2014-04-27 Mark Brand[QtSql][QSqlTableModel] fix failure to refresh in selec...
2014-04-26 Konstantin... Fix identical sub-expressions in comparison
2014-04-26 Laszlo AgocsRemove old symbols from QOpenGLContext
2014-04-25 Morten Johan... Cocoa: Fix crash on Combobox popup close.
2014-04-25 Allan Sandfeld... Use runtime detection of XInput 2.1 to disable legacy...
2014-04-25 Laszlo AgocsRename new QOpenGLContext APIs
2014-04-25 Thiago MacieiraUn-export QSignalBlocker: it's all inline
2014-04-25 Andrew KnightFix vcxproj generation on Windows Phone
2014-04-25 John LaytQPrintEngine - Fix alpha engine state sync
2014-04-25 Olivier GoffartQSqlError: Mark deprecated functiond with QT_DEPRECATED
2014-04-25 Morten Johan... Cocoa: Make Qt::Tool windows hide on deactivate
2014-04-25 Eskil Abrahamsen... Android: Add "unversioned_libname" configuration
2014-04-25 Oswald Buddenhagendocument new QTPLUGIN magic
2014-04-25 Paul Olav TveteAndroid input method fixes for SwiftKey
2014-04-25 Peter HartmannQAbstractSocket: enable read notification for unbuffere...
2014-04-24 Lars KnollDon't crash on broken GIF images
2014-04-24 Thiago MacieiraDeprecate setSharable in Qt containers
2014-04-24 Morten Johan... QOpenGLFunctions: Compile on Mac OS 10.6
2014-04-24 Thiago MacieiraUpdate the changelog for 5.3.0
2014-04-24 Thiago MacieiraDocument QString's UTF-8 conversion behaviors
2014-04-24 Thiago MacieiraRestore handling of BOMs in QString::fromUtf8
2014-04-24 Oswald Buddenhagendoc fixes
2014-04-24 Oswald Buddenhagendeprecate import_qpa_plugin and qpa_minimal_plugin
2014-04-23 Tor Arne VestbøBuild Qt tools for iOS
2014-04-23 Friedemann... Windows printer support: Fix linking problem when built...
2014-04-23 Konstantin... Fix warning with -Wswitch-enum
2014-04-22 Andrew KnightWinRT: Handle back button as press or release
2014-04-22 Andrew KnightANGLE WinRT: Call Trim() when application suspends
2014-04-22 Andrew KnightWinRT: Fix TCP socket reads
2014-04-18 Morten Johan... QPrintDialog - Fix Mac reference counting error.
2014-04-18 John LaytQPrintDialog - Fix mac change of printer name
2014-04-18 Paul Olav TveteAndroid input method fix
2014-04-18 Oswald BuddenhagenRevert "Automatically link printsupport plugins to...
2014-04-17 Shawn RutledgeWhen a window loses focus to a popup, event has PopupFo...
2014-04-17 Laszlo AgocsRestore Qt 4 behavior in default double click handler
2014-04-17 Laszlo AgocsRemove internal public function from QOpenGLFunctions
2014-04-16 Andrew KnightWinRT: Don't use the native thread handle for waiting
2014-04-16 Richard Moe... iOS: fix crash in auto correction when using unknown...
2014-04-16 Paul Olav TveteAndroid: Reset input method when focus changes
2014-04-16 Konstantin... Fix font merging for complex scripts on Windows
2014-04-16 Oswald Buddenhagendon't make relative paths if we don't know the top...
2014-04-16 Jerome PasionDoc: Adding Enginio's export macro to the list of exclu...
2014-04-16 Oswald Buddenhagenfix debug_and_release builds
2014-04-16 Leena MiettinenDoc: recommend using QLocale for loading translations
2014-04-15 Allan Sandfeld... Reload lastScrollPosition on window enter
2014-04-14 Thiago MacieiraDisable C++11 initializer lists and rvalue refs for...
2014-04-14 Thiago MacieiraDisable all C++11 rvalue refs with Dinkumware C++ libra...
2014-04-14 Thiago MacieiraRemove the #ifdef check just before #undef
2014-04-14 Ulf HermannDisable threaded rendering if Mesa is used
2014-04-14 Konstantin... Improve the Unicode script itemization implementation
2014-04-14 Konstantin... Make HarfBuzz-NG the default shaper on Mac
2014-04-14 Shawn Rutledgedocs: Q_CLASSINFO is used in a couple more places besid...
