2012-12-31 Liang Qiqmltest: Added the possibility to use QApplication
2012-12-24 Sergio AhumadaAdd changes-5.0.1 file
2012-12-23 Sergio AhumadaBump Qt version to 5.0.1
2012-12-23 Thiago MacieiraFix other warnings in qtdeclarative found by GCC 4.7
2012-12-23 Thiago MacieiraFix warnings in QtQml due to ?: with enums of different...
2012-12-21 Miikka HeikkinenAdd qmake generated files to .gitignore.
2012-12-20 Friedemann... Quick tests: Introduce QQmlMessageHandler.
2012-12-20 Friedemann... Fix compiler warnings in declarative tests.
2012-12-20 Albert Astals CidDo not crash on some animation changes
2012-12-19 Volker KrauseCompile with QT_NO_WHEELEVENT.
2012-12-19 Frederik GladhornAccessibility: Improve interface handling in Quick
2012-12-19 Friedemann... Stabilize QQuickLoader test on Windows.
2012-12-19 Friedemann... Fix tst_qqmlbundle on Windows.
2012-12-18 Friedemann... Fix tst_qqmllanguage for MSVC.
2012-12-17 Jerome PasionDoc: Enabling Qt QML linking to Qt Quick. v5.0.0
2012-12-16 Oswald Buddenhagenremove obsolete DEPENDPATH assignments
2012-12-16 Oswald Buddenhagenremove some unnecessary CONFIG additions
2012-12-15 Alan AlpertAdd a hidden XandYAxis enum value
2012-12-14 Miikka HeikkinenAdd minimal plugin importing to quick2 qmlplugindump...
2012-12-14 Oliver WolffFixed samegame tutorial part 4 to reflect Quick2 state
2012-12-13 Jens Bache... Improved cosmetics for StockQt
2012-12-13 Jens Bache... Clean up the StockQt demo
2012-12-12 Alan AlpertFix StocQt buttons
2012-12-12 Alan AlpertUpdate porting docs v5.0.0-rc2
2012-12-12 hjkChange virtual folders in .qdocconf to qtqml and qtquick
2012-12-12 hjkAdd \brief comment to Custom Geometry example
2012-12-12 Kai KoehneUse resource files for most examples
2012-12-12 Michael BrasserWork towards supporting front-to-back reordering of...
2012-12-11 Oliver WolffFixed abstractitemmodel example
2012-12-11 Oliver WolffFixed install targets for model examples
2012-12-11 Kai KoehneExamples: Remove unused import "../shared"
2012-12-11 Oliver WolffRemoved leftover file from example cleanup
2012-12-11 Gunnar SlettaImproved the scene graph overview a bit
2012-12-11 Stephen KellyMove the Q_DECLARE_METATYPE to where it should be.
2012-12-11 Oswald Buddenhagenmake use of qt_headersclean.prf
2012-12-11 Miikka HeikkinenAdd PLUGIN_CLASS_NAME to qtdeclarative plugins
2012-12-10 Alan AlpertMove examples around
2012-12-10 Oswald Buddenhagencentralize and fixup example sources install targets
2012-12-10 Philip LorenzOnly free context if the owning QV8ContextResource...
2012-12-10 Paul Olav TveteDon't generate duplicate doc pages
2012-12-10 Paul Olav TveteFix doc links to submodels
2012-12-10 Paul Olav TveteMark autotest as insignificant on mac
2012-12-06 Alan AlpertChange qFatal to qWarning
2012-12-05 Alan AlpertStabilize tst_qquickpathview
2012-12-05 Christian StengerDoc: Fix external references v5.0.0-rc1
2012-12-04 Alan AlpertRemove 'com.nokia' string from autotest
2012-12-04 David SchulzQtDeclarative: Add qtlinguist to the doc dependecies.
2012-12-04 Stephen KellyUse the qRegisterMetaType which does not take a string.
2012-12-04 Stephen KellyDeclare QJSValue as a metatype where it is defined.
2012-12-04 Stephen KellyDeclare QQmlV8Handle as a metatype where it is defined.
