2012-10-27 Jan-Arve SaetherImplement QAccessibleLineEdit::characterRect()
2012-10-27 Sze Howe KohEnable the "#include <QSql>" camel-case header, for...
2012-10-27 Frederik GladhornAccessibility: remove redundant role function
2012-10-27 Frederik GladhornAccessibility: make sure right objects are cached on...
2012-10-27 Frederik GladhornBe more careful about asserting in accessibility.
2012-10-27 Frederik GladhornDoc fixes for qcoreapplication.
2012-10-27 Frederik GladhornClean up index handling in itemviews accessibility.
2012-10-27 Frederik GladhornMake table test use smart pointers for interfaces.
2012-10-27 Mark Brandmention QComboBox::currentText changes in change list
2012-10-27 Thiago MacieiraFix compilation: QChar(char) is "from ASCII"
2012-10-27 Thorbjørn Lund... QMap 5.0 - keep track of leftmost node (BIC)
2012-10-27 Thorbjørn Lund... QMap - use hint on insert in QMap::toStdMap
2012-10-26 Sergio Ahumadatest: Remove dead code from tst_QPixmap
2012-10-26 Samuel RødalPrevent potential crash in QXcbCursor::queryPointer().
2012-10-26 Samuel RødalCheck the EGL error before calling eglTerminate().
2012-10-26 Bernd WeimerRemoved usage of pipe in Blackberry event dispatcher
2012-10-26 Jon SeverinssonChange one int to qint64 in QDateTime::setMSecsSinceEpo...
2012-10-26 Mark BrandQSqlRelationalDelegate: remove setEditorData reimplemen...
2012-10-26 Stephen KellySet the Directory flag when we find a directory.
2012-10-26 Oswald Buddenhagensimplify determination of static plugin link line
2012-10-26 Sergio Ahumadatest: Don't fail if the network test server is not...
2012-10-26 Jerome PasionQt Core: Adding a landing page and sorted the documenta...
2012-10-26 Cyril OblikovPossibility to change custom Drag&Drop cursors while...
2012-10-26 Friedemann... Remove compatibility headers for QPA classes.
2012-10-26 Jonathan LiuQGLTextureGlyphCache: Fix text rendering artifacts...
2012-10-26 Mark BrandQComboBox: new signal currentTextChanged
2012-10-26 Mark BrandQComboBox: fix use in QDataWidgetMapper/QItemDelegate
2012-10-26 Thorbjørn Lund... QHeaderView 5.0 - no emit of sortIndicatorChanged when...
2012-10-26 Thorbjørn Lund... Qt 5.0 - Add QHeaderView refactor to changes notes.
2012-10-26 Stephen KellyAdd a CMake macro to test module includes
2012-10-26 Andy ShawFix syncing of visibility and enabled for menus on...
2012-10-26 Oswald Buddenhagenescape constructed command for makefiles
2012-10-26 Sergey BorovkovRemove unnecessary call to png_set_sBit when writing...
2012-10-26 Yuchen DengAngle: Fix shadow build
2012-10-26 Peter HartmannBlackberry bearer plugin: Only Report working interface...
2012-10-26 Rafael RoquettoQNX: Query dynamic buffer count at runtime
2012-10-26 Oswald Buddenhagenmove QMAKEMODULES addition to .qmake.super to qt_build_...
2012-10-26 Oswald Buddenhagenremove last traces of qpluginbase.pri
2012-10-26 Oswald Buddenhagenfix 'qmltypes' targets
2012-10-26 Oswald Buddenhagenmake qmltypes target properly respect debug vs. release
2012-10-26 Zeno AlbisserAdd glxContextForContext function to QXcbNativeInterface.
2012-10-26 aavitAdjust autotest files for raster engine to new default pen
2012-10-26 aavitDrop Symbian Carbide settings from .gitignore
2012-10-26 Friedemann... Fix a crash in QFileDialog when selecting an invalid...
2012-10-26 Miikka HeikkinenFix enter/leave event generation between native widgets...
2012-10-26 Cyril OblikovNew-style Windows cursors when dragging object from...
2012-10-26 Kevin FunkMake compile on WCE after c3b9398
2012-10-25 Oliver WolffProperly check for widget's visibility in doublespinbox...
2012-10-25 Mark Brandcorrect spelling in comment
2012-10-25 Jens Bache... Remove Windows as a dependency of mac style
2012-10-25 Jocelyn TurcotteHappy Eyeballs: Make sure that we commit the address...
