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last changeTue, 12 May 2015 16:30:31 +0000 (16:30 +0000)
2015-05-12 Liang QiFontDialog: support more font.weight enum values 5.5
2015-05-12 Simon HausmannAdd support for compiling QML files ahead of time
2015-05-11 Kai Uwe BroulikDefault to non-transient scroll bars in non-mobile...
2015-05-07 Richard Moe... doc: document how FileDialog can be used to pick photos...
2015-05-04 Caroline ChaoAdd support for compiling QtQuick Dialogs ahead of...
2015-05-04 Caroline ChaoTests: Remove redundant calls to destroy()
2015-04-21 J-P NurmiQQuickPicture: add missing QDebug include v5.5.0-beta1
2015-04-21 J-P NurmiTabBar: clip to avoid drawing outside bounds
2015-04-21 Caroline ChaoPieMenu: Remove unused declared variable
2015-04-20 Gabriel de... Doc: Refactor TableViewStyle, TreeViewStyle
2015-04-20 Harald HvaalDo not override QGuiApplication::palette() if set
2015-04-16 Gabriel de... Menu: Add aboutToShow, aboutToHide signals
2015-04-16 Gabriel de... TableView, TreeView: Refactor documentation
2015-04-16 Gabriel de... TreeView: Add indexAt() function
2015-04-16 Gabriel de... TreeModelAdaptor: Take into account childless expanded...
2015-04-16 J-P NurmiFix text selection handles to float on top
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3 years ago v5.4.0 Qt 5.4.0 Release
3 years ago v5.4.0-rc1 Qt 5.4.0-rc1 Release
4 years ago v5.4.0-beta1 Qt 5.4.0-beta1 Release
4 years ago v5.3.2 Qt 5.3.2 Release
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4 years ago v5.3.0-beta1 Qt 5.3.0-beta1 Release
4 years ago v5.3.0-alpha1 Qt 5.3.0-alpha1 Release
4 years ago v5.2.1 Qt 5.2.1 Release
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