2012-08-22 Murray ReadRemoving potential crashes from out-of-thread cleanup... 4.8.1-symbian
2012-07-16 Marko KenttalaFix for enter key inserting into password fields in...
2012-07-05 Jaakko HelantiFix compilation error
2012-07-04 Marko KenttalaEnable smiley support for Symbian editors
2012-06-21 Murray ReadAvoid crash cancelling timer in wrong thread on terminate
2012-06-20 Pasi PentikainenSymbian: shift package minor version to enable intermed...
2012-06-20 Pasi PentikainenSymbian: create stub sis during build
2012-06-20 Pauli JarvinenPerformance fix for OpenGL drawing
2012-06-15 Pasi PentikainenSymbian: Fix cherry-pick merge-conflict failure
2012-06-14 Pasi PentikainenSymbian: disable OpenVG as default on Symbian emulator...
2012-06-13 Marko KenttalaFix for QEventLoop autotest for Symbian
2012-06-13 Lauri MalmiQDeclarativeTextInput sends delayed mouse events to...
2012-06-13 Shane KearnsQNAM - maintain a weak reference to the QNetworkSession
2012-06-13 Shane KearnsTrack active network replies without qFindChildren
2012-06-01 Pauli JarvinenFix dangling pointer issue in QGraphicsItem focus handling
2012-05-22 Lauri MalmiSymbian: inputcontext reports pointer events to FEP...
2012-05-14 Pasi PentikainenClicking on a disabled ListView's delegate breaks mouse...
2012-05-14 Shane KearnsConnect bearer engines to manager with QueuedConnection
2012-05-10 Shane KearnsUse reference count to close down idle network session
2012-05-10 Pasi PentikainenSymbian: fix AlignedBlockAllocator initialization on...
2012-05-07 Roy MickosAdd missing colon to tests/auto/auto.pro
2012-05-07 Marko KenttalaFix for clipped Vietnamese characters when typed with VKB
2012-05-07 Riikka InkilaFix Symbian key event code mapping in QSymbianControl
2012-04-26 Pauli JarvinenAdd out-of-memory checks to QImage
2012-04-26 Murray ReadOff-by-one-line error in QVGPaintEngine::drawImage
2012-04-26 Juha KukkonenFix QThread start failure due to bad thread name on...
2012-04-24 Murray ReadReduce virtual address space use by JavaScriptCore...
2012-04-16 Riikka InkilaSymbian: avoid crash when inline editing is canceled
2012-04-03 Shane KearnsFix regressions due to partial QSslSocket::peek fix
2012-04-03 Pauli JarvinenFix window focusing problem in Symbian
2012-04-03 Martin PeterssonQNam: try to read the last CRLF when chunked encoding...
2012-04-03 Murray ReadGive QThread threads better names on Symbian
2012-04-03 sh kimFix TypeError
2012-04-03 Satyam BandarapuSymbian: Support for apps on previous symbian release
2012-03-23 Shane KearnsFix performance problem with NTLM auth in http POST
2012-03-23 Pasi PentikainenSymbian: drop OpenGL ES in non-supported hardware
2012-03-22 Kevin KrammerMake QNX virtual keyboard handling main event loop...
2012-03-22 Joerg Bornemannqmake: fix default value for C++ optimization in vcxpro...
2012-03-22 Kevin KrammerUse main thread event loop for navigator event processing
2012-03-21 Hib ErisDisable the use of sed on native mingw
2012-03-21 Sean HarmerSilence warnings about va_list mangling for QNX toolchain
2012-03-20 Oswald Buddenhagenrebuild configure
2012-03-20 Oswald Buddenhagencompile without rtti
2012-03-20 Oswald Buddenhagenremove pointless include paths
2012-03-20 Oswald Buddenhagenproperly enable stl via qmake instead of hacking compil...
2012-03-20 Oswald Buddenhagenbuild with QT_NO_GEOM_VARIANT
2012-03-20 Oswald Buddenhagenadd missing errno.h include
2012-03-20 Oswald Buddenhagenremove bizarre magic from precompiled header
2012-03-20 Gareth StockwellBackported linux-g++-maemo mkspec changes from Qt5
2012-03-20 Rick StocktonDoc Fix- a QML MouseArea Elelment can accept 5 buttons.
