5 years agofix flakiness of tst_qlocalsocket::processConnection
Joerg Bornemann [Wed, 24 Oct 2012 09:28:57 +0000 (11:28 +0200)]
fix flakiness of tst_qlocalsocket::processConnection

QSystemSemaphore is persistent after a crash and we'd have to toggle the
Open/Create flag. Waiting for the server being available by trying to
connect is much more reliable.

Change-Id: I510814cef189b43658911f8ade3cf831ae6c7e58
Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <Friedemann.Kleint@digia.com>
5 years agoAdd DnD support for QNX.
Sergio Martins [Tue, 9 Oct 2012 12:00:07 +0000 (13:00 +0100)]
Add DnD support for QNX.

We only need DnD within the same application for now, so returning
a QSimpleDrag is enough.

Change-Id: I842d48f0252f8103fa8632dd3d149ae431658adb
Reviewed-by: Thomas McGuire <thomas.mcguire@kdab.com>
Reviewed-by: Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer@kdab.com>
Reviewed-by: Nicolas Arnaud-Cormos <nicolas@kdab.com>
5 years agoAdd ContextMenu event to QWindowSystemInterface
Miikka Heikkinen [Mon, 22 Oct 2012 11:43:38 +0000 (14:43 +0300)]
Add ContextMenu event to QWindowSystemInterface

Context menu key wasn't working, as QPA had no handling for it.
Added ContextMenu event to QWindowSystemInterface and proper handling
to QGuiApplication and QWidgetWindow.

Also provide Windows implementation.

Task-number: QTBUG-27648
Change-Id: I7ce71ec4b5cdcc7be758e67f9faf6d863f7b19be
Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <Friedemann.Kleint@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Samuel Rødal <samuel.rodal@digia.com>
5 years agoUpdate QDataStream format docs for gui/math3d classes
Sean Harmer [Tue, 23 Oct 2012 18:17:25 +0000 (19:17 +0100)]
Update QDataStream format docs for gui/math3d classes

Change-Id: I158d1bc5414f273320f0561000e69c3e06f6ac5a
Reviewed-by: Mitch Curtis <mitch.curtis@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Jerome Pasion <jerome.pasion@digia.com>
5 years agoUnmark tst_qgroupbox as a parallel test
Rohan McGovern [Tue, 23 Oct 2012 04:43:25 +0000 (14:43 +1000)]
Unmark tst_qgroupbox as a parallel test

Judging from recent failures in the call to QTest::qWaitForWindowActive
in this test, the test may not be parallel-safe as previously thought.

Change-Id: I0a05eafd9086207ea3fc73f611bf834b657d5b8a
Reviewed-by: Toby Tomkins <tjtomkins@gmail.com>
5 years agoAdd ANGLE as a 3rdparty library to Qt.
Jason Barron [Mon, 15 Oct 2012 12:16:51 +0000 (14:16 +0200)]
Add ANGLE as a 3rdparty library to Qt.

ANGLE is a component that implements the OpenGL ES 2.0 API on
top of DirectX 9. See the following for more info:


ANGLE is now the default configuration on Windows. If you
want to use desktop OpenGL, you should build Qt with the
following configure options:

    -opengl desktop

To configure Qt to use another OpenGL ES 2 implementation,
you should use:

    -opengl es2 -no-angle

Task-number: QTBUG-24207

Change-Id: Iefcbeaa37ed920f431729749ab8333b248fe5134
Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <Friedemann.Kleint@digia.com>
5 years agoQuieten warning about uninitialized use of d pointer
Tobias Hunger [Tue, 23 Oct 2012 15:14:06 +0000 (17:14 +0200)]
Quieten warning about uninitialized use of d pointer

We had this issue in Qt 4 before: Clang considers the use of d uninitialized
in the initializer list for d. This might or might not be legal, the clang
devs are divided on that topic. Let's just use a more common form and ignore
the issue language lawyers.

Change-Id: I3324255963a6d0f4a9057fe0d1d9ae868d3efef7
Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <thiago.macieira@intel.com>
5 years agomention slotification of select()/selectRow() in changes
Mark Brand [Sat, 13 Oct 2012 18:52:36 +0000 (20:52 +0200)]
mention slotification of select()/selectRow() in changes

This change does not affect source code compatibility. Therefore
it is mentioned in the general section.

Change-Id: I81ea30d18b01de69322d9527d0c2775b37d1d196
Reviewed-by: David Faure <david.faure@kdab.com>
5 years agoMac: Set minimum version to 10.7 for clang-libc++
Morten Johan Sorvig [Fri, 12 Oct 2012 09:31:08 +0000 (11:31 +0200)]
Mac: Set minimum version to 10.7 for clang-libc++

Clang's libc++ does not support 10.6.

Add mac-minimum-version.conf which sets the version
to 10.6. Set the version to 10.7 in the clang-libx++*

Change-Id: I494d0d24b0d73d9395e9d5406c8c63c9af87f8cc
Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <oswald.buddenhagen@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Erik Verbruggen <erik.verbruggen@digia.com>
5 years agotest: Remove QSKIP from tst_QSettings::fileName()
Sergio Ahumada [Sun, 21 Oct 2012 21:26:44 +0000 (23:26 +0200)]
test: Remove QSKIP from tst_QSettings::fileName()

Change-Id: I24ed2d182faff989f62f192246ebf95ca492c10d
Reviewed-by: J-P Nurmi <jpnurmi@digia.com>
5 years agotest: Remove QSKIP from tst_QClipboard::copy_exit_paste()
Sergio Ahumada [Sun, 21 Oct 2012 22:12:14 +0000 (00:12 +0200)]
test: Remove QSKIP from tst_QClipboard::copy_exit_paste()

Change-Id: Ib64680dbd966940c56ab089ff1b7727b237fdaee
Reviewed-by: J-P Nurmi <jpnurmi@digia.com>
5 years agotest: Rename test case name TestQtJson -> tst_QtJson
Sergio Ahumada [Mon, 22 Oct 2012 10:39:02 +0000 (12:39 +0200)]
test: Rename test case name TestQtJson -> tst_QtJson

This allows us to follow test naming convention which should start
with "tst_"



Change-Id: Id83ccc324776399184c3665565eb8d045bfee2e2
Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <lars.knoll@digia.com>
5 years agotest: Fix tst_QDir.equalityOperator()
Sergio Ahumada [Mon, 22 Oct 2012 12:08:01 +0000 (14:08 +0200)]
test: Fix tst_QDir.equalityOperator()

On Fedora 17 /sbin/ is a symlink now, so this test fails there.
Using /usr/ instead.

