Build Bluetooth and NFC only for Blackberry
[qt:qtconnectivity.git] / src / nfc /
2013-11-01 Andreas HolzammerBuild Bluetooth and NFC only for Blackberry
2013-10-31 Oswald Buddenhagenuse private linkage where possible
2013-10-04 Sze Howe KohRename QDeclarativeNdefRecord -> QQmlNdefRecord
2013-09-16 Fabian BumbergerRemove LLCP from the public API
2013-09-09 Sze Howe KohMove qNfcChecksum() definition into a .cpp file
2013-07-25 Alex BlascheRemove code related to dead or currently unsupported...
2013-07-25 Alex BlascheDon't export QNearFieldTagType* classes.
2013-07-02 Stuart BurgeAdd support for NFC smart poster
2013-06-26 Alex BlascheEnable Qt NFC in the CI system.
2013-01-30 Fabian BumbergerQNX: Adding ndef registration over the invocation framework
2013-01-30 Fabian BumbergerQNX adding llcp functionality
2013-01-30 Aaron McCarthyModularise documentation.
2012-11-26 Fabian BumbergerAdding QNearFieldManager backend for QNX
2012-11-25 Fabian BumbergerQNX adding NearFieldTarget
2012-11-22 Fabian BumbergerPreparing the NFC QNX port
2012-10-28 Aaron McCarthyFix syncqt warnings.
2012-10-01 Aaron McCarthyFurther porting of NFC module from mobility to Qt 5.
2012-09-11 Oswald Buddenhagencentralize load(qt_build_config)s in .qmake.conf
2012-08-11 Oswald Buddenhagenfollow rename of qt_module_config.prf to qt_module.prf
2012-06-26 Oswald Buddenhagenbuild system cleanups
2012-06-25 Oswald Buddenhagenauto-generate module pris
2012-02-28 alexNo more NFC on Symbian.
2011-08-24 Michael ZanettiInitial commit.