2014-02-26 Marc MutzQPainterPath: replace a use of QList<QRectF> with a...
2014-02-25 Friedemann... QtCore: Fix MSVC 64bit warnings about conversion from...
2014-02-25 Friedemann... Improve error reporting in selftests of testlib.
2014-02-25 Adam MajerDoc: Correct typos in QModelIndex::internalId() documen...
2014-02-25 Martin GräßlinPrefer QPA implementation in qsystemtrayicon_x11 if...
2014-02-20 Thiago MacieiraBump Qt version to 5.4.0
2014-02-19 Thiago MacieiraAdd the option of using decltype() in Q_FOREACH
2014-02-19 Thiago MacieiraRedo the Q_FOREACH loop control without GCC statement...
2014-02-19 Thiago MacieiraMark the QArrayData alloc/dealloc functions as nothrow
2014-02-18 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev
2014-02-18 hjkFix typo in model/view docs.
2014-02-18 Thorbjørn MartsumQHeaderView - do simple section move/rotate in moveSection
2014-02-17 Sarunas ValaskeviciusEmit updateBlock signal in QTextDocumentLayout
2014-02-17 Leena MiettinenDoc: add CLI options for QGuiApplication
2014-02-17 Jani HeikkinenMerge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable...
2014-02-17 Sergio AhumadaRemove qSort usages from network tests
2014-02-17 Alessandro... Android: Build fix for "-no-widgets"
2014-02-17 Thiago MacieiraMake a URL with absent authority be different from...
2014-02-17 Allan Sandfeld... Optimize generic bilinear interpolation using SSE2
2014-02-17 Martin GräßlinAllow QPlatformSystemTrayIcon to create the QPlatformMenu
2014-02-17 Tor Arne VestbøFix glyph cache type logic after 97c187da3c1381bc55dd16976
2014-02-17 Konstantin... Respect the QTextBlock's character formats in itemization
2014-02-17 Giuseppe D... Docs: properly tag QtAlgorithms functions as deprecated
2014-02-17 Frederik GladhornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into dev
2014-02-17 Shawn RutledgeQPlatformDialogHelper: change ButtonRole flags to ensur...
2014-02-17 Frederik Gladhorndoc: fix grammar
2014-02-17 Sergio Ahumadatst_qfont: Fix small typo
2014-02-16 Fabian Bumberger[QNX] Don't deactivate windows focus
2014-02-16 Fabian BumbergerRefactor the handling of the navigator swipe down event
2014-02-16 Richard J.... Increase the number of concurrent DNS lookups.
2014-02-16 Lars KnollRemove a not required whitespace when writing JSON...
2014-02-16 hjkRemove automated generation of dwarf index
2014-02-16 Mandeep SandhuQDnsLookup: Add support for custom DNS server
2014-02-16 Jørgen LindQOpenGLTextureBlitter: fix source rect when origin...
2014-02-16 Jørgen LindQOpenGLTextureBlitter: Remove Origin location for the...
2014-02-16 Jørgen LindQOpenGLTextureBlitter: add some autotests
2014-02-16 Thiago MacieiraMake the printing of complex Unicode in a QString prettier
2014-02-16 Thiago MacieiraAdd the rest of the non-volatile members of std::atomic...
2014-02-16 Thiago MacieiraAdd a testAndSet overload to the atomics that returns...
2014-02-16 Thiago MacieiraInitial support for the Intel Compiler 14.0 on OS X
2014-02-16 Thiago MacieiraWork around ICC 14 bug: __attribute__((deprecated)...
2014-02-16 Thiago MacieiraCentralize the merging toFloat conversions
2014-02-15 Marc MutzAdd qHash() overloads for floating-point types
2014-02-15 Marc MutzQFont: add missing qHash overload
2014-02-15 Marc Mutztst_qsignalblocker: simplify test
2014-02-15 Eskil Abrahamsen... Android: Add enablers for listening to activity results
2014-02-15 Kai KoehneAdd const overload for QLoggingCategory::operator()()
2014-02-15 Friedemann... Exclude widgets without associated QWindow in QApplicat...