2012-12-04 Sergio Ahumadasync.profile: Point dependencies to 'refs/heads/stable'
2012-12-04 Eskil Abrahamsen... doc: Fix remaining snippet in qml-modelviews example
2012-12-03 Eskil Abrahamsen... Avoid duplicating Qt Quick Code Samples
2012-12-03 Jerome PasionDoc: Edited qdocconfig files to change QCH titles and...
2012-12-01 Alan AlpertResume testing of customparticle
2012-12-01 Christian StengerDocs: Fix some more references
2012-12-01 Morten Johan... Qt Quick high-dpi support.
2012-11-30 Alan AlpertStabilize tst_qqmltimer
2012-11-30 Richard MooreFix QML XmlHttpRequest Insecure Redirection Flaw
2012-11-30 Alan AlpertUpdate SGNode after pixmap is invalidated
2012-11-30 Andreas HartmetzMake static QQmlProperty::read() take a const QObject...
2012-11-30 Volker KrauseCompile with QT_NO_VALIDATOR.
2012-11-30 Volker KrauseCompile with -no-feature-cursor.
2012-11-30 Kai KoehneQmltypes: Update plugins.qmltypes
2012-11-30 Eskil Abrahamsen... Fix example lists for Qt Quick
2012-11-30 Friedemann... Limit case-sensitivity check in QML to file names.
2012-11-30 Shawn RutledgeRemove the remaining usages of deprecated QWindow accessors
2012-11-30 Eskil Abrahamsen... Add calqlatr to qmldemos group and move qmldemos list
2012-11-30 Kai KoehneQmlPluginDump: Prevent crash if run without WM
2012-11-30 Janne AnttilaMade tst_QQmlDebugJS insignificant on Mac.
2012-11-29 Alan AlpertRemove superfluous function call
2012-11-29 Tasuku SuzukiMove no-Gui related QML types from QtQuick into QtQml
2012-11-29 Shawn RutledgeRenamed QQuickItem::pos property to position
2012-11-29 Kai KoehneMake tst_examples::namingConvention not fail
2012-11-29 Gunnar SlettaMake FolderListModel available from the module overview.
2012-11-29 Gunnar SlettaWarn about potential abuse of QQuickPaintedItem::paint().
2012-11-29 Friedemann... tr()-Fix: Do not use QObject::tr().
2012-11-29 Alan AlpertApply full transform
2012-11-29 Matt VogtFix mouse event distribution for Flickable with pressDelay
2012-11-28 Christian StengerDocs: Fix some reference errors
2012-11-28 Gunnar SlettaRemove QML intro and QML Application Development pages
2012-11-28 Frederik GladhornMark scarc resource docs as internal for 5.0
2012-11-28 Erik VerbruggenFix escape sequences in lexer: the capital X is not...
2012-11-28 Gunnar SlettaRemove superflous "defining reusable components" docume...
2012-11-28 Caroline ChaoExamples: quick/scenegraph - add needed main.qml file...
2012-11-28 Gunnar Slettadocfix: Some of the scenegraph overview content did...
2012-11-28 Gunnar Slettadocfix: Move image to correct location
2012-11-28 Gunnar SlettaDocfix: Move images to correct location and fix bugs...
2012-11-27 Jędrzej NowackiDeclare type information for some internal qml types.
2012-11-27 Gunnar SlettaFix the QML Effects docs up a bit
2012-11-27 Erik VerbruggenEnable the lexer to run in JS strict/non-strict mode...
2012-11-27 Erik VerbruggenFixed line terminators to handle LS/PS and CR+LF correctly.
2012-11-27 Gunnar SlettaFix qdoc typo
2012-11-27 Gunnar SlettaRemove TODO from docs as it doesn't make sense.
2012-11-27 Robert Loehningstyle microfix in example
2012-11-27 Lars KnollQt Quick (2) is not dependent on LGPL code
2012-11-26 Thomas Senykexamples/quick/multipointtouch: move emitter instead...
2012-11-26 Kai KoehneImports: update .qmltypes files
2012-11-26 Erik VerbruggenAccept missing semicolon after do-while statement.
2012-11-26 Tasuku SuzukiEnable module build with QT_NO_IM