Removed old deprecated c++ api.
[qt:qtjsondb.git] / src / 3rdparty / btree / src / btree.cpp
2012-04-16 Ali Akhtarzadaget rid of format warnings in ao btree
2012-04-12 Denis DzyubenkoMerge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/hbtree'
2012-04-11 Denis DzyubenkoMerge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/master' into hbtree hbtree
2012-03-28 Denis DzyubenkoMerge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/master' into hbtree
2012-03-20 Denis DzyubenkoMerge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/master' into hbtree
2012-03-19 Denis DzyubenkoMerge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/master' into gerri...
2012-03-13 Ali Akhtarzadabtree marker rollback not reading from correct meta
2012-03-13 Ali AkhtarzadaFree pages while trying to find a valid meta page
2012-03-12 Denis DzyubenkoMerge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/master' into gerri...
2012-03-06 Ali AkhtarzadaAdd hbtree to daemon
2012-02-14 Jamey Hickscount writes in QBtree::Stat
2012-02-14 Jamey HicksUse QCryptographicHash in btree
2012-02-11 Jamey Hicksprint out stats for transactions exceeding btree cache...
2012-02-11 Jamey HicksFree meta mpage right away to reduce memory usage.
2012-02-07 Ali AkhtarzadaDont lose pages between two markers if not necessary
2012-02-01 Ali Akhtarzadamarker bug fix + test
2012-01-26 Ali AkhtarzadaQBtree txn was being accessed after commit
2012-01-26 Ali Akhtarzadabtree cursor assign/copy operations
2011-12-30 Ali AkhtarzadaQBtree: deallocate txns, make interace QFile-like and...
2011-12-15 Denis DzyubenkoFixed a bug with wrong deallocation in btree
2011-12-15 Ali AkhtarzadaWhite space fix + btree private header
2011-12-07 Ali Akhtarzadaprintf and default case warning fixes
2011-12-05 Ali AkhtarzadaAdded toggle for key sizes
2011-11-30 Ali AkhtarzadaOutput overflow data in btree dump
2011-11-29 Ali AkhtarzadaRemove overflow data size limit in btree
2011-11-29 Ali AkhtarzadaSeparate key sizes from prefix sizes
2011-11-28 Ali AkhtarzadaIncreased max key size
2011-11-21 Denis DzyubenkoFixed a compiler warning
2011-11-16 Jamey HicksFixes tohexstr buffer overflow and usage.
2011-11-10 Ali AkhtarzadaChecksum page bounds fix
2011-11-04 Ali AkhtarzadaMemory allocation and error message consistency
2011-11-03 Denis DzyubenkoFixed btree_rollback
2011-11-03 Denis DzyubenkoFixed btree_dump_page_from_file
2011-11-03 Denis DzyubenkoAdded api to start read transaction on a given tag.
2011-11-03 Denis DzyubenkoAdd btval_ref and btval_deref to btree.
2011-11-02 Ali AkhtarzadaAdded checksum verification to bt pages
2011-11-01 Ali AkhtarzadaFlush and add some more info to btree_dump.
2011-10-28 Denis DzyubenkoAdded a bit more output when printing page info in...
2011-10-28 Ali AkhtarzadaCompiler warning fixes
2011-10-27 Ali AkhtarzadaPrune btree if nothing to commit and tag is similar
2011-10-27 Ali AkhtarzadaSync properly when only a new tag is commited.
2011-10-25 Denis DzyubenkoLong live QtJsonDb!