last changeMon, 27 Jun 2011 13:42:02 +0000 (16:42 +0300)
2011-06-27 Xizhi ZhuFix copy2build output path for QML plugin. master
2011-06-21 Alexmake compile while Qt is compiled with namespace
2011-06-15 AlexFix mac dependencies for dummy sensor plug-in.
2011-06-15 Alexhonour configures -nomake examples/tests/demos flags...
2011-06-15 Alexmake MacOS compile
2011-06-14 Alexuse MacOS specific monotonic time
2011-06-10 AlexAdd dummy, generic and simulator backend
2011-06-08 Alexremove usage of QT_SOURCE_TREE from sensor module
2011-06-06 Alexfix module pri to conform to new private header layout
2011-05-24 Jyri TahtelaUpdate licenseheader text in source files for qtsensors...
2011-05-23 AlexFix Qt coding style issues (no white space at end of...
2011-05-23 AlexAdd sensor's declarative plugin
2011-05-23 AlexFix typo in MODULE_PRI (
2011-05-20 AlexFix Qt coding style issues
2011-05-20 AlexAdd the first version of QtSensors to Qt 5
2011-05-20 AlexInitial QtSensor API commit
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