2012-07-31 Toby TomkinsModify setAttribute parameter, it no longer accepts...
2012-07-23 Stephen KellyAdd the CMake directory created during unit testing...
2012-07-20 Stephen KellyTest that the package configs for QtConnectivity work.
2012-07-11 Oswald Buddenhagensaner gitignore
2012-07-11 Oswald Buddenhagenuse centralized qml plugin project handling
2012-07-11 Oswald Buddenhagenuse centralized handling of QT_BUILD_PARTS
2012-07-01 alexRename getter functions for QBluetoothHostInfo
2012-06-28 Thiago MacieiraUpdate the export macros in qtconnectivity.git
2012-06-27 Kalle Juhani... Compile bluetooth for QtConnectivity under C++11 mode
2012-06-27 alexAdd unit test for new QBluetoothHostInfo class.
2012-06-27 alexUse the recommended way of building module docs.
2012-06-27 alexSplit QBluetoothHostInfo from QBluetoothLocalDevice
2012-06-27 alexFix various Bluetooth tests such that they run via CI
2012-06-26 Michael Zanettiremoved Nokia specific stuff not needed any more
2012-06-26 Oswald Buddenhagenbuild system cleanups
2012-06-25 alexIgnore .o files being shown as part of "git status"
2012-06-25 Oswald Buddenhagenuse auto-defined QT_BUILD_*_LIB variables
2012-06-25 alexBump copyright header for docs to 2012.
2012-06-25 Oswald Buddenhagenswitch to new-style configure tests
2012-06-25 Oswald Buddenhagenauto-generate module pris
2012-06-25 Kent HansenFix compilation of examples when Qt is configured with...
2012-06-25 alexAlign Qt Bluetooth doc generation with other modules
2012-06-25 alexFix QBluetoothServiceInfo test
2012-06-25 alexReplace deprecated use of QString::operator=(const...
2012-06-13 Michael Zanetticlarify Bluetooth power situation in docs
2012-06-13 Michael Zanettionly allow apps to temporarily power on Bluetooth
2012-06-05 Lars KnollPort to the new plugin system
2012-05-30 Thiago MacieiraChange uses of {to,from}Ascii to {to,from}Latin1
2012-05-29 Christian FetzerMake use of Nokia bt services for pairing requests.
2012-05-29 Christian FetzerMake use of Nokia bt services for powering on/off bluet...
2012-05-29 Michael Zanettiimprove documentation for BluetoothSocket::stringData
2012-05-29 Michael Zanettiprevent crash in case SFW connection breaks down and...
2012-05-29 Michael Zanettiimprove BluetoothSocket docs
2012-05-29 Rohan McGovernSet explicit testcase.timeout for slow tests
2012-05-17 Toby Tomkinssync.profile: remove dependency on qtsvg and qtscript.
2012-05-17 Toby TomkinsFix minor documentation issue.
2012-05-09 Toby Tomkinstst_qbluetoothservicediscoveryagent disabled, it has...
2012-04-26 Christian FetzerRemoved unneeded linkage to QtGui.
2012-04-26 Michael ZanettiExtend SPP profile to be used with NOKIA_BT_SERVICES
2012-04-24 Jason McDonaldRemove insignificant_test markers associated with maemo...
2012-04-24 Jason McDonaldRemove insignification from qndefmessage test.
2012-04-24 Jason McDonaldRemove insignification from the qbluetoothdeviceinfo...
2012-04-24 Jason McDonaldRemove insignification of qbluetoothserviceinfo test.
2012-04-24 Jason McDonaldRe-enable qbluetoothtransferrequest test.
2012-04-24 veshivasReplaced the deprecated \o qdoc command with \li, and...
2012-04-24 Toby TomkinsFix QQml name change build failures.
2012-04-13 Michael Zanettidon't use always the same id for failed transfers.
2012-04-13 Michael Zanettiadded plugins.qmltypes
2012-04-13 Yuchen DengAdd some rules into .gitignore
2012-04-01 Debao ZhangCleanup example scanner.
