2012-10-25 Martin Smithqdoc: Don't load index in -prepare phase
2012-10-25 Tor Arne VestbøAdd config option to build documentation as a two-step...
2012-10-24 Jan Arve SaetherMove validators example from qtdoc repo to qtbase repo
2012-10-24 Jan Arve SaetherUse \annotatedlist for list of examples instead of...
2012-10-23 Martin Smithqdoc: Clear outputdir in -prepare phase only
2012-10-19 Jan Arve SaetherDoc: Added landing-, examples- and C++ class list-page...
2012-10-19 Tor Arne VestbøMerge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/master' into newdocs
2012-10-19 J-P NurmiQStyleSheetStyle: QObject-based style & render rules
2012-10-19 Thiago MacieiraMake QContiguousCache with zero capacity not crash
2012-10-19 Bernd WeimerFix for slowness of touch move events
2012-10-19 Michele CainiReview of documentation.
2012-10-19 Thiago MacieiraMake sure functions returning iterators have an iterato...
2012-10-19 Caroline ChaoTest: remove QSKIP from tst_QDateTime::fromString_LOCAL...
2012-10-19 Frederik GladhornAccessibility: itemviews check for valid model.
2012-10-19 Stephen KellyCMake: Remove content from else() and endif() commands.
2012-10-19 Jason BarronChange the default major version of QGLFormat to 2.
2012-10-19 Joerg Bornemanntst_qlocalsocket: get rid of QtScript dependency
2012-10-19 Thiago MacieiraMake QtDBus work again with D-Bus 1.0 and 1.1
2012-10-19 Sergio Ahumadatest: Moving tst_QProcess::echoTest_performance()
2012-10-19 Samuel RødalFixed inconsistent QPainter fill rules for aliased...
2012-10-18 Stephen KellyHandle the case where persistent indexes have gone...
2012-10-18 Stephen KellyMake sure uints remain uints when editing in itemviews.
2012-10-18 José Millán... Correct accessibility index handling in QListView
2012-10-18 José Millán... Handle separators in menus in AT-SPI (Linux accessibility)
2012-10-18 Marc Mutznormalise signal/slot signatures [QtNetwork tests]
2012-10-18 Marc Mutznormalise signal/slot signatures [QtDBus tests]
2012-10-18 Marc Mutznormalise signal/slot signatures [QtWidgets tests]
2012-10-18 Frederik GladhornDoc fix in return value of QDate::setYMD
2012-10-18 Frederik GladhornClean up instantiation of mapping of AT-SPI roles.
2012-10-18 Frederik GladhornAccessibility: make sure right objects are cached on...
2012-10-18 Teemu KatajistoCocoa: fix memory leak
2012-10-18 Teemu KatajistoCocoa: fix coretext memory leaks
2012-10-18 Thiago MacieiraRename the syncqt -qtdir to -mkspecsdir
2012-10-18 Kevin KrammerQNX: Change base font sizes from pixels to points
2012-10-18 Richard Moe... Cocoa: fix frameStrutMouseEvents
2012-10-18 Jens Bache... Introduce new style Fusion
2012-10-18 Tero AholaModified vertical alignments of simple widgets on OSX
2012-10-18 Tor Arne VestbøPrevent 'make install' from automatically installing...
2012-10-18 Tor Arne VestbøRefactor recursive target logic out of default_post...
2012-10-18 Andy ShawUse the right properties when checking the frame's...
2012-10-18 Oswald Buddenhagenadd a .qmake.conf file which load()s qt_build_config
2012-10-18 Jens Bache... Remove dependency on QWindowsStyle in QGtkStyle
2012-10-18 Gabriel de... Bring back Mac dependent code in QBoxLayout, QGridLayout
2012-10-18 Giuseppe D... Add new error strings to QRegularExpression
2012-10-18 Friedemann... Windows QPA plugin: Parse arguments from list passed...
2012-10-18 Caroline ChaoTest: remove QSKIP in tst_qarraydata
2012-10-18 Caroline ChaoTest: remove QSKIP from tst_QTextStream::stillOpenWhenAtEnd
2012-10-18 Jan Arve SaetherMake sure we copy *all known events* properly in order...
