2015-05-06 Kalle ViironenAdd Missing Debug Operator Declaration for QTouchEvent... 4.8
2015-04-28 Markus GoetzQNAM: Fix upload corruptions when server closes connection
2015-04-21 René J.V. BertinOSX: avoid crash in invalidateBuffer_resizeHelper on...
2015-04-13 Eirik AavitslandUpdate bundled libpng to version 1.6.17
2015-04-12 Eirik AavitslandUpdate bundled libtiff to version 4.0.3
2015-04-11 Topi ReinioDoc: Update obsolete external URLs
2015-04-10 Joerg Bornemanndon't return false when a null pointer is expected
2015-04-09 Lisandro Damián... Remove filterIncludePath and filterLibraryPath usage.
2015-04-09 Joerg BornemannAdd detection of and support for Visual Studio 2015
2015-03-31 Akseli SalovaaraUpdate copyright headers
2015-03-30 Samuel GaistImprove digitToCLocale sign char handling
2015-03-26 Alexander VolkovAssistant: Fix index updating on startup in the remote...
2015-03-26 Matteo BertiniIdentify XButton1|2 release events when mouse is moving.
2015-03-20 Joerg Bornemannfix qmake warning about unknown /Zc:strictStrings option
2015-03-20 Andy ShawUse qSwap instead of std::swap so platforms without...
2015-03-18 Kai Koehneqmlplugindump: Fix build with mingw.org
2015-03-13 Peter Seidererconfigure: add '-psql_config' option
2015-03-13 Eirik AavitslandFixes crash in bmp and ico image decoding
2015-03-13 Eirik AavitslandFixes crash in gif image decoder
2015-03-11 Lars KnollSimplify calculation of week number
2015-03-09 Rex DieterConfigure: Fix detection of GCC 5
2015-03-05 Orgad ShanehUpdate Hebrew translation for linguist and qtconfig
2015-03-04 Morten Johan... Info.plist.lib whitespace fixup
2015-03-02 Timur PocheptsovQGLWidget and re-parenting
2015-03-02 Friedemann... Fix compiler warnings in Qt Designer.
2015-02-27 Laszlo AgocsSimplify mirroring code and add tests for non-aliged...
2015-02-27 Andy ShawFix Carbon build
2015-02-26 Richard J.... Fix a division by zero when processing malformed BMP...
2015-02-24 Michael BrüningCorrect typo in the Gujarati openType identififer.
2015-02-16 Yikei LuFix Focus problem with QX11EmbedWidget
2015-02-13 Pierre-Loup... Don't leak RENDER Pictures in QPixmap::paintEngine().
2015-02-12 Samuel GaistBackport implementation of OS X QSystemTrayIcon from...
2015-02-08 Andy ShawQThread: fix race when setting the eventDispatcher
2015-02-06 Samuel GaistFix QLineF Detailed Description
2015-02-04 David FaureQDeclarativeTextEdit: fix use of uninitialised value.
2015-02-03 Liang QiFix a translation for zh_CN
2015-02-02 Katja Marttila*.sln not generated correctly for VS2012 and VS2010
2015-01-29 David WeisgerberAdded check if fontEngine is still in the cache.
2015-01-29 Takumi AsakiFix wrong Japanese translation
2015-01-29 James TurnerFix bugs generating PDF on Cocoa
2015-01-28 Shawn RutledgeUse qt.io rather than qt-project.org for network tests
2015-01-15 Kai KoehneBump year to 2015
2015-01-14 Andy ShawIgnore expired certificate during certificate validation
2015-01-14 Topi ReinioDoc: Update copyright information in documentation...
2015-01-12 Orgad ShanehUpdate GitIgnore
2015-01-12 Orgad ShanehUpdate Hebrew translation
2015-01-10 Friedemann... Introduce Windows version 10.
2015-01-08 Robert GrieblFix empty arrays in QML 1
2015-01-08 Friedemann... Windows: Fix OS version determination for Windows >= 8
2015-01-07 Orgad ShanehQDateTime: Fix time format in doc
2015-01-06 Friedemann... Fix compilation with QDND_DEBUG.
