2013-01-11 Pekka VuorelaFix accidental obsolation of Qt::InputMethodQuery
2013-01-11 Friedemann... Clear backingstore for windows with alpha channel.
2013-01-10 Konrad Rosenbaumfix linuxfb crash on program start
2013-01-10 Shane KearnsFix socket binding on mingw builds
2013-01-10 Jędrzej NowackiFix QVariant in a static build.
2013-01-10 Jędrzej NowackiIgnore WasDeclaredAsMetaType flag during binary check.
2013-01-10 Leena MiettinenDoc: cleanPath also normalizes separators
2013-01-10 Jędrzej NowackiProtect Q_UNREACHABLE and Q_ASSUME by Q_ASSERT.
2013-01-10 Mehdi FekariAdd an autotest for Canadian locale(dateFormat)
2013-01-10 Tor Arne VestbøDon't assume QSurfaceFormat's stencil buffer size is...
2013-01-10 Debao Zhangqmake: Add application icon support for windows
2013-01-10 Sergio Ahumadaqdoc: Fix some old links and references to Nokia
2013-01-10 Andy ShawUse pos() if the widget is a child of a native window
2013-01-09 Jonathan LiuSupport MinGW for CTest test cases
2013-01-09 Friedemann... Update translucency correctly in QtWidgets.
2013-01-09 Stephen KellyThe executables always go into QT_HOST_BINS.
2013-01-09 Morten Johan... Compile in 32-bit mode.
2013-01-09 Tor Arne VestbøDon't scale 0-region or region without rects
2013-01-09 Morten Johan... More explicit QCocoaAccessibleElement memory mngmt
2013-01-09 Sergio Ahumadatst_bic: Remove 'timex' class from linux-gcc-{amd64...
2013-01-09 Oliver WolffRemoved hardcoded values from tst_qgraphicsview::scroll...
2013-01-08 Thiago MacieiraRename qt_mips_asm_dsp.h to a "_p.h" header
2013-01-08 Thiago MacieiraDefine Q_COMPILER_AUTO_FUNCTION for MVSC
2013-01-08 Sergio Ahumadatest: Add bic data for linux-gcc-ia32
2013-01-08 Andy ShawFix compile when QT_EVAL is defined
2013-01-08 Rafael RoquettoFix QNX QPA plugin clipboard impl
2013-01-08 Friedemann... Fix warnings about not being able to set Window geometr...
2013-01-08 Michael BrüningAdd auto test for HTTP cache fix for QTBUG-28035.
2013-01-08 Oswald Buddenhagendon't overquote deps on .pc and .la files
2013-01-08 Oswald Buddenhagendo not fixify + create QMAKE_{PKGCONFIG,LIBTOOL}_DESTDIR
2013-01-08 Debao ZhangReplace macro qdoc with Q_QDOC
2013-01-07 Sergio MartinsFix DnD when using QSimpleDrag.
2013-01-07 J-P NurmiQWindowsVistaStyle: fix frame rendering
2013-01-07 J-P NurmiAdd QStyleHelper:isInstanceOf()
2013-01-07 Mark Brandfix QMAKE_MAKE for qtCompileTest for cross building...
2013-01-07 Friedemann... Fix warning about cast from ASCII.
2013-01-07 Thiago MacieiraFix warnings about unused functions
2013-01-06 Sergio AhumadaAdd bic data for tst_bic
2013-01-06 Mehdi FekariUpdate qlocale autotest
2013-01-06 Stephen KellyTests: Remove declaration of built-in and automatic...
2013-01-04 Sergio Ahumadaconfigure: Remove left over for -nokia-developer option
2013-01-04 Rafael RoquettoDisable Q_COMPILER_RVALUE_REFS on QNX
2013-01-04 Stephen KellyWidgets: Remove declaration of built-in and automatic...
2013-01-04 Joerg Bornemannremove unused member from QSystemLocalePrivate
2013-01-04 Rafael RoquettoRemove redundant Q_OS_BLACKBERRY define check.
2013-01-04 Stephen KellyGui: Remove declaration of built-in and automatic metat...
2013-01-04 Stephen KellyCore: Remove declaration of built-in and automatic...
2013-01-04 Thiago MacieiraUpdate the sysconfdir default to non-absolute
2013-01-04 Thiago MacieiraDon't increase the reference count if dynamic_cast...
2013-01-04 Peter HartmannSSL certificates: blacklist mis-issued Turktrust certif...
