2013-09-24 Mitch CurtisFix "conversion from 'double' to 'float'" warnings... v5.2.0-alpha1
2013-09-20 Yoann LopesSome cleanup in the GStreamer plugin.
2013-09-20 Christian StrømmeAndroid: Adapt the multimedia plugin to new QJNI API
2013-09-19 Yoann LopesAndroid: fix compilation on x86.
2013-09-19 Andy NicholsCoreAudio: Create an audio plugin supporting iOS and...
2013-09-17 Christian StrømmeOpenSL: Fix build warning about unused result variable.
2013-09-17 Yoann LopesFix QVideoSurfaceArbFpPainter mistakenly failing to...
2013-09-17 Thiago MacieiraRemove Q_PACKED from structs that don't need to be...
2013-09-17 Yoann LopesStabilized QPainterVideoSurface auto-test.
2013-09-12 Christian StrømmeOpenSL: Fix typos
2013-09-12 Yoann LopesAndroid: added camera support.
2013-09-09 Pier Luigi... Fix the X11 build error
2013-09-06 Sergio AhumadaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev
2013-09-02 Tobias HungerPulseaudioInput: Remove unused members
2013-09-02 Tobias HungerQGstXvImageBuffer: fix warning about class/struct mismatch
2013-09-02 Tobias HungerQGstTools: Fix warning about unused m_intervalTimer
2013-09-02 Bill SomervilleFix QAudioOutput::setVolume() limited 50% on 32-bit... old/5.1
2013-08-29 Bernd WeimerBlackBerry: Pass encoded URLs to mm renderer
2013-08-27 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev
2013-08-27 Andy NicholsAVFoundation: Basic camera support for iOS
2013-08-27 Andy NicholsAVFoundation: Enable QVideoWidget on iOS
2013-08-27 Andy NicholsAVFoundation: Use CoreAnimation to render video to...
2013-08-27 Andy NicholsAVFoundation: Enable use of QMediaPlayer for audio...
2013-08-26 Andy NicholsAVFoundation: Remove QVideoSurfaceCoreGraphicsPainter
2013-08-22 Yoann LopesWMF and GStreamer: fixed incorrect frame startTime...
2013-08-21 Christian StrømmeAndroid: Use isValid() to check if the jobject is valid.
2013-08-19 Yoann LopesAndroid: fixed media player buffering logic.
2013-08-19 Friedemann... Fix file browser in qmlvideofx example.
2013-08-16 Simon HausmannRemove unnecessary dependency to qtjsbackend from sync...
2013-08-16 Sergio AhumadaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release' into...
2013-08-16 Yoann LopesAdd changes-5.1.1 file. v5.1.1
2013-08-16 Yoann LopesWMF: fixed QMediaPlayer changing to EndOfMedia status...
2013-08-16 Yoann LopesWMF: use qFabs instead of fabsf.
2013-08-13 Frederik GladhornMerge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable...
2013-08-13 Andy NicholsEnable QSoundEffect with loopCount of Infinite to play
2013-08-12 Jerome PasionDoc: Renamed HTML file for "Qt Multimedia on Windows...
2013-08-12 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev
2013-08-05 Robin BurchellImplement resource policy plugin using libresourceqt.
2013-08-05 Yoann LopesFixed bug in QWaveDecoder.
2013-08-05 Robin BurchellChange libresourceqt's .pc file.
2013-08-05 Sergio AhumadaMerge branch 'stable' into dev
2013-08-02 Jerome PasionDoc: Setting \qtvariable values in module pages.
2013-07-31 Friedemann... Remove left-over debug output.
2013-07-30 Friedemann... Fix file browser in qmlvideo example.
2013-07-30 Oswald Buddenhagenfix build without quick
2013-07-25 Yoann LopesMake PulseAudio implementation of QSoundEffect more...
2013-07-25 Wouter HuysentruitUse the new (-no)-wmf-backend configuration option
2013-07-24 Yoann LopesMoved declarative-camera example in the right directory.