Change-Id: Ie35902fc093101191bdbf33324e20835d1da1528
Reviewed-by: Caroline Chao <caroline.chao@digia.com>
5 years agoReturn invalid datetime when calling addMSecs with invalid QDateTime.
Mitch Curtis [Wed, 17 Oct 2012 11:56:50 +0000 (13:56 +0200)]
Return invalid datetime when calling addMSecs with invalid QDateTime.

This is in line with what QTime::addMSecs and QDate::addDays do, for

Change-Id: I902112486727f74f669a97bde6c42028e0838f8d
Reviewed-by: Jon Severinsson <jon@severinsson.net>
Reviewed-by: Jędrzej Nowacki <jedrzej.nowacki@digia.com>
5 years agoImprove QTime test coverage.
Mitch Curtis [Tue, 16 Oct 2012 10:05:06 +0000 (12:05 +0200)]
Improve QTime test coverage.

Change-Id: If47de3dc047ac4f8a4a1498cf225e03bbbf4110e
Reviewed-by: Mitch Curtis <mitch.curtis@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Jędrzej Nowacki <jedrzej.nowacki@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Jon Severinsson <jon@severinsson.net>
5 years agoImprove QDate test coverage.
Mitch Curtis [Mon, 15 Oct 2012 16:22:45 +0000 (18:22 +0200)]
Improve QDate test coverage.

Some statements could not be tested, such as default cases of switches
where all possible cases are already handled and some statements where
the system locale is used.

I also removed some statements that would never be reached and hence
will never be able to be covered by tests.

Change-Id: I8ea3071f66d942d986e65708732af6751d36b5e3
Reviewed-by: Jędrzej Nowacki <jedrzej.nowacki@digia.com>
5 years agoClarify assert on use of const char* as TestData type in tests.
Mitch Curtis [Fri, 28 Sep 2012 14:23:09 +0000 (16:23 +0200)]
Clarify assert on use of const char* as TestData type in tests.

Currently all C-style strings used as data types in QTest::addColumn
will assert at runtime with, e.g.: "expected data of type
'const char*', got 'QString' for element 0 of data with tab 'blah'".
This patch makes it clear that C-style strings are disallowed.

Change-Id: Iadbb8f10e16607de95c7adb43d9ff3310aac6738
Reviewed-by: Jędrzej Nowacki <jedrzej.nowacki@digia.com>
5 years agoOutput leading zeroes for yyyy date formats in QLocale::toString().
Mitch Curtis [Fri, 21 Sep 2012 09:30:55 +0000 (11:30 +0200)]
Output leading zeroes for yyyy date formats in QLocale::toString().

Converting the date 1 January 0001 to a string in the format
"dd MMMM yyyy" currently results in the string "01 January 1", but it
should be "01 January 0001".

Task-number: QTBUG-27287
Change-Id: Ia025da7343d1c36aaee34c47c6db551a6e89595f
Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <thiago.macieira@intel.com>
5 years agoFix valgrind warning in QTriangulatingStroker.
Friedemann Kleint [Tue, 23 Oct 2012 15:25:48 +0000 (17:25 +0200)]
Fix valgrind warning in QTriangulatingStroker.

Initialize all member variables including m_invScale, which
was uninitialized.

Change-Id: Id581b1db9411b2f945281e17b7a0407c746761f8
Reviewed-by: Samuel Rødal <samuel.rodal@digia.com>
5 years agoAdd QStyleAnimation::updateTarget()
J-P Nurmi [Mon, 22 Oct 2012 17:15:14 +0000 (19:15 +0200)]
Add QStyleAnimation::updateTarget()

For example a paused "default button" animation might want to update
the target to get "non-default button" looks meanwhile the animation
is paused.

Change-Id: Ibb854a40f38a8971e7233b1f34a83056e6a9d827
Reviewed-by: Jens Bache-Wiig <jens.bache-wiig@digia.com>
5 years agoEnable HiDPI mode for retina displays.
Morten Sorvig [Wed, 15 Aug 2012 11:36:05 +0000 (13:36 +0200)]
Enable HiDPI mode for retina displays.

Change-Id: I3b62ec9c3bf5e53c6ec056b95c52cfeb6ce5b61f
Reviewed-by: Eike Ziller <eike.ziller@digia.com>
5 years agoFix warning about missing return value in XCB native interface.
Friedemann Kleint [Mon, 22 Oct 2012 14:08:44 +0000 (16:08 +0200)]
Fix warning about missing return value in XCB native interface.

Change-Id: If311211076c05ed8d0fb62a9ff1129b93a813850
Reviewed-by: Samuel Rødal <samuel.rodal@digia.com>
5 years agoQProcess: Include program in destructor warning.
Friedemann Kleint [Tue, 23 Oct 2012 08:11:54 +0000 (10:11 +0200)]
QProcess: Include program in destructor warning.

Change-Id: Ib6870d2b161197fdeab7fe5140ac4757c79f478e
Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann <joerg.bornemann@digia.com>
5 years agoStabilize tst_qfontdialog test case.
Miikka Heikkinen [Mon, 22 Oct 2012 12:03:06 +0000 (15:03 +0300)]
Stabilize tst_qfontdialog test case.

The delayed quit signal used as failsafe to ensure exit from event
loops interfere with later test if the test case works normally,
as closing the last toplevel window will also exit the event loop.

Fixed by stopping the quit timer if nested application exec loop
is exited.

Change-Id: If87655f1f28f50e27a64f3430c9f65bb3ab7dd70
Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <Friedemann.Kleint@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Janne Anttila <janne.anttila@digia.com>
5 years agoQStyleAnimation: fix threaded rendering
J-P Nurmi [Tue, 23 Oct 2012 08:53:40 +0000 (10:53 +0200)]
QStyleAnimation: fix threaded rendering

Change-Id: I00875adf2e4b157a3f8b0b99e5280b1275635026
Reviewed-by: Jens Bache-Wiig <jens.bache-wiig@digia.com>
5 years agoBlackberry: Fix applicationFilePath() for unpackaged executables
Thomas McGuire [Wed, 17 Oct 2012 08:45:43 +0000 (10:45 +0200)]
Blackberry: Fix applicationFilePath() for unpackaged executables

Not all executables originate from a BAR package, for example unit
Make those use the fallback code for finding the application file path.

Change-Id: I5603f329bbe74e37d319ddd190f72bc6f64e1a5c
Reviewed-by: Fabian Bumberger <fbumberger@rim.com>
Reviewed-by: Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer@kdab.com>
Reviewed-by: Sean Harmer <sean.harmer@kdab.com>
5 years agoFix QRegExpValidator::validate docs about the pos parameter
Giuseppe D'Angelo [Sun, 14 Oct 2012 03:12:35 +0000 (04:12 +0100)]
Fix QRegExpValidator::validate docs about the pos parameter

The code sets it to input.length() iff the regexp doesn't
match the string, while the docs say it's *always* set.

Therefore, make the docs match what the code does and
add a simple test to enforce it.

