... Set close on exec
2012-05-29 Rohan McGovernSet explicit testcase.timeout for slow test
2012-05-29 Alex WilsonStop waiting for dead clients
2012-05-29 Andrew Stanley... Making service sockets non-blocking
2012-05-29 Andrew Stanley... Ensure jsondb worker runs the main thread
2012-05-28 Alex WilsonCheck thread-local storage for zero before dereferencing
2012-05-28 Alex WilsonRemove some more Q_GLOBAL_STATICS
2012-05-28 Andrew Stanley... Improve debug. Add the ability to turn it on/off.
2012-05-25 Andrew Stanley... Add Unix backend write caching
2012-05-25 Andrew Stanley... Avoid reace condition on global static destruction
2012-05-25 Alex WilsonCoverity fixes
2012-05-24 Yang Lireturn an empty QString if cell id in NetworkInfo equal...
2012-05-23 Yang Limodel value in DeviceInfo does not need to contain...
2012-05-23 Johann SpechtAdded support for JSON DB partitions to P&S
2012-05-23 Rohan McGovernRemoved CONFIG+=parallel_test from suspected parallel...
2012-05-17 Andrew Stanley... add define to avoid using sigwinch when debug enabled
2012-05-16 Andrew Stanley... Fix deadlock in jsondb caching, add internal debug
2012-05-15 Toby Tomkinssync.profile: remove dependency on qtscript.
2012-05-11 Yang Lirelease udev_device resource after processing udev...
2012-05-11 Steffen HahnContinue support for monitorCurrentNetworkMode
2012-05-11 Yang LiPlace non-changeable properties in front of changeable...
2012-05-11 Sarah SmithNew sfw api to add async service loading
2012-05-11 Andrew Stanley... Fix error on read, close socket on EOF
2012-05-11 Andrew Stanley... Fix crash in creating new objects
2012-05-11 Andrew Stanley... Ignore SIGPIPE
2012-05-11 Kent HansenDon't use QtDeclarative compat module
2012-05-10 Andrew Stanley... Fix timeouts and avoid deadlocks
2012-05-10 Andrew Stanley... Fix object cleanup when the service dies
2012-05-10 Andrew Stanley... Add SFW debug into destructors
2012-05-09 Steffen HahnCorrection to qml-wrapper documentation
2012-05-08 Girish RamakrishnanDo not include QtGui/qplatformscreen_qpa.h
2012-05-07 Kent HansenPort qtsystems to QMetaMethod-based connectNotify(...
2012-05-07 Steffen HahnCorrect batteryinfo auto test
2012-05-04 Thiago MacieiraChange uses of {to,from}Ascii to {to,from}Latin1
2012-05-04 Andrew Stanley... Add timeout for jsondb
2012-05-02 Yang LiUse cached interface count value instead of frequently...
2012-05-02 Andrew Stanley... Refresh of the jsondb backend
2012-05-02 Andrew Stanley... Add isInterfaceRunning function into QServiceManager
2012-04-30 Friedemann... QtSystems: Fix warnings about deprecated qFree(), qMall...
2012-04-30 Jonathan LiuFix QNetworkInfoPrivate compilation on MinGW-w64
2012-04-30 Jonathan LiuAvoid loss of precision casting handle to unsigned...
2012-04-30 Yang LiRemove simulated backend for storageinfo
2012-04-30 Jonathan LiuFix linker libs for MinGW-w64
2012-04-27 Alex WilsonCall deleteLater() on disconnected Service-type EndPoints
2012-04-27 Alex WilsonClean up another spurious endpoint removal
2012-04-27 Alex WilsonClean up termination of UnixEndPoints
2012-04-26 Steffen HahnEnsure unique connections in QML wrappers
2012-04-26 Steffen HahnCorrections to networkservicewrapper
2012-04-25 Steffen HahnChange DeviceProfile API to be asynchronous
2012-04-24 Yang LiRead wlan info from '/proc/net/wireless' at once
2012-04-24 Steffen HahnRead uniqueID from file
2012-04-23 Andrew Stanley... Cleanup after creating the unix socket backend