2013-05-06 Masaya TAKAHASHIDoc: Fix missing element name in Video
2013-05-03 Topi ReinioDoc: Define example install paths in .qdocconf
2013-05-03 Eskil Abrahamsen... Make it possible to bundle Android builds
2013-04-30 Fawzi Mohamedaudioengine: update qmltypes
2013-04-30 Topi ReinioDoc: Fix example paths referred in documentation
2013-04-29 Christian StrømmeAndroid: Added config tests for multimedia on android.
2013-04-29 Jan Arve SaetherFix bic autotest
2013-04-26 Oswald Buddenhagenremove pointless LIBS path
2013-04-26 Oswald Buddenhagenremove pointless code
2013-04-23 Jerome PasionDoc: Several cosmetic doc fixes.
2013-04-23 Dominik HollandReset VideoSurface pointer when deleted
2013-04-19 Thomas McGuirePlaybook: Work around failing screen_read_window()
2013-04-19 Topi ReinioDoc: Fix module names in .qdocconf for Qt Multimedia...
2013-04-17 Andrew den... Fix crash on idle status change with 64 bit architectures.
2013-04-16 Andy NicholsAVFoundation: Emit error when media fails to load
2013-04-16 Andy NicholsAVFoundation: Remove stray semicolon after condition
2013-04-16 Andy NicholsFix file path bug in audiorecorder example
2013-04-16 Friedemann... Fix hang in tst_qaudioinput (Windows).
2013-04-15 Friedemann... Fix tr()-Context in BlackBerry-plugin.
2013-04-12 El Mehdi FekariFix for build break on QNX
2013-04-11 Thiago MacieiraFix warnings found by GCC 4.8 in qtmultimedia
2013-04-10 Sze Howe KohDoc: Fix minor typos
2013-04-05 Frederik GladhornMerge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release...
2013-04-03 Thiago MacieiraFix warnings in qtmultimedia
2013-04-03 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release' into...
2013-04-02 BogDan VatraInstall the jar file
2013-03-25 Sergio AhumadaBump MODULE_VERSION to 5.1.0 v5.1.0-alpha1
2013-03-25 Sergio AhumadaAdd changes-5.0.2 file v5.0.2
2013-03-25 David FaureDisable FFT when building in static mode
2013-03-24 Andy ShawAdd support for m3u8 playlist formats
2013-03-22 Christian StrømmeFix calculation bug in QWaveDecoder.
2013-03-22 Yoann LopesStabilizes QAudioInput auto-test.
2013-03-19 Sergio AhumadaMerge branch 'dev' into stable
2013-03-14 Stephen KellyTest the cmake multimediawidgets module only if widgets...
2013-03-14 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev
2013-03-13 Frederik GladhornRemove qaccessible2 bic data.
2013-03-12 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release' into...
2013-03-11 Andy NicholsiOS: Fix build issues
2013-03-11 Tobias KoenigBlackBerry/QNX: Implement audio recording with QAudioInput
2013-03-05 Christian StrømmeAndroid multimedia plug-in.
2013-02-28 Yoann LopesGStreamer: fixed build when using GST_PHOTOGRAPHY.
2013-02-27 Oswald Buddenhagendefine MODULE_VERSION
2013-02-27 Sze Howe KohDoc: Clarify and polish docs for QAudio[Input|Output...
2013-02-26 Stephen KellyUse qmake for package dependency resolution in cmake...
2013-02-26 Tobias KoenigBlackBerry: Mirror viewfinder for front camera
2013-02-26 Frederik GladhornMerge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable...
2013-02-26 Jerome PasionDoc: Adding Qt Multimedia Widgets documentation.
2013-02-25 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev
2013-02-25 Kevin OttensBlackBerry/QNX: Add a new backend for Blackberry handli...
2013-02-23 Timo JyrinkiAdd license files mandated by (L)GPL.
2013-02-22 Tobias KoenigBlackberry: Implement QVideoRendererControl for QMediaP...