We're not changing the code to match the docs because

1) it's better to stay conservative (we don't want
to break existing behaviour);

2) this behaviour mimics what the int/double validators do
(they don't move pos at all).

Change-Id: I958074558de6b0fc5944101c6535fc7e00442ae9
Reviewed-by: Marc Mutz <marc.mutz@kdab.com>
5 years agoCMake: Make qt5_use_modules a macro, not a function.
Stephen Kelly [Mon, 22 Oct 2012 07:32:24 +0000 (09:32 +0200)]
CMake: Make qt5_use_modules a macro, not a function.

Because qt5_use_modules is a function that does a find package which
finds imported targets, things like this:

 qt5_use_modules(foo Sql)
 if (TARGET Qt5::Sql)
    message("Qt5Sql_FOUND: ${Qt5Sql_FOUND}")

will show Qt5Sql as being not found, even though the target is in scope.

Fix that by making it a macro instead.

Change-Id: If314bd5b4d3f769c6c7df5ff2c924eabd16dcc0e
Reviewed-by: Alexander Neundorf <neundorf@kde.org>
Reviewed-by: Stephen Kelly <stephen.kelly@kdab.com>
5 years agoFix mistakes in QNetworkAccessManager docs.
Mitch Curtis [Thu, 11 Oct 2012 13:24:11 +0000 (15:24 +0200)]
Fix mistakes in QNetworkAccessManager docs.

Change-Id: I2c797affec9472815003b1a032196c81088e1df6
Reviewed-by: Shane Kearns <shane.kearns@accenture.com>
Reviewed-by: Marc Mutz <marc.mutz@kdab.com>
5 years agoqpa: Fix drawPixmap rendering using CompositionMode_Source in DirectFB
Julien Brianceau [Fri, 19 Oct 2012 09:35:43 +0000 (11:35 +0200)]
qpa: Fix drawPixmap rendering using CompositionMode_Source in DirectFB

Change-Id: I646bc7054e1aa17dca4f54ddd3d2668c173773d4
Reviewed-by: Samuel Rødal <samuel.rodal@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Jørgen Lind <jorgen.lind@gmail.com>
5 years agoRemove softkey API, it was only implemented for Symbian.
Jan Arve Saether [Mon, 22 Oct 2012 13:09:43 +0000 (15:09 +0200)]
Remove softkey API, it was only implemented for Symbian.

It is only removed from the documentation for now (I think this should
go in the beta 2).
That should liberate us to be able to change the API if needed for
other platforms that might need a soft keys API.

Once this goes in, the plan is to do the actual cleanup.

Change-Id: I9a7a3eb45597cd013fe3c4bd479ad08a25ef0b9b
Reviewed-by: Janne Anttila <janne.anttila@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Marc Mutz <marc.mutz@kdab.com>
Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <lars.knoll@digia.com>
5 years agoconfigure: make sure that global shadow doc symlink is always updated
Tor Arne Vestbø [Fri, 19 Oct 2012 09:04:01 +0000 (11:04 +0200)]
configure: make sure that global shadow doc symlink is always updated

We forcibly overwrite the symlink - in case the source dir changes.

Change-Id: I3986b968f787ea0d250887113a0c223e10038546
Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <oswald.buddenhagen@digia.com>
5 years agoRemove Cleanlooks and Plastique
Jens Bache-Wiig [Thu, 18 Oct 2012 13:22:15 +0000 (15:22 +0200)]
Remove Cleanlooks and Plastique

We have a new style Fusion that will replace these styles.
They will be moved to a separate
module rather than included in platforms that do not need them.

Change-Id: I51ebbcad5406e99130e5b12e62ba624d1489088c
Reviewed-by: Gabriel de Dietrich <gabriel.dedietrich@digia.com>
5 years agoFix clipping and font problems with groupbox in Fusion style
Jens Bache-Wiig [Sun, 21 Oct 2012 10:07:13 +0000 (12:07 +0200)]
Fix clipping and font problems with groupbox in Fusion style

The groupbox did not take custom fonts into account when calculating
the height of its titlebar. This resulted in clipping issues on

Task-number: QTBUG-27655

Change-Id: I7252bc94d2bbb0731b9dbc1caa6cdd2074fdd7ab
Reviewed-by: Jens Bache-Wiig <jens.bache-wiig@digia.com>
5 years agoMake QPen default to 1-width non-cosmetic.
Samuel Rødal [Mon, 15 Oct 2012 15:06:34 +0000 (17:06 +0200)]
Make QPen default to 1-width non-cosmetic.

Use the Qt4CompatiblePainting render hint when painting with QPainter to
treat default constructed QPens as cosmetic still.

The NonCosmeticDefaultPen render hint gets documented as obsolete, since
it was in any case not respected by the raster nor OpenGL paint engine.

Change-Id: I04d910e9700baf7f13a8aac07a3633014bb9283e
Reviewed-by: Jens Bache-Wiig <jens.bache-wiig@digia.com>
5 years agoMove some icon code from WindowsStyle to CommonStyle
Jens Bache-Wiig [Mon, 22 Oct 2012 10:32:25 +0000 (12:32 +0200)]
Move some icon code from WindowsStyle to CommonStyle

Fusion style only depends on CommonStyle and it seems the autotest
for tst_QFileSystemModel:iconProvider assumes an icon will be
returned from standardPixmap. Since we dont want the icons
to depend on style in this case we should move all this to commonstyle.

Change-Id: I3a26367e5c0aefe2a39838f0c2cadc4f7afad89d
Reviewed-by: Gabriel de Dietrich <gabriel.dedietrich@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Jens Bache-Wiig <jens.bache-wiig@digia.com>
5 years agoDelete QWhatsThis() and QToolTip()
Marc Mutz [Mon, 22 Oct 2012 06:20:23 +0000 (08:20 +0200)]
Delete QWhatsThis() and QToolTip()

These classes are not supposed to be instantiated.

QToolTip() already was declared, but not implemented.
This patch just adds Q_DECL_EQ_DELETE for better
diagnostics on C++11.

QWhatsThis() was implemented, but appears to be unused.
Since it was private to begin with, successfully compiling
QtWidgets is a sufficient test.

Change-Id: I698ece8f0eebbcdac7be98456dd42197b758a825
Reviewed-by: Stephen Kelly <stephen.kelly@kdab.com>
5 years agoQDateTimeEdit: don't throw off auto-indention
Marc Mutz [Mon, 22 Oct 2012 06:32:50 +0000 (08:32 +0200)]
QDateTimeEdit: don't throw off auto-indention

Reformulate #ifdef'ery involving {}s so as not to throw
off auto-indention of code editors due to unbalanced {}s.