2012-10-25 Sergio Ahumadatest: Remove QSKIP from tst_QFileDialog2
2012-10-25 Sergio Ahumadatest: Remove tst_QPixmap::grabWindow() function
2012-10-25 Caroline ChaoTest: remove QSKIP from tst_qstring
2012-10-25 Simon HausmannFix qmake's pro file cache to interact correctly with...
2012-10-25 Jens Bache... Remove widget dependencies on Vista style animations
2012-10-25 Konstantin... QTextEngine: Support SMP code points when case changing
2012-10-25 Konstantin... Remove stale QT_MODULE() usage cases
2012-10-25 Stephen KellyCore/kernel: Make some signals private.
2012-10-25 Gabriel de... Mac: Non-editable QComboBoxes shouldn't get focus by...
2012-10-25 J-P NurmiQStyleAnimation: writable duration & delay properties
2012-10-25 J-P NurmiQMacStyle: make default button animations independent...
2012-10-25 Sérgio MartinsDon't crash if there's no m_image yet.
2012-10-25 Stephen KellyImplement viewOptions logic in QTableViewPrivate.
2012-10-25 Stephen KellyAdd missing test for the Qt5PrintSupport module.
2012-10-25 Miikka HeikkinenFix crash when handling WM_PAINT during COM operations
2012-10-25 aavitFix: don't override the new non-cosmetic default pen...
2012-10-25 Eskil Abrahamsen... Revert hacks in text rendering code path
2012-10-25 Sergio Ahumadatest: Don't fail if the network test server is not...
2012-10-25 Jocelyn TurcotteQSslSocket: Allow disconnections within the connected...
2012-10-25 Jason BarronFix incorrect library path in libEGL.pro.
2012-10-25 Rohan McGovernFixed crash on destruction of animating QDockWidget...
2012-10-25 Miikka HeikkinenFix widget borders when using global stylesheetstyle
2012-10-25 Joerg Bornemannfix flakiness of tst_qlocalsocket::processConnection
2012-10-25 Sergio MartinsAdd DnD support for QNX.
2012-10-25 Miikka HeikkinenAdd ContextMenu event to QWindowSystemInterface
2012-10-25 Sean HarmerUpdate QDataStream format docs for gui/math3d classes
2012-10-24 Rohan McGovernUnmark tst_qgroupbox as a parallel test
2012-10-24 Jason BarronAdd ANGLE as a 3rdparty library to Qt.
2012-10-24 Tobias HungerQuieten warning about uninitialized use of d pointer
2012-10-24 Mark Brandmention slotification of select()/selectRow() in changes
2012-10-23 Morten Johan... Mac: Set minimum version to 10.7 for clang-libc++
2012-10-23 Sergio Ahumadatest: Remove QSKIP from tst_QSettings::fileName()
2012-10-23 Sergio Ahumadatest: Remove QSKIP from tst_QClipboard::copy_exit_paste()
2012-10-23 Sergio Ahumadatest: Rename test case name TestQtJson -> tst_QtJson
2012-10-23 Sergio Ahumadatest: Fix tst_QDir.equalityOperator()
2012-10-23 Mitch CurtisReturn invalid datetime when calling addMSecs with...
2012-10-23 Mitch CurtisImprove QTime test coverage.
2012-10-23 Mitch CurtisImprove QDate test coverage.
2012-10-23 Mitch CurtisClarify assert on use of const char* as TestData type...
2012-10-23 Mitch CurtisOutput leading zeroes for yyyy date formats in QLocale...
2012-10-23 Friedemann... Fix valgrind warning in QTriangulatingStroker.
2012-10-23 J-P NurmiAdd QStyleAnimation::updateTarget()
2012-10-23 Morten SorvigEnable HiDPI mode for retina displays.
2012-10-23 Friedemann... Fix warning about missing return value in XCB native...
2012-10-23 Friedemann... QProcess: Include program in destructor warning.
2012-10-23 Miikka HeikkinenStabilize tst_qfontdialog test case.
2012-10-23 J-P NurmiQStyleAnimation: fix threaded rendering
2012-10-23 Thomas McGuireBlackberry: Fix applicationFilePath() for unpackaged...
2012-10-22 Giuseppe D... Fix QRegExpValidator::validate docs about the pos parameter