2012-03-19 Alexander AnokhinTGA imageformat: fix broken canRead plugin function
2012-03-19 Kalle ViironenFix bug in qsslsocket peek()
2012-03-19 Arnt WitteveenCherry picking qt5 bugfix 437da962c2b486b1a1722aac003bf...
2012-03-19 Eugene ShcherbinaFixed MSVC2011 build
2012-03-19 Andreas Aardal... Fix QDeclarativeItem::hasActiveFocus().
2012-03-17 Casper van... Update the links in the titlebar of Online HTML template.
2012-03-16 Juha KukkonenBump Qt version to 4.8.1 for Symbian specific files...
2012-03-16 Murray ReadRemoving Symbian fast allocator implementation
2012-03-15 Murray ReadCrash in Symbian text codec creation without CleanupStack
2012-03-15 Xizhi ZhuMake sure QGlobalNetworkProxy is created for QNetworkProxy.
2012-03-15 Pasi PetäjäjärviFix compiling qvfb on Linux/X11
2012-03-15 Gareth StockwellHandle -sysroot option in configure script
2012-03-15 Janne AnttilaFixed compiler warnings about unused q and d pointers.
2012-03-14 Janne AnttilaWEC7 build fix - use ptrdiff_t from std namespace.
2012-03-14 Casper van... Fix generating the qdoc3 manual in 4.8
2012-03-14 Casper van... Update the footer for qdoc output for qt-project.
2012-03-14 Nick RatelleFixes potential memory leak in qtextcodec.cpp
2012-03-14 Samuli PiippoFix q_atomic_decrement for 64-bit Solaris
2012-03-14 John TapsellHarfbuzz-thai - fix buffer overflow when setting item...
2012-03-13 Shane KearnsFix documentation error
2012-03-13 Shane KearnsOptimise QFile::seek that doesn't move the file pointer
2012-03-12 John TapsellHarfbuzz GPOS hinting- do not consider a subtable to...
2012-03-12 Kim Motoyoshi... Removed invalid assert in BMP loader code.
2012-03-12 Andy ShawImprove type detection for query results
2012-03-12 Nick RatelleHang on to the correct screen index in QWidget
2012-03-12 Nick RatelleSupport changing locales at runtime in QPA plugins.
2012-03-11 Rafael RoquettoFixes mismatching delete operator
2012-03-11 Rafael RoquettoFixed wrong iconv_open call under QNX
2012-03-10 Marc Mutzmkspecs: don't forget to add 'qnx' when building for x86
2012-03-09 Shane KearnsRework QNetworkProxyFactory::systemProxyForQuery autotest
2012-03-09 Shane KearnsWindows - handle both auto detect proxy settings together
2012-03-09 Shane KearnsFix a number of bugs with windows system proxies
2012-03-09 Shane KearnsWindows - fall back on static proxy config if autoproxy...
2012-03-09 Shane KearnsWindows - handle proxy autoconfiguration resulting...
2012-03-09 Shane KearnsWindows - fix proxy types for manually specified proxies
2012-03-09 Shane KearnsWindows - fix QWindowsSystemProxy global static race
2012-03-09 Kevin KrammerBlackBerry Plugin: support 8 mouse buttons, instead...
2012-03-09 Kevin KrammerUse QSocketNotifier instead of sleeping in an endless...
2012-03-09 Rafael RoquettoFixes codecs.pri to reflect new QNX mkspec name
2012-03-09 Rafael RoquettoFix platforms.pro to match new qnx mkspec name
2012-03-07 Rafael RoquettoRenaming QNX mkspecs v4.8.1
2012-03-07 Pasi MatilainenEnable storage of global Qt settings in app-local setti...
2012-03-07 Murray ReadDon't allow app panic on QProcess destruction, kill...
2012-03-07 Shane KearnsWindows - fix getsockopt calls for narrower than int...
2012-03-07 Pasi PetäjäjärviFix for QTBUG-21466: References to deprecated mouse...
2012-03-07 Max Desyatovescape *_script_file usages in MingwMakefileGenerator...
2012-03-07 Shane KearnsMake qget manual test compile without ssl support
2012-03-07 Shane KearnsFix error handling in QHostInfo windows backend
2012-03-06 Samuli PiippoMove qws/qnx-* mkspec files from unsupported
2012-03-06 Sean HarmerPrevent stack corruption when using OpenGL Core Profile...