2013-07-24 Sergio AhumadaBump MODULE_VERSION to 5.1.2
2013-07-23 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev
2013-07-19 Yoann LopesDirectShow: avoid unnecessary RGB32 -> BGR32 conversion.
2013-07-19 Yoann LopesDirectShow: Don't create the widget and renderer contro...
2013-07-19 Yoann LopesWMF: fixed MediaPlayer buffering logic.
2013-07-19 Yoann LopesOpenSL ES audio plugin.
2013-07-11 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev
2013-07-09 Yoann LopesAndroid: removed unnecessary init class for QtMultimedi...
2013-07-09 Christian StrømmeAndroid: Make it possible for MediaPlayer to read from...
2013-07-09 Yoann LopesAndroid: wait to have a valid video surface before...
2013-07-09 Yoann LopesAndroid: release the Android media player before destro...
2013-07-04 tommyadamFix resource leak in directshow plugin.
2013-06-27 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev
2013-06-26 Jerome PasionDoc: Setting navigation variables for Multimedia and...
2013-06-25 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release' into...
2013-06-25 Yoann LopesUse correct default audio output and input devices...
2013-06-21 Sergio AhumadaAdd changes-5.1.0 file v5.1.0 v5.1.0-rc2
2013-06-21 Yoann LopesMultimedia plugins now have a unique JSON metadata...
2013-06-20 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev
2013-06-20 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release' into...
2013-06-13 Christian StrømmeAndroid: Fix for uncaught java exception.
2013-06-13 Sze Howe KohDoc: Fix some broken links and quote paths
2013-06-13 Christian StrømmeFix for url bug in the qmlvideo examples.
2013-06-12 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release' into...
2013-06-11 Bernd WeimerPurged ALSA implementation
2013-06-10 Tasuku Suzukidisable module when gui is not available
2013-06-05 Tobias KoenigBlackBerry: Fix frame size of video playback
2013-06-04 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev
2013-06-04 Topi ReinioDoc: Add Qt Multimedia platform notes for Windows v5.1.0-rc1
2013-06-03 Jerome PasionDoc: Adding import statement for in Qt Multimedia QML...
2013-05-31 Mitch CurtisFix typo in QMediaPlayer docs.
2013-05-29 Sergio AhumadaBump MODULE_VERSION to 5.1.1
2013-05-28 Eskil Abrahamsen... Android: Fix compilation on Windows
2013-05-27 Liang QiUpdate all plugins.qmltypes files
2013-05-27 Friedemann... WMF-plugin: Fix warnings about unused variables.
2013-05-27 Liang QiUpdate qmldir file for QtAudioEngine
2013-05-26 Sergio Ahumadasync.profile: Point dependencies to an empty string
2013-05-24 Jerome PasionDoc: Removed multimedia overview from "technology-apis...
2013-05-23 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev
2013-05-23 Christian StrømmeAndroid: add libQt5MultimediaQuick_p to the list of...
2013-05-22 Yoann LopesAndroid: fixed crash when resetting the video surface.
2013-05-17 Yoann LopesFixed signal not being emitted in QDeclarativeCameraFocus.
2013-05-15 Friedemann... Make directshow-plugin available.
2013-05-14 Sze Howe KohDecouple qmediametadata.h from qmultimedia.h
2013-05-08 David Friesqmlvideo example, add missing #ifdef PERFORMANCEMONITOR... v5.1.0-beta1
2013-05-07 Thomas McGuireVideoOutput: Take the surface's viewport into account
2013-05-06 Masaya TAKAHASHIDoc: Fix missing element name in Video
2013-05-03 Topi ReinioDoc: Define example install paths in .qdocconf
2013-05-03 Eskil Abrahamsen... Make it possible to bundle Android builds
2013-04-30 Fawzi Mohamedaudioengine: update qmltypes
2013-04-30 Topi ReinioDoc: Fix example paths referred in documentation
2013-04-29 Christian StrømmeAndroid: Added config tests for multimedia on android.