Change-Id: I0f9858c78d0b6d923de75ca45c7d65ce3fa53e50
Reviewed-by: Stephen Kelly <stephen.kelly@kdab.com>
5 years agoTrim trailing whitespace.
Stephen Kelly [Mon, 22 Oct 2012 09:00:00 +0000 (11:00 +0200)]
Trim trailing whitespace.

Change-Id: Iee6bb66831f53399e5937eab5704af835979f5c3
Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <lars.knoll@digia.com>
5 years agoFix integer overflow in QSpinBox.
Stephen Kelly [Thu, 18 Oct 2012 11:36:02 +0000 (13:36 +0200)]
Fix integer overflow in QSpinBox.

Change-Id: Ic204d42fbdffc44576f7e76132bc53621e836299
Reviewed-by: Marc Mutz <marc.mutz@kdab.com>
5 years agoUse the layout change hint to speed up QItemSelectionModel.
Stephen Kelly [Thu, 27 Sep 2012 09:36:23 +0000 (11:36 +0200)]
Use the layout change hint to speed up QItemSelectionModel.

The testcase in the bug report takes 370035 ms to sort the rows with
Qt 4, and 5646 ms in Qt 5 (when using the extra hints to layout*Changed).

That's an improvement of more than 98%.

Task-number: QTBUG-17732
Change-Id: If78f972d80c501e0cb39078228086c4f4ac8a65b
Reviewed-by: Marc Mutz <marc.mutz@kdab.com>
5 years agoPass the correct handle to the Windows EGL context constructor.
Jason Barron [Sun, 21 Oct 2012 18:29:11 +0000 (20:29 +0200)]
Pass the correct handle to the Windows EGL context constructor.

We should pass the shareHandle here instead of the handle for the
context since that's what it expects.

Change-Id: If851758817057ecc3c3646cba2354becf5a8a839
Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <Friedemann.Kleint@digia.com>
5 years agoDoc: Fix small capitalization error for the Qt SQL module header.
Sze Howe Koh [Sat, 20 Oct 2012 16:17:09 +0000 (00:17 +0800)]
Doc: Fix small capitalization error for the Qt SQL module header.

The header file is named QtSql, not QtSQL.

Change-Id: Ia3634c80d73f04fd27256f392cfed2068eeb9bc5
Reviewed-by: Mark Brand <mabrand@mabrand.nl>
5 years agoEmit cursorPositionChanged in private slot.
Frederik Gladhorn [Fri, 12 Oct 2012 16:42:21 +0000 (18:42 +0200)]
Emit cursorPositionChanged in private slot.

Since the private slot is already there and used, it might as well
emit the signal and save us one connection.

Change-Id: I899df74c20f8c2b7875a0f9d0a04465c5dc48bde
Reviewed-by: Marc Mutz <marc.mutz@kdab.com>
5 years agoBring back accessibility for plain text edit.
Frederik Gladhorn [Fri, 12 Oct 2012 13:00:23 +0000 (15:00 +0200)]
Bring back accessibility for plain text edit.

This ports 282951bc6c7ddb607fb7ebf61eb8de9acf3da77f
aka Change-Id: If0269a49b9fcd1b3e9fcfd32fac912560df28f21
to Qt 5.

Change-Id: I46f1d4947d90688b598993f76330e2e10aeca950
Reviewed-by: Marc Mutz <marc.mutz@kdab.com>
Reviewed-by: Jan Arve Sæther <jan-arve.saether@digia.com>
5 years agonormalise signal/slot signatures [QtGui tests]
Marc Mutz [Tue, 16 Oct 2012 09:02:34 +0000 (11:02 +0200)]
normalise signal/slot signatures [QtGui tests]

Change-Id: I42e11de9ef1d8a04b2a8e200afb84f2245f3361a
Reviewed-by: Stephen Kelly <stephen.kelly@kdab.com>
5 years agoFix crash due to memory access violation
Konstantin Ritt [Sat, 20 Oct 2012 00:19:20 +0000 (03:19 +0300)]
Fix crash due to memory access violation

The font engine has been re-used without increasing it's reference counter

Task-number: QTBUG-27596
Change-Id: Icd4c3ca131446255ad4a27da8aa9a6c69177212e
Reviewed-by: Sergio Ahumada <sergio.ahumada@digia.com>
5 years agoRevert removal of commented out tests in tst_qdatetime.cpp.
Mitch Curtis [Thu, 20 Sep 2012 14:01:04 +0000 (16:01 +0200)]
Revert removal of commented out tests in tst_qdatetime.cpp.

Two lines were commented out but were removed with
Ib6ceb1cb7fb4c6eca672495f96d9cfd907853c85. They have been replaced
as expected fails.

Task-number: QTBUG-22833
Change-Id: Ib154a31bffcdc8e43c6ad236df193e99334652c6
Reviewed-by: Mitch Curtis <mitch.curtis@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <thiago.macieira@intel.com>
Reviewed-by: Jędrzej Nowacki <jedrzej.nowacki@digia.com>
5 years agonormalise signal/slot signatures [QtCore tests]
Marc Mutz [Tue, 16 Oct 2012 08:59:53 +0000 (10:59 +0200)]
normalise signal/slot signatures [QtCore tests]

Normalise all signal/slot signatures in tests/*/corelib,
except in tst_QObject, where they might be test data.

Change-Id: Id4e101f285b1676bb583b0afae06d235e599e24b
Reviewed-by: Stephen Kelly <stephen.kelly@kdab.com>
Reviewed-by: Olivier Goffart <ogoffart@woboq.com>
Reviewed-by: Marc Mutz <marc.mutz@kdab.com>
5 years agoDoc: refer to QUrlQuery in QUrl's main doc body
Thiago Macieira [Fri, 19 Oct 2012 03:58:50 +0000 (20:58 -0700)]
Doc: refer to QUrlQuery in QUrl's main doc body

As opposed to the deprecated methods.

Task-number: QTBUG-25628
Change-Id: Ic1b50b1ac1b974cdd2dd9f0151d567227784e547
Reviewed-by: Stephen Kelly <stephen.kelly@kdab.com>
5 years agoRemove the QThread::terminated() signal
Sze Howe Koh [Thu, 18 Oct 2012 16:33:03 +0000 (00:33 +0800)]
Remove the QThread::terminated() signal

The signal is removed from the API; all references to it are removed
from documentation; the unit test that checks for its emission is
modified to listen for QThread::finished() instead.

The QThreadPrivate::terminated flag is also removed, as it served no
purpose other than to trigger the emission of QThread::terminated()

As discussed at http://lists.qt-project.org/pipermail/development/2012-October/007216.html
the signal is not guaranteed to be emitted after every termination,
rendering it useless.