2012-10-18 Rohan McGovernFix compile with -no-widgets
2012-10-18 Caroline ChaoTest: remove QSKIP in tst_QDataStream::stream_QIcon
2012-10-18 Caroline ChaoTest: remove QSKIP in tst_file
2012-10-18 Caroline ChaoTest: remove QSKIP in tst_QDir::dotAndDotDot
2012-10-18 Marc Mutznormalise signal/slot signatures [QtOpenGL tests]
2012-10-17 Christian StrømmeFix for memory leak in ResultStore
2012-10-17 Gabriel de... Mac: Fix QLineEdit shadow
2012-10-17 Jens Bache... Improve branch indicators in common style
2012-10-17 Jonathan LiuFix compilation with MinGW-w64
2012-10-17 Friedemann... Windows: Multisampling is disabled by default.
2012-10-17 Friedemann... Windows: QT_LIGHTHOUSE_WINDOWS_VERBOSE -> QT_QPA_VERBOSE.
2012-10-17 Caroline ChaoTest: remove QSKIP and remove whole test cases instead.
2012-10-17 Caroline ChaoTest: remove QSKIP in tst_QDBusMarshall::receiveUnknownType
2012-10-17 Caroline ChaoTest: remove QSKIP from tst_qtconcurrent
2012-10-17 Thiago MacieiraThere's no uic3 anymore
2012-10-17 Thiago MacieiraAdd qlibraryinfo.h to global.pri's HEADERS list
2012-10-17 J-P NurmiFix potential crash in QStyleAnimation::updateCurrentTime()
2012-10-17 J-P NurmiStyles: revise indeterminate progress bar animations
2012-10-17 Teemu KatajistoCocoa: remove current contentView when clearing window
2012-10-17 J-P NurmiQGraphicsObject: handle QEvent::StyleAnimationUpdate
2012-10-17 Frederik GladhornAccessibility doesn't need QApp from QWidgets.
2012-10-17 Richard Moe... QPlatformWindow: change API for QPlatformWindow::setWin...
2012-10-17 Oliver WolffFixed cube opengl example
2012-10-17 Thiago MacieiraRemove visibility attribute from function body in QtDBus
2012-10-17 Samuel RødalRemove mention of freetype options in configure.
2012-10-17 Gatis PaeglisAdd QDrag class to 'draganddrop' group
2012-10-17 Gabriel de... Bring back MacSizeChange event
2012-10-17 Marc MutzQFileInfoGatherer: remove m_resolveSymlinks for non...
2012-10-16 Caroline ChaoTest: remove QSKIP in tst_QSharedPointer::lambdaCustomD...
2012-10-16 Caroline ChaoTest: remove QSKIP from tst_QThread::stressTest
2012-10-16 Caroline ChaoTest: remove QSKIP from tst_QSocketNotifier::posixSockets
2012-10-16 Caroline ChaoTest: remove QSKIP in tst_QDirIterator::hiddenDirs_hidd...
2012-10-16 Caroline ChaoTest: remove QSKIP in tst_QDataStream::stream_QPixmap
2012-10-16 Caroline ChaoTest: remove QSKIP from tst_LargeFile::mapOffsetOverflow
2012-10-16 Mitch CurtisClarify ownership of scene in QGraphicsView::setScene...
2012-10-16 Oswald Buddenhagenrestore compat with old perl: don't use \h in regexps
2012-10-16 Oswald Buddenhagenfix syntax of warning message
2012-10-16 Marc MutzQWindowsKeyMapper: use a more efficient data structure...
2012-10-16 Marc MutzQWindowsKeyMapper: remove dead code
2012-10-16 Marc MutzQWindowsKeyMapper: replace one magic constant with...
2012-10-16 Shawn RutledgeQScreen manual test improvements: fields resize, better...
2012-10-16 Andy ShawCompile fix for AIX with xlc
2012-10-16 Stephen KellyRemove addition of dependencies for static libraries.
2012-10-16 Mark BrandQComboBox: mention insert policy in context of editable...
2012-10-16 Joerg Bornemannimplement QCocoaWindow::setWindowIcon
2012-10-16 Frederik GladhornAdd parameter documentation.
2012-10-16 Jens Bache... Fix incorrectly scaled constants on Mac
2012-10-16 Niels WeberDocument needed packages for XCB on Fedora.
2012-10-16 J-P NurmiAdd QObject* QStyleOption::styleObject
2012-10-16 Frederik GladhornMark linux accessibility test as insignificant.
2012-10-16 Miikka HeikkinenImplement setWindowIcon() for Windows.
2012-10-16 Caroline ChaoTest: remove QSKIP in tst_QCoreApplication::argc