2013-02-21 Tobias KoenigBlackberry: Grab viewfinder frames from native window
2013-02-21 Johanna AijalaMerge branch 'stable' into release
2013-02-19 Jing Baiadd error handling in image capturing in camera
2013-02-19 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev
2013-02-19 Tobias KoenigBlackberry: Add support for reading meta data in QMedia...
2013-02-19 Tobias KoenigBlackberry: Extend platform-specific documentation
2013-02-19 Tobias KoenigBlackberry: Fix resolution selection for video recording
2013-02-19 Yoann LopesWMF: removed unnecessary dynamic_cast.
2013-02-19 Topi ReinioDoc: Fix faulty snippet in Video Overview page
2013-02-19 sanevalaLoop video infinetely on qmlvideofx.
2013-02-19 sanevalaUser cannot press cancel after folder up.
2013-02-19 sanevalaUser is not able to select file from FileBrowser and...
2013-02-19 sanevalaVideo has ended UI say tap to stop.
2013-02-19 sanevalaUser cannot press cancel after folder up.
2013-02-19 sanevalaFix qrc references on qmlvideo example.
2013-02-19 sanevalaUser is not able to select file from FileBrowser and...
2013-02-19 Andy NicholsRemove QEXPECT_FAIL on Linux for QPainterVideoSurface...
2013-02-18 Friedemann... Fix XPASS on Ubuntu Precise Pangolin.
2013-02-14 Friedemann... Fix MinGW-warnings about mismatched types.
2013-02-14 Friedemann... DSVideoWidgetControl: Fix constructor order.
2013-02-14 Friedemann... Fix warnings about unused variables.
2013-02-14 Friedemann... Fix MinGW64-warnings about unknown pragmas.
2013-02-14 Friedemann... DSVideoWidgetSurface: Pass on parent to base class.
2013-02-14 Friedemann... Reduce MinGW64-warnings about mixerID.
2013-02-14 Friedemann... Fix signature of the waveInProc/waveOutProc callbacks.
2013-02-13 Stephen KellyRemove QPointerBase bic check.
2013-02-13 Tasuku SuzukiFixed a connection to a slot that doesn't exists
2013-02-12 Bernd WeimerBlackBerry: Fixed playback of streamed audio
2013-02-12 Tobias KoenigBlackberry: Fix orientation of taken photos
2013-02-11 Tobias KoenigBlackberry: Restart camera viewfinder after standby
2013-02-08 Tobias KoenigBlackberry: Ensure that camera viewfinder texture is...
2013-02-06 Tobias KoenigBlackberry: Add camera support for BB10 platform
2013-02-06 Friedemann... Fix lupdate-Warning in qcamera.cpp.
2013-02-06 Oswald Buddenhagenfix doc page urls
2013-02-06 Oswald Buddenhagensubstitute fixed version numbers in qdocconf files...
2013-02-06 Laszlo PappAdd a simple accessor to the video provider snippet
2013-01-31 Thomas McGuireBlackberry: Fix warning about unsigned integer comparison
2013-01-31 Sergio AhumadaMerge "Merge branch 'release' into stable" into refs...
2013-01-31 Sergio Ahumadatst_bic: Replace test data for linux-gcc-ia32
2013-01-31 Tobias KoenigBlackberry: Refactor plugin directory structure
2013-01-29 Sergio AhumadaMerge branch 'release' into stable
2013-01-29 Thiago MacieiraAdd a changelog for the BC break v5.0.1
2013-01-29 Sze Howe KohDoc: Fix module name format
2013-01-28 Sergio AhumadaRemove QT_{BEGIN,END}_HEADER macro usage
2013-01-28 Jerome PasionDoc: Add QML Types to table of contents in Assistant
2013-01-28 Nico VertriestDoc: corrected reference to snippet in qsoundeffect.cpp
2013-01-25 Thiago MacieiraAdd virtual destructors to two classes with other virtuals
2013-01-25 Topi ReinioQAudioInput/Output documentation: Fix slot naming in...
2013-01-24 Jerome PasionDoc: Summarized documentation fixes in changelog file.