Change-Id: I7b0c45d7889da0d33875545331606f2208ee56fc
Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <lars.knoll@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Olivier Goffart <ogoffart@woboq.com>
5 years agoRemove DRI2/OpenGL code paths from xcb plugin.
Samuel Rødal [Mon, 8 Oct 2012 10:53:56 +0000 (12:53 +0200)]
Remove DRI2/OpenGL code paths from xcb plugin.

These were used to test QtWayland, but there are other options available
for that now. The DRI2 code hasn't been maintained and doesn't even
compile at the moment, so let's just remove it to de-clutter the source.

Change-Id: I7db0f4db82348497b9f4d6c2dcf2e13f3ab14a76
Reviewed-by: Uli Schlachter <psychon@znc.in>
Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <lars.knoll@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <thiago.macieira@intel.com>
5 years agoSmall xcb startup performance optimization.
Samuel Rødal [Tue, 2 Oct 2012 07:30:18 +0000 (09:30 +0200)]
Small xcb startup performance optimization.

Prefetch all the extensions, to avoid having to do blocking calls later.

Change-Id: I1527dbf03d76372ec88bc0d5d9f7af18a4cc2a26
Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <lars.knoll@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Shawn Rutledge <shawn.rutledge@digia.com>
5 years agoMade xcb plugin work when the GLX extension is not present.
Samuel Rødal [Mon, 1 Oct 2012 08:17:21 +0000 (10:17 +0200)]
Made xcb plugin work when the GLX extension is not present.

Change-Id: I9285d7524586ff404206c088019ece33335137d9
Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <lars.knoll@digia.com>
5 years agoFixed GCC 3.4 build with sse2 enabled.
Samuel Rødal [Wed, 17 Oct 2012 12:34:32 +0000 (14:34 +0200)]
Fixed GCC 3.4 build with sse2 enabled.

With minimal effort we can keep the GCC 3.4 build working.

Task-number: QTBUG-19803
Change-Id: I31611a27b97d5ac426ea857d8f1b656dc6f5377a
Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <thiago.macieira@intel.com>
5 years agoQFont: Don't invalidate engine unless request has been changed
Konstantin Ritt [Wed, 17 Oct 2012 11:31:33 +0000 (14:31 +0300)]
QFont: Don't invalidate engine unless request has been changed

This makes QFont do a "light" detach when the font attributes data has been changed.
The new test clearly shows that the engine is now shared between
two font instances after changing the kerning attribute.

Change-Id: I59db822f459f02d111686dba7101b98e361fada9
Reviewed-by: Marc Mutz <marc.mutz@kdab.com>
Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <lars.knoll@digia.com>
5 years agodetach() safely in QVector::erase(), and update callers to not detach.
Andreas Hartmetz [Sun, 14 Oct 2012 02:28:51 +0000 (04:28 +0200)]
detach() safely in QVector::erase(), and update callers to not detach.

remove() can use non-detaching iterators internally before calling
erase(), which hasn't been exploited so far, so that the detach() in
erase() never actually detached. When using erase() from outside,
you can't do it legally without calling begin() or end() that detach()
before erase() is called.
Now remove() doesn't detach anymore, and detaching in erase() works.
With new tests that fail after changing only the erase() callers
and pass again after fixing erase().

Change-Id: I47c0a9e362dce8628ec566f5437d951755de96c8
Reviewed-by: Thorbjørn Lund Martsum <tmartsum@gmail.com>
Reviewed-by: Olivier Goffart <ogoffart@woboq.com>
Reviewed-by: Konstantin Ritt <ritt.ks@gmail.com>
5 years agoMac: Adapt scrollbar fadeout animation for QStyleAnimation
Gabriel de Dietrich [Fri, 19 Oct 2012 14:35:54 +0000 (16:35 +0200)]
Mac: Adapt scrollbar fadeout animation for QStyleAnimation

Change-Id: I39f1089e8d6ba1bb412d33aa4ebc0971aba52681
Reviewed-by: Jens Bache-Wiig <jens.bache-wiig@digia.com>
5 years agoModularize drag and drop documentation
Gatis Paeglis [Tue, 16 Oct 2012 16:11:42 +0000 (18:11 +0200)]
Modularize drag and drop documentation

- Move dnd docs and examples out of QtDoc module to gui library in QtBase
- Remove info related to Motif dnd since Qt5 doesn't implement it

Change-Id: Id7eb4eb422f4294a36dd92709ce3007903371f03
Reviewed-by: Jerome Pasion <jerome.pasion@digia.com>
6 years agoQStyleSheetStyle: kill more dependencies to QWidget
J-P Nurmi [Fri, 19 Oct 2012 12:34:37 +0000 (14:34 +0200)]
QStyleSheetStyle: kill more dependencies to QWidget

Change-Id: I5e58ec68c5d20fd7b201c83743f9d284e7c4dc52
Reviewed-by: J-P Nurmi <jpnurmi@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Jens Bache-Wiig <jens.bache-wiig@digia.com>
6 years agoQNX: Use extra information in dirent to avoid stat() calls
Thomas McGuire [Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:57:14 +0000 (17:57 +0200)]
QNX: Use extra information in dirent to avoid stat() calls

This improves iterating over /usr/bin with QDirIterator by more
than half, from 36 to 13 milliseconds.

Change-Id: Ib3a9271c3a6f81c1ea3c21d012c875c7e9bad2ad
Reviewed-by: Giuseppe D'Angelo <giuseppe.dangelo@kdab.com>
Reviewed-by: Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer@kdab.com>
Reviewed-by: Sean Harmer <sean.harmer@kdab.com>
Reviewed-by: Rafael Roquetto <rafael.roquetto@kdab.com>
Reviewed-by: Stephen Kelly <stephen.kelly@kdab.com>
6 years agoDoc: Adding Event System documentation.
Jerome Pasion [Thu, 18 Oct 2012 13:15:04 +0000 (15:15 +0200)]
Doc: Adding Event System documentation.

Previously in qtdoc repository.

Change-Id: I9f5cc876f2b49e86520097c0d8efe7e21eabc04e
Reviewed-by: Martin Smith <martin.smith@digia.com>
6 years agonormalise signal/slot signatures [QtSql tests]
Marc Mutz [Tue, 16 Oct 2012 09:18:11 +0000 (11:18 +0200)]
normalise signal/slot signatures [QtSql tests]

Change-Id: I06573bc2ad58378dd835565cd07d711bfc760411
Reviewed-by: Mark Brand <mabrand@mabrand.nl>
6 years agoUse a qmake variable to pass the Qt version to the cmake version file.
Stephen Kelly [Wed, 17 Oct 2012 14:04:03 +0000 (16:04 +0200)]
Use a qmake variable to pass the Qt version to the cmake version file.

By depending on a simple variable instead of a more complex expression, we
can more easily use this file from other contexts.