2015-01-04 Orgad ShanehAdd Hebrew translation for Qt Linguist
2015-01-02 Andy ShawCheck world matrix is true when seeing if transformatio...
2014-12-24 David FaureQIdentityProxyModel: remove slow bounds-checking, for...
2014-12-24 Simo FältAutotest: Setting tst_qaudiooutput and tst_qsound as...
2014-12-16 lasconicUse metrics returned by GetGlyphOutline in GGO_METRICS...
2014-12-13 Josh FaustFix OpenType fonts with cmap tables on Windows
2014-12-13 Eskil Abrahamsen... Make distance fields rendering work with Opentype CFF...
2014-12-13 Konstantin... fix glyph's CMAP index might be corrupted
2014-12-13 Ashish Kulkarnifix QWebSettings::setUserStyleSheetUrl() not working...
2014-12-10 Jan Arve SaetherFixed a bug where spans did not always work in layouts.
2014-12-04 Friedemann... Windows: Fix return value of QDesktopServices::storageL...
2014-12-03 Friedemann... Rewrite debug output of event classes.
2014-12-03 Akseli SalovaaraBump Qt version to 4.8.7
2014-12-03 Jan Arve SaetherAuto-scroll while selecting entire rows/columns did...
2014-11-27 Kevin FunkFix minor compiler warning
2014-11-27 Andy ShawOnly add the res_file to the generated files if there...
2014-11-26 Thiago MacieiraRemove the use of a template qUnused function for ICC
2014-11-25 Andy ShawFix string placeholders in two translations
2014-11-22 Konstantin... Fix thai symbol rendering slowness
2014-11-04 Allan Sandfeld... Parse multiple buttons during mouse press and release
2014-10-31 Jan Arve SaetherAdjust the layout if a QGraphicsWidget is explicitly...
2014-10-30 Lars KnollFix compiler warning
2014-10-27 Andy ShawHandle relative paths correctly for files in QMAKE_BUND...
2014-10-27 Joerg Bornemannqmake vcxproj generator: write PrimaryOutputExtension...
2014-10-27 Joerg Bornemannfix warning when generating VS 2013 project
2014-10-22 Shawn RutledgeWindows native socket: handle WSAENETRESET the same...
2014-10-20 Friedemann... Fix license text and URLs in QMessageBox::aboutQt().
2014-10-13 David FaureQTreeView: speed up isRowHidden for the case where...
2014-10-09 René J.V. Bertin[OS X]: respect icon visibility preference in system...
2014-10-07 Jari TenhunenQMacStyle: Fix QTabBar appearance on Yosemite
2014-10-07 Christian KandelerMake sure the content widget never replaces valid data...
2014-10-04 Genghis KhanUpdate Hebrew translation
2014-10-01 Samuel GaistBackport: use backslashes for UNCs path
2014-09-29 Dyami CaliriQLineEdit: Disable standard key 'cut' when there is...
2014-09-25 Lisandro Damián... Fix libmng test.
2014-09-23 Allan Sandfeld... Fix DateTime with recent versions of tzdata
2014-09-19 Christian KandelerFix crash when accessing the content model.
2014-09-16 Erik VerbruggenOSX: make QFileDialog::getSaveFileName honor the initia...
2014-09-11 Martin PleyQPdf::addImage(): avoid a QImage detach when it's in...
2014-09-11 Oswald Buddenhagenadmitting defeat
2014-09-10 Lars KnollQListView: Catch stack overflow on mutual scrollbar...
2014-09-09 Miikka HeikkinenFix font cache check in QFontEngineFT::recalcAdvances()
2014-09-05 Samuli PiippoRevert previous QFileDialog fix for Solaris
2014-09-04 Friedemann... QSwipeGestureRecognizer: Use qAbs() to check distances.
2014-09-03 Andreas HartmetzDon't call virtual methods after the source model is...
2014-09-01 Jake PetroulesReplace all ocurrences of NSApp with [NSApplication...
2014-08-29 Lisandro Damián... Fix AArch64/arm64 detection.
2014-08-29 Lisandro Damián... Allow Qt4 to also build in ppc64[el le]
2014-08-29 aavitFix QPainter::drawPolyline() painting errors with cosme...