2014-04-12 Morten Johan... Cocoa: Don't consume events when closing tool tips
2014-04-10 Marc MutzDoc: document QTimeZone::swap()
2014-04-10 Marc MutzDoc: document obsolete QApplication::setGraphicsSystem()
2014-04-10 Gabriel de... Cocoa: Post event to "show()" a modal window
2014-04-10 Morten Johan... Cocoa: Send expose event on screen change.
2014-04-10 Gabriel de... Cocoa: Set the COCOA_MENU_ANCESTOR() also when sync'ing
2014-04-10 Uli SchlachterXCB: Print error code on Xlib I/O errors
2014-04-09 Tor Arne VestbøMake Xcode debug info format controllable through a...
2014-04-09 Eskil Abrahamsen... HB-NG w/CoreText backend: Fix clustering of neutral...
2014-04-09 Morten Johan... Cocoa: Fix DnD when using native widgets.
2014-04-09 Morten Johan... QTextImageHandler: Load @2x images on retina
2014-04-09 Morten Johan... OS X: Add more text editing key bindings.
2014-04-09 Morten Johan... Mac: Implement unified toolbar look for QTabBar
2014-04-09 Morten Johan... Cocoa: Update unified toolbar area on toolbar hide
2014-04-09 J-P NurmiFix tst_QListWidget::task217070_scrollbarsAdjusted()
2014-04-09 Oswald Buddenhagenmake cmake registration of qt plugins make use of PLUGI...
2014-04-09 Oswald Buddenhagenmake QTPLUGIN work in prefix builds for plugins outside...
2014-04-09 Oswald Buddenhagenautomatically link plugins belonging to qt modules...
2014-04-09 Oswald Buddenhagenfix typo in qmake source file list
2014-04-09 Topi ReinioDoc: Fix template code for unordered lists
2014-04-09 Jędrzej NowackiFix a typo in QBitArray documentation
2014-04-09 Fabian BumbergerQNX: Fix QCompleter autotest
2014-04-09 Richard J.... Support for DH and ECDH key exchange for QSslSocket...
2014-04-09 Frederik GladhornOnly define Q_COMPILER_INITIALIZER_LISTS for MSVC 12...
2014-04-09 Friedemann... Fix crash when trying to place toolbar into zero-height...
2014-04-09 Friedemann... Change QVERIFY in tst_qnetworkreply to warning.
2014-04-09 Friedemann... QWindowsOpenGLContextFormat: Default to version 2.
2014-04-09 Friedemann... Fix crash in qt_try_modal.
2014-04-09 BogDan VatraAdd unhandled Android keys.
2014-04-09 Fabian BumbergerQNX: Fix QHeaderView autotest
2014-04-09 Bernd WeimerQNX: Work around dlclose issue
2014-04-09 Eskil Abrahamsen... Android: Fix compilation on Windows
2014-04-09 Maurice KalinowskiFix out-of-range shifting
2014-04-09 Gabriel de... QComboBox: Set the proper font after a MacSizeChange...
2014-04-09 Gabriel de... Cocoa: Use private property to enable NSWindow child...
2014-04-09 Marc MutzQPageSize: remove QPageSize:: overqualifications
2014-04-09 Morten Johan... Cocoa: Fix possible printing memory leak.
2014-04-09 Morten Johan... Cocoa: Fix crash when creating printer object.
2014-04-09 Laszlo AgocsUpdate qtgui.qdoc regarding OpenGL
2014-04-09 J-P NurmiStabilize tst_QListWidget
2014-04-09 Jocelyn TurcotteQOpenGLWidget: Avoid crashing if updateGL is called...
2014-04-09 Simo FältAndroid: Add some ci usage features to Android testrunner
2014-04-09 Frederik GladhornAccessibility Mac: Cache Accessible Elements and Notify...
2014-04-09 Laszlo AgocsCorrect QOpenGLContext::versionFunctions() docs
2014-04-09 Tomasz OlszakForward "_q_platform_*" QWidgets's properties to QWindow.
2014-04-09 Friedemann... Add diagnostic output to tst_QtConcurrentIterateKernel.
2014-04-09 Uli SchlachterXCB: Only use the XFixes extension if available
2014-04-09 Jerome PasionDoc: Add a section all modules can use for example...