2015-05-14 Denis ShienkovMark the signal QSP::settingsRestoredOnCloseChanged... qt4-dev
2015-05-12 Denis ShienkovAdd the missed macro QT_DEPRECATED for QSP::sendBreak()
2015-05-12 Denis ShienkovMark the signal QSP::dataErrorPolicyChanged() as deprecated
2015-04-20 Denis ShienkovRemove the QT_VERSION_CHECK(5, 0, 0) macro
2015-04-20 Denis ShienkovCleanup an error string when QSP::clearError() is called
2015-04-20 Denis ShienkovRemove unused readyReadEmitted variable
2015-04-20 Denis ShienkovAdd additional lock directories for *nix-specific platforms
2015-04-20 Debao ZhangDon't use QStringLiteral when QLatin1String is efficient.
2015-04-20 Friedemann... Fix warning about constructing a QString from ASCII.
2015-03-14 Denis ShienkovFix QSPI::portName() on OSX
2015-03-12 Denis ShienkovMake QSP::timeoutValue() as static
2015-03-12 Denis ShienkovGet rid of C-style's SERIALPORT_BUFFERSIZE macro
2015-03-11 Jonathan LiuUnix: Clear serial_struct instances
2015-02-17 Denis ShienkovUpdate the licenses and its headers
2015-02-16 Jani HeikkinenUpdate copyright headers
2015-01-27 Denis ShienkovFix a regresison in the waitForXXX() methods on Windows
2015-01-27 Denis ShienkovFix crash in destructor if a device was not open on...
2015-01-16 Denis ShienkovImprove usage of the break state for the Tx line
2015-01-06 Denis ShienkovDo not touch of the read notifier after its creation
2015-01-06 Denis ShienkovUse Q_NULLPTR where it is possible
2014-12-05 Denis ShienkovDo not use internal pre-cached RTS and DTR variables
2014-12-05 Denis ShienkovInterpret ENOTTY as UnsupportedOperationError instead...
2014-12-05 Denis ShienkovDetect of Bluetooth SPP (rfcomm) device with SysFs
2014-12-05 Denis ShienkovSetup an error when QSP::setBaudRate() fails on Unix
2014-12-04 Denis ShienkovMark a device as open only after all settings was aplied
2014-12-04 Denis ShienkovDo not close closed device in Terminal example
2014-12-03 Denis ShienkovDetect a valid of serial8250 ports
2014-12-03 Denis ShienkovImprove QSPI sysfs algorithm
2014-12-03 Denis ShienkovMake QSPI udev functions more readable
2014-12-03 Denis ShienkovImprove QSPI algorithm on Unix
2014-12-02 Denis ShienkovAdd scroll area to Enumerator example
2014-12-02 Denis ShienkovTranslate serial port settings of Terminal example
2014-12-02 Denis ShienkovAllow to setup custom device in Terminal example
2014-12-01 Sergey BelyashovAutotest misconfiguration error message is more verbose
2014-11-28 Denis ShienkovSimplify and improve the QSP::TimeoutError handling
2014-11-28 Denis ShienkovHandle EINVAL, ENOIOCTLCMD, ENOTTY and EPERM errors
2014-11-28 Denis ShienkovImprove the QSP::clear() on Windows
2014-11-28 Denis ShienkovPrevent multiple calls of WaitCommEvent
2014-11-28 Denis ShienkovFix critical typo with _q_startAsyncWrite()
2014-11-27 Andy ShawClose the handle for the events that were created
2014-11-27 Denis ShienkovAllow to use custom devices paths
2014-11-27 Thiago MacieiraRemove the 'register' keyword
2014-11-24 Denis ShienkovRemove Q_OS_WIN64 since Q_OS_WIN32 defines 64-bit too
2014-11-23 Denis ShienkovSimplify handling of overlapped result
2014-11-22 Denis ShienkovDeclare QElapsedTimer closer to usage
2014-11-22 Denis ShienkovCreate notifiers inside of startAsyncXX() methods when...