2013-01-04 Jan Arve SaetherDo not send QAccessible::Focus when current index is...
2013-01-04 Jan Arve SaetherMake textEditTest pass on Windows 8
2013-01-04 Jan Arve SaetherFix autotest of textEditTest to use currentFont() inste...
2013-01-04 Stephen KellyDBus: Remove declaration of built-in and automatic...
2013-01-04 Samuel RødalFixed wrong emits of x/y/width/height changed signals...
2013-01-04 Jon SeverinssonFix QGuiApplication::keyboardModifiers() and QGuiApplic...
2013-01-04 Gabriel de... Cocoa: Fix zombie NSScreen crash
2013-01-04 Jonathan LiuWindows: Add fallback for UpdateLayeredWindowIndirect
2013-01-04 aavitRevert "Enable module build with QT_NO_ACCESSIBILITY"
2013-01-04 Bernd WeimerBlackBerry: Reevaluation of timer list in event dispatcher
2013-01-03 J-P NurmiQGtkStyle: exclude Xlib calls on Mac
2013-01-03 Jan Arve SaetherCleanup verifyHierarchy. Remove dead code and add index...
2013-01-03 Jan Arve SaetherDo not crash in the bridge because of inconsistent...
2013-01-03 Mitch CurtisClarify how two digit years are parsed by QDateTime...
2013-01-03 Stephen KellyBenchmarks: Remove declaration of built-in and automati...
2013-01-03 Stephen KellyNetwork: Remove declaration of built-in and automatic...
2013-01-03 Sergio MartinsQNX: Don't crash because the window hasn't been initial...
2013-01-03 Peter KümmelDon't read from deleted member variable
2013-01-03 Andreas HolzammerWINCE: Follow new library naming schema
2013-01-03 Stephen KellyFix copy-pasto in QMetaObject::methodCount docs.
2013-01-03 Eskil Abrahamsen... Fix possible crash in QTextDocument
2013-01-03 Stephen KellyRemove metatype registration of built-in types.
2013-01-03 Thiago MacieiraDeclare the QMetaType::WasDeclaredAsMetaType enum as...
2013-01-03 Thiago MacieiraRemove some dead code from qtriangulator.cpp
2013-01-03 Thiago MacieiraFix warnings found by GCC 4.7 in the XCB platform plugin
2013-01-03 Sergio Ahumadatest: Change trolltech.com:443 to qt-project.org:443
2013-01-03 Stephen KellyMove the Q_DECLARE_METATYPE for QList<QSslError> to...
2013-01-02 Thiago MacieiraFix GCC warning about parentheses in QtPlatformSupport
2013-01-02 Thiago MacieiraMake qtestaccessible.h compile with QT_NO_KEYWORDS
2013-01-02 Jon Severinssonqdbusxml2cpp: Check string length before checking for...
2013-01-02 Thiago MacieiraFix warning about unused variable
2013-01-02 Sean HarmerFix bug in multisampling handling when converting from...
2013-01-02 Morten Johan... Make QImage::mirrored() propagate devicePixelRatio
2013-01-01 Thiago MacieiraMake these headers includable directly, on all systems
2012-12-31 Thiago MacieiraFix warning found by clang:
2012-12-30 hjkSpeed up and fix QByteArray::setNum()
2012-12-29 Thiago MacieiraRemove unused function _q_qgraphicsItemSetFlag
2012-12-29 Thiago MacieiraFix warnings reported by Clang in QtWidget
2012-12-28 Thiago MacieiraAdd qtest_widget.h to the list of testlib headers
2012-12-28 Thiago MacieiraFix warnings in the SQL drivers found by GCC 4.7
2012-12-28 Thiago MacieiraDon't use MPProcessorsScheduled on Mac OS X
2012-12-28 Thiago MacieiraSuppress warning in valgrind headers: variable set...
2012-12-28 hjkPolish code of some opengl examples
2012-12-28 hjkAdd test for QByteArray::setNum
2012-12-28 Thorbjørn LindeijerRemoved an unnecessary forward declaration
2012-12-28 Thorbjørn LindeijerFixed typo 'collasping' in QTreeView documentation
2012-12-24 Gabriel de... Cocoa: Re-enable per class palette on QPA plugin
2012-12-24 Gabriel de... Mac: Bring back proper layout in QMessageBox
2012-12-23 Thiago MacieiraFix QMutex::tryLock with negative values
2012-12-23 Thiago MacieiraFix standalone header compilation