Change-Id: Ib6ce1e2537f3e7ac19d25ad33454f25e85f71040
Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <oswald.buddenhagen@digia.com>
6 years agoremove explicit load(qt_build_config)s from the libraries
Oswald Buddenhagen [Mon, 3 Sep 2012 09:38:00 +0000 (11:38 +0200)]
remove explicit load(qt_build_config)s from the libraries

.qmake.conf (and previously .qmake.cache) already does that for us.

Change-Id: I06cc01fa45921d7bd66dda7a0f88729faeff37bd
Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann <joerg.bornemann@digia.com>
6 years agoconfigure: state compiler explicitly when testing for supported flags
Peter Hartmann [Thu, 18 Oct 2012 14:40:33 +0000 (16:40 +0200)]
configure: state compiler explicitly when testing for supported flags

... so we can test those functions with host and cross compilers.

Change-Id: Ifebfdac54580633c797f77b139514cf9d66edd8c
Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <oswald.buddenhagen@digia.com>
6 years agoqmake ExtraCompilerTargets: deal with file name which contains space
Debao Zhang [Thu, 18 Oct 2012 14:42:15 +0000 (22:42 +0800)]
qmake ExtraCompilerTargets: deal with file name which contains space

Task-number: QTBUG-27629
Change-Id: I6d6c3345cc1bb0a866524df3a1534ed50fc00f3e
Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <oswald.buddenhagen@digia.com>
6 years agoFix excess enter/leave event generation for native widgets
Miikka Heikkinen [Thu, 18 Oct 2012 11:15:38 +0000 (14:15 +0300)]
Fix excess enter/leave event generation for native widgets

Native widgets have a native window each, so QPA plugin sends enter and
leave events for associated QWindow whenever mouse cursor moves from
one widget to another. QWidgetWindow had no context to interpret these
events as moves from one widget to another, since they were sent
separately. This resulted in leaves and enters for each widget in
parent chain, when only the bottom child should have gotten them.

Fixed by peeking into window system message queue when handling leave
in QWidgetWindow and retrieving the entered window from queued enter

Also provided a convenience function that QPA plugin can use to
ensure both leave and enter events are in the event queue when
moving from one QWindow to another.

Task-number: QTBUG-27550
Change-Id: I74fec0ac90f6848495c2392c5f7e41624ad8aea2
Reviewed-by: Morten Johan Sørvig <morten.sorvig@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Samuel Rødal <samuel.rodal@digia.com>
6 years agoTest: remove QSKIP from tst_QStringList::initializeList()
Caroline Chao [Thu, 18 Oct 2012 13:57:13 +0000 (15:57 +0200)]
Test: remove QSKIP from tst_QStringList::initializeList()

Instead omit the whole test when Q_COMPILER_INITIALIZER_LISTS
is not defined.

Change-Id: I34017484a027b95a2677e1c4cb9231fa2aeb5680
Reviewed-by: Caroline Chao <caroline.chao@digia.com>
6 years agoTest: remove QSKIP in tst_QLocale::emptyCtor
Caroline Chao [Thu, 18 Oct 2012 13:19:11 +0000 (15:19 +0200)]
Test: remove QSKIP in tst_QLocale::emptyCtor

Instead omit the whole test when appropriate.

Change-Id: Iebd569676cc7b2f8fe4a1d272107e092410d397b
Reviewed-by: Caroline Chao <caroline.chao@digia.com>
6 years agoRemove Qt3 compat leftovers
Konstantin Ritt [Tue, 16 Oct 2012 04:20:23 +0000 (07:20 +0300)]
Remove Qt3 compat leftovers

Change-Id: I91c3d26125168998d6279bddb0671cfb68eac2f4
Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <lars.knoll@digia.com>
6 years agoQStyleSheetStyle: QObject-based style & render rules
J-P Nurmi [Thu, 18 Oct 2012 13:55:45 +0000 (15:55 +0200)]
QStyleSheetStyle: QObject-based style & render rules

The goal is to cut as many QWidget dependencies as possible and make
stylesheets eventually work for the desktop components.

Change-Id: Ib4aa47af07379fc39fd6df1961e113d03df6df35
Reviewed-by: J-P Nurmi <jpnurmi@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Olivier Goffart <ogoffart@woboq.com>
6 years agoMake QContiguousCache with zero capacity not crash
Thiago Macieira [Tue, 25 Sep 2012 14:30:48 +0000 (16:30 +0200)]
Make QContiguousCache with zero capacity not crash

These containers don't make sense and will just result in no action
being taken (all items added will simply be discarded), but it
shouldn't crash due to a division by zero.

Update the documentation to explain the fact.

Task-number: QTBUG-27339
Change-Id: Ib9acf5c0a9a826e6853e7beaf5e56511fde98dc6
Reviewed-by: Giuseppe D'Angelo <giuseppe.dangelo@kdab.com>
Reviewed-by: Ian Walters <ian@walters.id.au>
Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <thiago.macieira@intel.com>
6 years agoFix for slowness of touch move events
Bernd Weimer [Wed, 17 Oct 2012 09:19:34 +0000 (11:19 +0200)]
Fix for slowness of touch move events

In the event dispatcher native events will be processed in a tight loop
to drain the queue. IO events and timers will be postponed.

Change-Id: Ic2c06ed182027289eb5e7042fbae99efbd01ea27
Reviewed-by: Fabian Bumberger <fbumberger@rim.com>
Reviewed-by: Sean Harmer <sean.harmer@kdab.com>
Reviewed-by: Thomas McGuire <thomas.mcguire@kdab.com>
6 years agoReview of documentation.
Michele Caini [Fri, 5 Oct 2012 16:36:03 +0000 (18:36 +0200)]
Review of documentation.

Documentation has been updated to reflect changes in Qt5.

Change-Id: I378858cf61f4bf62375c30c3903818d754dadcf0
Reviewed-by: Frederik Gladhorn <frederik.gladhorn@digia.com>
6 years agoMake sure functions returning iterators have an iterator as parameter
Thiago Macieira [Fri, 28 Sep 2012 12:02:29 +0000 (14:02 +0200)]
Make sure functions returning iterators have an iterator as parameter

The IA-64 C++ ABI does not encode the return type for non-template
functions (QVector is the template, not the function), which means that
these two functions have the same signature:

  Node *QVector<Node>::begin()
  typename class QTypedArrayData<Node>::iterator QVector<Node>::begin()
  [both are _ZN7QVectorI4NodeE5beginEv]

When linking compilation units compiled with different
QT_STRICT_ITERATORS settings, only one of the two out-of-line copies
will survive. Depending on the ABI, we may have a problem: the ABI can
say that a function returning a structure takes an implicit first
parameter, which a function returning a regular pointer doesn't.