2012-03-26 Michael Zanettiuse correct namings as defined in the guidelines
2012-03-26 Michael ZanettiAdded a comprehensive Getting Started section to Blueto...
2012-03-22 Michael ZanettiChanged all occurrances of QML "element" to QML "type...
2012-03-22 Michael ZanettiQDeclarative is deprecated, change it to QQml
2012-03-12 alexEnable Bluetooth examples
2012-03-05 Casper van... Remove the usage of deprecated qdoc macros.
2012-03-05 Jyri TahtelaRemove pin of qtbase for qtconnectivity
2012-03-02 alexGenerate make rules for module documentation generation
2012-03-01 alexRemove/disable QtNFC from Qt 5.0.
2012-02-29 Venugopal ShivashankarLanguage edits to the QDoc markup
2012-02-28 veshivasModified the \brief text for the Bluetooth C++ classes...
2012-02-28 alexRemove obsolete doc snippet example.
2012-02-28 alexMove qprivatelinearbuffer_p.h into bluetooth project
2012-02-28 alexNo more NFC on Symbian.
2012-02-27 Michael Zanettialso signal a failed transfer to the Bluetooth Services
2012-02-24 Michael Zanettisome improvements in the documentation
2012-02-14 Michael Zanettinokia_test_framework is no more. Remove unneeded qmake...
2012-02-13 Jason McDonaldRemove duplicates of QTRY_VERIFY and QTRY_COMPARE.
2012-02-09 Michael ZanettiMore work on Bluetooth documentation
2012-02-08 alexNo more Bluetooth on Symbian
2012-02-08 Friedemann... QtConnectivity: Add dependency to QtConcurrent
2012-01-31 Jason McDonaldFix outdated license headers.
2012-01-31 Jason McDonaldAvoid non-standard indentation of license headers.
2012-01-30 Jason McDonaldRemove "All rights reserved" line from license headers.
2012-01-26 alexMove bttennis into the examples dir.
2012-01-26 alexRemove old and obsolete documentation
2012-01-23 Michael Zanettiadded documentation and examples
2012-01-20 Jason McDonaldUpdate obsolete contact address.
2012-01-11 Jason McDonaldUpdate copyright year in Nokia copyright headers.
2012-01-10 Rohan McGovernsync.profile: introduce dependency on qtjsbackend
2012-01-05 Jason McDonaldUpdate copyright year in license headers.
2012-01-04 Rohan McGovernFixed compile on Windows in release mode.
2012-01-03 Friedemann... QtConnectivity: Fix test crashes/asserts/hangs.
2012-01-03 Friedemann... nfctestserver: Remove rpath-option.
2011-12-07 Jason McDonaldImprove QBluetoothLocalDevice autotest.
2011-12-06 Jason McDonaldRemove unnecessary header file.
2011-12-06 Toby TomkinsAdd namespace macros to QtBluetooth and QtNfc
2011-12-05 Toby TomkinsFixed QtConnectivity bluetooth namespace compilation.
2011-12-05 Toby TomkinsFixed QtConnectivity nfc namespace compilation.
2011-11-30 Michael Zanettiuse a single semi-persistent ServiceFramework connection
2011-11-30 Friedemann... tst_qbluetoothsocket: Fix warnings about operators.
2011-11-30 Friedemann... QtConnectivity: Fix compilation on Windows.
2011-11-16 Rohan McGovernDon't install tests by default.
2011-11-15 Michael Zanettiported bluetooth and nfc declarative plugins from QtMob...
2011-11-11 Michael Zanettiadded Connectivity namespaces (QtBluetooth and QtNfc)
2011-11-09 Jason McDonaldRemove SkipMode parameter from QSKIP.
2011-11-03 Bradley T.... Use QAtomicInt::load() instead of implicit int casting
2011-10-18 Rohan McGoverntests: enabled all passing autotests
2011-10-14 Rohan McGovernCleaned up incorrect usage of Qt modules
2011-10-07 Michael Zanettire-added autotests