2014-02-15 Kai KoehneRevert "Logging: Don't use for loop in qCDebug macros"
2014-02-15 Oliver WolffWinRT: Added socket engine implementation
2014-02-15 Oliver WolffWinRT: Exit process event loop if WaitForMoreEvents...
2014-02-15 Shawn RutledgeConsolidate StandardButton, ButtonRole and related...
2014-02-15 Paul Olav TveteExtending the inputMethodQuery API
2014-02-14 Laszlo AgocsFix logging with dynamic GL on Windows
2014-02-14 Konstantin... Force alignment for SSE2 to not crash with mingw
2014-02-14 Jędrzej NowackiEnable QByteArrayList tests
2014-02-14 Fabian BumbergerExtend the documentation for orientation in QScreen
2014-02-14 Laszlo AgocsMigrate a recent QT_OPENGL_ES ifdef to dynamic GL
2014-02-14 Yoann LopesiOS: correctly report Landscape or InvertedLandscape...
2014-02-14 Sean HarmerOpenGL: Fix QOpenGLTexture for cubemaps with mutable...
2014-02-14 Olivier Goffartmoc: Fix parsing of operator<
2014-02-14 Jerome PasionDoc: Adding a new page to Qt Creator's external page...
2014-02-14 Kai KoehneRemove incomplete paragraph from QSet::iterator documen...
2014-02-14 Erik VerbruggenMac: FSEvents-based QFileSystemWatcherEngine.
2014-02-14 Laszlo AgocsDynamic GL switch on Windows
2014-02-14 Jan Arve SaetherDon't ignore horizontal alignment for items with baseli...
2014-02-14 Bernd WeimerFix QDateTime auto test
2014-02-14 Bernd WeimerQNX: Add support for lgmon
2014-02-14 Morten Johan... Draw more inactive style elements in retina res.
2014-02-14 Olivier GoffartMake parsing of template arguments more robust.
2014-02-14 Glen MabeyAdded #include "qnumeric.h" to qglobal.h
2014-02-13 Marc MutzQSimplex: API cleanup [1/3]: Rename an enum
2014-02-13 Marc MutzQDBus: replace arg-chain with multi-arg
2014-02-13 Marc MutzQDBus: avoid relocations
2014-02-13 Christian StrømmeAdd function to get the actual PID from QProcess
2014-02-13 Thiago MacieiraRemove "thread_local" support from the Intel Compiler
2014-02-13 Thiago MacieiraCentralize the handling of all the toXxx (integral...
2014-02-13 Thiago MacieiraQLocalePrivate: merge removeGroupSeparators into number...
2014-02-13 Thiago MacieiraQLocalePrivate: move the stringToXxx to QLocaleData
2014-02-13 Thiago MacieiraQLocalePrivate: move the xxxToString functions to QLoca...
2014-02-13 Thiago MacieiraMerge the pairs of stringTo{Double,LongLong,UnsLongLong}
2014-02-13 Thiago MacieiraRemove duplicated trimming of a string
2014-02-13 Richard Moe... iOS: only activate top-level windows
2014-02-13 Richard Moe... iOS: activate window on touchesBegan
2014-02-13 Richard Moe... iOS: don't store reference to focus object
2014-02-13 Thiago MacieiraAdd a CSV logging feature to the benchlib
2014-02-13 Christian StrømmeAndroid: Add Foreign Window support
2014-02-13 Christian StrømmeAndroid: Fix return value in createSurface()
2014-02-13 Friedemann... Close widgets properly from session management.
2014-02-13 Laszlo AgocsQOpenGLWidget and new-style compositing on eglfs
2014-02-13 Gunnar SlettaExpose QPlatformWindow::invalidateSurface as a virtual...
2014-02-13 Friedemann... Windows: Destroy tablet support before unregistering...
2014-02-13 Konstantin... Update HarfBuzz-NG path on Mac
2014-02-13 Konstantin... Force alignment for SSE2 to not crash with mingw
2014-02-13 Konstantin... Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable...
2014-02-13 Peter HartmannHTTP internals: introduce protocol handlers
2014-02-13 Peter HartmannHTTP internals: move some methods inside HTTP request...
2014-02-12 Andrey Volkovfix crash when using GTK 2.14 function in old gtk
2014-02-12 Glen Mabeynew QByteArrayList class