Task-number: QTBUG-27277
Change-Id: I57a59e5a7c46f55faabfe85c073dca89d2a7bbf3
Reviewed-by: Jan Kundrát <jkt@flaska.net>
Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <thiago.macieira@intel.com>
6 years agoTest: remove QSKIP from tst_QDateTime::fromString_LOCALE_ILDATE
Caroline Chao [Thu, 18 Oct 2012 13:01:39 +0000 (15:01 +0200)]
Test: remove QSKIP from tst_QDateTime::fromString_LOCALE_ILDATE

Instead omit the whole test when Q_OS_WIN is not defined.

Change-Id: I311538ce839353d4d5e83edfd12c68968fe61215
Reviewed-by: J-P Nurmi <jpnurmi@digia.com>
6 years agoAccessibility: itemviews check for valid model.
Frederik Gladhorn [Fri, 28 Sep 2012 17:43:52 +0000 (19:43 +0200)]
Accessibility: itemviews check for valid model.

The problem is that isValid() should return true as
soon as we have a view widget.
That sadly means we need to verify that the model is still
valid whenever accessing it.

Change-Id: I9237528abf2f5c75a73382525103307e9ca15f05
Reviewed-by: Jan Arve Sæther <jan-arve.saether@digia.com>
6 years agoCMake: Remove content from else() and endif() commands.
Stephen Kelly [Wed, 17 Oct 2012 14:00:50 +0000 (16:00 +0200)]
CMake: Remove content from else() and endif() commands.

Having them empty is the common style and is less noisy.

Change-Id: I30c0c4d297a7bdb373a57a636f4fdbc488a69fcd
Reviewed-by: Clinton Stimpson <clinton@elemtech.com>
Reviewed-by: Stephen Kelly <stephen.kelly@kdab.com>
Reviewed-by: Alexander Neundorf <neundorf@kde.org>
6 years agoChange the default major version of QGLFormat to 2.
Jason Barron [Tue, 16 Oct 2012 12:58:47 +0000 (14:58 +0200)]
Change the default major version of QGLFormat to 2.

This is being changed because:
- The OpenGL paint engine in Qt only supports GL2
- QML2 only supports GL2
- QSurfaceFormat has a default value of 2

Applications that want to use GL1 on a QGLWidget will have to
explicitly request this format using QGLFormat::setVersion.

Task-number: QTBUG-27589

Change-Id: Ieb283ef7d6e15a29ec28ce7e4363dbf477decaa7
Reviewed-by: Sean Harmer <sean.harmer@kdab.com>
6 years agotst_qlocalsocket: get rid of QtScript dependency
Joerg Bornemann [Tue, 16 Oct 2012 08:34:44 +0000 (10:34 +0200)]
tst_qlocalsocket: get rid of QtScript dependency

Removing the lackey executable that needs QtScript to be built.
This was a qscript bastard that was able to run a client and a server
script. It's replaced by a C++ version with the same functionality.

Nice side effect: the two second wait per test row could be removed.
The client executable is now waiting for the server to be created.

Task-number: QTBUG-24142

Change-Id: I135b75abf6620d3b0af50dc226ea8c81c2bf4149
Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <Friedemann.Kleint@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Rohan McGovern <rohan.mcgovern@nokia.com>
6 years agoMake QtDBus work again with D-Bus 1.0 and 1.1
Thiago Macieira [Thu, 18 Oct 2012 23:27:35 +0000 (16:27 -0700)]
Make QtDBus work again with D-Bus 1.0 and 1.1

The dbus_get_version function was introduced in 1.2, so we'd need to
detect pre-1.2 by the absence of the function. But if we're going to
detect the presence or absence of any function, we might as well do it
on dbus_connection_can_send_type, which is the function we wanted anyway.

Change-Id: I6e17a3a8f1382c6a489490084f6e3f61aa5a1947
Reviewed-by: Giuseppe D'Angelo <giuseppe.dangelo@kdab.com>
6 years agotest: Moving tst_QProcess::echoTest_performance()
Sergio Ahumada [Tue, 16 Oct 2012 21:08:35 +0000 (23:08 +0200)]
test: Moving tst_QProcess::echoTest_performance()

tst_QProcess::echoTest_performance() is not an unit test but a
performance test, so moving it from 'tests/auto/corelib/io/qprocess'
to 'tests/benchmarks/corelib/io/qprocess'

Change-Id: I796788534eafc5ca3b8d86c0ec46998285fd4b8f
Reviewed-by: Rohan McGovern <rohan.mcgovern@nokia.com>
6 years agoFixed inconsistent QPainter fill rules for aliased painting.
Samuel Rødal [Wed, 10 Oct 2012 10:38:07 +0000 (12:38 +0200)]
Fixed inconsistent QPainter fill rules for aliased painting.

Qt 5 is the time to get rid of all the old inconsistencies in the raster
paint engine caused by trying to preserve the old X11 based
coordinate system where (0, 0) is in the center of the top-left pixel
instead of the upper left corner of said pixel. However, this was only
adhered for line drawing and path / rect filling, and not for image or
pixmap drawing and not at all when doing antialiased painting. By
defining the antialiased coordinate system as being the right one and
letting the aliased fill rules follow from that we finally end up with
some consistent behavior that doesn't lead to surprises and workarounds
in application code.

It is still possible for applications to get the old behavior by
setting the QPainter::Qt4CompatiblePainting render hint. This should
make porting easier for the few cases where an application relies on the
aliased fill rules we used to have in Qt 4.

Task-number: QTBUG-27500
Change-Id: If86b95e77d838ec83033d64af86632b9a73c74a9
Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <lars.knoll@digia.com>
6 years agoHandle the case where persistent indexes have gone invalid.
Stephen Kelly [Wed, 17 Oct 2012 07:20:10 +0000 (09:20 +0200)]
Handle the case where persistent indexes have gone invalid.

Don't add invalid ranges to the result. They will be removed
whenever d->ranges is processed for public consumption
anyway. For example, QItemSelectionModel::selection() calls
merge() with another selection. The merge() method removes
invalid ranges already. But the invalid ranges don't need
to be there in the first place, so this patch removes them.

A longer-term goal is to maintain d->ranges as an always-sorted list.

This method can be called with a vector containing invalid
QPersistentModelIndexes when those persistent indexes are made invalid
in between layoutAboutToBeChanged and layoutChanged. It's a normal
thing to happen and a case that should be handled deliberately.

Change-Id: I741ed9208d8a75644975c9e8d61f0d6d78e20576
Reviewed-by: Marc Mutz <marc.mutz@kdab.com>
6 years agoMake sure uints remain uints when editing in itemviews.
Stephen Kelly [Tue, 2 Oct 2012 11:01:30 +0000 (13:01 +0200)]
Make sure uints remain uints when editing in itemviews.