2014-11-21 Denis ShienkovFix QSPI::isNull()
2014-10-23 Rainer KellerCheck for lock file in non-writable directories
2014-10-23 Denis ShienkovCleanup from the Qt5 dependences
2014-10-14 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.3' into 5.4
2014-10-08 Nico VertriestDoc: Applied title case in section1 titles v5.4.0-beta1
2014-10-06 Denis ShienkovFix QSP::bytesToWrite() on Windows
2014-10-06 Denis ShienkovAllow for deviceInstanceIdentifier() to return an upper...
2014-10-03 Denis ShienkovRestart of async reading when a QSP::clear() is called
2014-10-02 Denis ShienkovFix reading on Windows at limited read buffer size
2014-10-01 Manuele ContiRemove custom baud rate filtering
2014-10-01 Sergey BelyashovFix segfault related to dynamic udev loading
2014-09-29 Rainer KellerHandle onboard serial ports when parsing sysfs
2014-09-28 Denis ShienkovFix typo in twoStageSynchronousLoopback test
2014-09-28 Denis ShienkovFix order of passed parameters into QCOMPARE
2014-09-25 Dyami CaliriFix access after delete in OS X QSPI
2014-09-25 Denis ShienkovQuery a serial number of USB device from Sysfs
2014-09-16 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.3' into 5.4
2014-09-12 Samuel GaistMake tst_qtserialport build with Qt 4
2014-09-12 Samuel GaistAdded missing deprecation guards and documentation...
2014-09-12 Samuel GaistFix Qt 4 build
2014-09-09 Antti KokkoUpdate license headers and add new license files
2014-08-29 Frederik GladhornBump version
2014-08-28 Denis ShienkovFix a race condition at writing on Windows 5.3.2 v5.3.2
2014-08-28 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.3' into 5.4 v5.4.0-alpha1
2014-08-18 Samuel GaistAdd missing private headers warnings
2014-08-15 Denis ShienkovFix handling of writing at using of waitForReadyRead()
2014-08-12 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.3' into 5.4
2014-08-11 Marcel KremsFix compilation of apps with QT_DISABLE_DEPRECATED_BEFO...
2014-08-03 Denis ShienkovMove the synchronous loopback test from benchmarks...
2014-08-02 Denis ShienkovMake the QSerialPort::flush() non-blocking
2014-08-01 Denis ShienkovPass a length of string to QString::fromWCharArray
2014-07-31 Denis ShienkovFix leak of a descriptor after unsuccessful opening
2014-07-30 Denis ShienkovFix events handling in waitForBytesWritten() method...
2014-07-28 Alex TrotsenkoUpdate QRingBuffer by recent version from qtbase
2014-07-26 Denis ShienkovAdd the synchronous loopback data verification test
2014-07-24 Thiago MacieiraDoc: rename the end file for serialport docs
2014-07-14 Jerome PasionDoc: Edited example documentation.
2014-07-10 Denis ShienkovReturn from the loop if a port name is found
2014-07-10 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.3' into dev
2014-07-09 Denis ShienkovWrap of getting the port properties on Windows
2014-07-09 Denis ShienkovDo not continue waitForReadyRead() if an error occurred
2014-07-09 Denis ShienkovRefactor of the QSerialPortInfo for OS X
2014-07-09 Denis ShienkovMake independent implementation of QSerialPortInfo...
2014-07-08 Maurice KalinowskiCorrect WinRT exclusion to top-level pro file
2014-07-08 Denis ShienkovImprove error handling for the waitForXX() methods...
2014-07-08 Denis ShienkovUnify handling of errors of the overlapped I/O result
2014-07-07 Jerome PasionDoc: Removing url variable from qdocconf file.
2014-06-30 Peter KümmelAbort waitForReadyRead() when there is an error
2014-06-30 Denis ShienkovImprove the serial number handling on Windows
2014-06-29 Denis ShienkovImprove the ResourceError handling on Windows
2014-06-29 Denis ShienkovImprove the I/O completion errors handling on Windows
2014-06-26 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.3' into dev
2014-06-17 Oswald BuddenhagenBump version
2014-06-14 Oleg ShparberFix mixed up vendor and product identifiers v5.3.1