last changeSun, 19 Oct 2014 10:45:14 +0000 (12:45 +0200)
2014-10-19 Andrew den... Outsource the result set synchronization logic. master
2014-06-23 Andrew den... Update the current row correctly in tracker result...
2014-06-23 Andrew den... Add GPS coordinate properties for images.
2014-04-17 Andrew den... Fix array overrun when new items are appended to a...
2014-04-16 Andrew den... Remove separate result set for Type requests.
2014-03-27 Andrew den... Don't exclude results with incomplete information from...
2014-02-25 Andrew den... Exclude query results located on removed media.
2014-01-21 Andrew den... Fix sparql generation for linked data.
2013-12-18 Andrew den... Verify the type of query results before accessing them.
2013-12-18 Andrew den... Fix assertion on construction.
2013-12-13 Robin BurchellDon't execute queries over the tracker dbus interface.
2013-12-03 Robin BurchellFix DocumentGallery returning encoded urls.
2013-12-03 Robin BurchellSearch for videos using the nmm:Video type instead...
2013-12-03 Robin BurchellExpose properties common to multiple type through File.
2013-12-03 Robin BurchellSupport the orientation value for all file types.
2013-12-03 Robin BurchellTranslate orientation strings to integer values.
3 years ago master