Task-number: QTBUG-22974
Change-Id: I07428862c4dffc629f868f3010f663eb655922d0
Reviewed-by: Marc Mutz <marc.mutz@kdab.com>
6 years agoCorrect accessibility index handling in QListView
José Millán Soto [Sat, 22 Sep 2012 21:19:44 +0000 (23:19 +0200)]
Correct accessibility index handling in QListView

QListView::currentChanged and QListView::selectionChanged changed to
use 0-based indexes instead of 1-based indexes.

Change-Id: Ie618970c9a37ec76156dbfab2e86685c3c8f374c
Reviewed-by: Frederik Gladhorn <frederik.gladhorn@digia.com>
6 years agoHandle separators in menus in AT-SPI (Linux accessibility)
José Millán Soto [Wed, 12 Sep 2012 17:09:55 +0000 (19:09 +0200)]
Handle separators in menus in AT-SPI (Linux accessibility)

Change-Id: Id9c109d53bbb8ded04bbe98a622d44e13d572340
Reviewed-by: Frederik Gladhorn <frederik.gladhorn@digia.com>
6 years agonormalise signal/slot signatures [QtNetwork tests]
Marc Mutz [Tue, 16 Oct 2012 09:10:22 +0000 (11:10 +0200)]
normalise signal/slot signatures [QtNetwork tests]

Change-Id: I2491cfe421a811d00759224da03580b3dcc2a091
Reviewed-by: Shane Kearns <shane.kearns@accenture.com>
6 years agonormalise signal/slot signatures [QtDBus tests]
Marc Mutz [Tue, 16 Oct 2012 09:09:03 +0000 (11:09 +0200)]
normalise signal/slot signatures [QtDBus tests]

Change-Id: I4a0441d37e455dce28072ee3650b2062bec65759
Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <thiago.macieira@intel.com>
6 years agonormalise signal/slot signatures [QtWidgets tests]
Marc Mutz [Tue, 16 Oct 2012 09:08:13 +0000 (11:08 +0200)]
normalise signal/slot signatures [QtWidgets tests]

Change-Id: Iffab60f0911a55e4be09faeb29df0bae1ea2eb19
Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <Friedemann.Kleint@digia.com>
6 years agoDoc fix in return value of QDate::setYMD
Frederik Gladhorn [Tue, 16 Oct 2012 10:57:31 +0000 (12:57 +0200)]
Doc fix in return value of QDate::setYMD

Change-Id: Ie107e451a7b2a084fb6131939f212acd412a9df6
Reviewed-by: Mitch Curtis <mitch.curtis@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Jerome Pasion <jerome.pasion@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Jan Arve Sæther <jan-arve.saether@digia.com>
6 years agoClean up instantiation of mapping of AT-SPI roles.
Frederik Gladhorn [Thu, 18 Oct 2012 16:07:54 +0000 (18:07 +0200)]
Clean up instantiation of mapping of AT-SPI roles.

Change-Id: If31b33f1b259f896408a66b0574d640b0ad57019
Reviewed-by: Jan Arve Sæther <jan-arve.saether@digia.com>
6 years agoAccessibility: make sure right objects are cached on linux
Frederik Gladhorn [Thu, 18 Oct 2012 17:31:59 +0000 (19:31 +0200)]
Accessibility: make sure right objects are cached on linux

The linux test would actually fail because the qobjects created
could end up having the same address (create-delete-create...).
After an object is deleted, it's not instantly removed from the
cache of valid objects.
Instead it would stay in the list with it's smart pointer becoming zero.

This patch adds the missing null pointer check so we are always up to date.

Change-Id: Ia7be14741d4798c2b8e75cb7127298c73cf206ef
Reviewed-by: Jan Arve Sæther <jan-arve.saether@digia.com>
6 years agoCocoa: fix memory leak
Teemu Katajisto [Wed, 17 Oct 2012 12:42:06 +0000 (15:42 +0300)]
Cocoa: fix memory leak

Release the created CGImageRef.

Change-Id: If3b36b636ae1302b8a63bbae7285a6461b993f62
Reviewed-by: Morten Johan Sørvig <morten.sorvig@digia.com>
6 years agoCocoa: fix coretext memory leaks
Teemu Katajisto [Thu, 18 Oct 2012 08:02:33 +0000 (11:02 +0300)]
Cocoa: fix coretext memory leaks

Change-Id: Id85dbf8a2ea8994d9fca07d3f10b43f62ec305a0
Reviewed-by: Morten Johan Sørvig <morten.sorvig@digia.com>
6 years agoRename the syncqt -qtdir to -mkspecsdir
Thiago Macieira [Mon, 15 Oct 2012 20:30:49 +0000 (13:30 -0700)]
Rename the syncqt -qtdir to -mkspecsdir

It's actually looking for the mkspecs (so it can read qconfig.pri to
get the Qt version), so give it exactly what it wants.

Change-Id: I2957b2d93a8837b8492d313209d45ff3ec01704c
Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <lars.knoll@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <oswald.buddenhagen@digia.com>
6 years agoQNX: Change base font sizes from pixels to points
Kevin Krammer [Thu, 18 Oct 2012 09:36:48 +0000 (11:36 +0200)]
QNX: Change base font sizes from pixels to points

Previously recommended fonts sizes in pixels do not work very well
on the new high resolution devices.

Current UX documentation recommends certain point sizes for certain
roles. Those work well on both type of devices.

Change-Id: Ia4faa4cf2d753cab9b10f91d01dfef1450683272
Reviewed-by: Sean Harmer <sean.harmer@kdab.com>
6 years agoCocoa: fix frameStrutMouseEvents
Richard Moe Gustavsen [Thu, 18 Oct 2012 11:25:56 +0000 (13:25 +0200)]
Cocoa: fix frameStrutMouseEvents

It turns out that the calculation of mouse pos over the frame
strut (title bar) was wrong. When outside the content view, the
nsevent coordinates are negative, so to get this correct, we
need to calculate the height of the window above the content view
and use this information to get the mouse pos in positive
coordinates with origin window top left.

This bug was especially apperent with QDockWidget, as it became
almost impossible to dock a window under such circumstances.

Change-Id: I2faf6aab5e2aa0b4e217ea087ceec8c1b1e978bb
Reviewed-by: Morten Johan Sørvig <morten.sorvig@digia.com>
6 years agoIntroduce new style Fusion
Jens Bache-Wiig [Fri, 21 Sep 2012 17:53:28 +0000 (19:53 +0200)]
Introduce new style Fusion

This is a new non-native style for Qt.
It is intended as a replacement for the now aging
Plastique and Cleanlooks styles.

Change-Id: I30c0518a69e4e3b8b2b05ee7d84c3a5a1f307578
Reviewed-by: Jens Bache-Wiig <jens.bache-wiig@digia.com>
Reviewed-by: J-P Nurmi <jpnurmi@digia.com>