Remove filterIncludePath and filterLibraryPath usage.
[qt:qt.git] / mkspecs /
2015-04-09 Joerg BornemannAdd detection of and support for Visual Studio 2015
2015-03-31 Akseli SalovaaraUpdate copyright headers
2015-03-04 Morten Johan SørvigInfo.plist.lib whitespace fixup
2014-04-22 Bernd WeimerQNX: Fix QDir::entryInfoList()
2014-03-26 Kai KoehneUpdated year in copyright header
2014-01-23 Joerg Bornemannwin32-msvc2013: force synchronous writes to .pdb files
2014-01-21 Joerg Bornemannadd support for Visual Studio 2013
2013-12-05 Brian JensenEnable building with clang / libc++ on OS X 10.9 Mavericks
2013-11-28 Bernd WeimerQNX: Make use of _readdir64_r
2013-08-28 Sergio AhumadaSun CC: Fix QtNetwork compilation
2013-08-13 Raphael Kubo da... gdb_dwarf_index: Use a sed call that's more POSIX-compl...
2013-06-06 Jonathan LiuDon't overwrite QMAKE_QT_CONFIG with empty value
2013-04-24 Konstantin RittAvoid macro re-definition after 65bd0bd1f047f6db6d67a8f...
2013-04-05 Marc Mutzqmake: increase .pro-file compatibility between Qt...
2013-03-20 Liang Qimkspecs: fix the path for rcc for win32-g++
2013-01-13 Sergio AhumadaUpdate copyright year in Digia's license headers
2012-12-15 Peter HartmannQNX: adjust settings for separate debug info feature
2012-12-04 Peter HartmannBlackBerry mkspecs: optimize linker flags
2012-11-28 Rafael RoquettoDevice mkspec for Blackberry Playbook
2012-11-28 Peter HartmannBlackBerry mkspecs: use compiler flags for C++ and...
2012-11-25 Peter HartmannBlackBerry mkspecs: tell compiler the specific ARM...
2012-10-31 Alexey IvanovUpdated and fixed win32-icc mkspec for ICC 12.1 or...
2012-10-30 Oswald Buddenhagendon't set QT_BUILD_DIR as a side effect
2012-10-18 Thiago MacieiraRemove the -falign-stack option from ICC's mkspec.
2012-10-17 Oswald Buddenhagenoptimize loading of qconfig.pri & qdevice.pri somewhat
2012-10-14 Peter HartmannBlackberry mkspecs: Refine compiler options
2012-10-02 Peter HartmannQNX: change suffix for separate debug files
2012-10-02 Morten SorvigEnable HiDPI mode for retina displays.
2012-09-29 Iikka EklundChange copyrights from Nokia to Digia
2012-09-18 Ian DeanRefactor coreservices -> ios & QT_NO_CORESERVICES ...
2012-09-17 Peter KümmelAdd msvc2012 support
2012-09-12 Peter KümmelWhen x-compiling on Linux the host tools doesn't have...
2012-09-10 Oswald Buddenhagenfind qdevice.pri even for installed qt builds
2012-09-10 Yuchen DengAdd -pipe option of win32-g++'s QMAKE_CFLAGS
2012-09-07 Peter KümmelAdd qmake CROSS_COMPILE variable via load(device_config)
2012-09-07 Peter KümmelMinimal backport of --device-option support in configure
2012-09-05 Sean HarmerQNX: Move qpa-based mkspecs out of the unsupported...
2012-09-04 Sean HarmerQNX: Enable pre-compiled header support for QNX
2012-09-04 Sean HarmerDecouple -lang-c++ from CXX command on QNX mkspecs
2012-08-24 Morten SorvigFix indentation.
2012-08-23 Kevin OttensQNX: Enable QT_NO_IMPORT_QT47_QML
2012-08-14 Andy ShawFix vcproj file generation for incredibuild handling...
2012-08-01 Sergio AhumadaUpdate contact information in license headers.
2012-07-30 Rafael Roquetto[Blackberry] Set default platform name for QPA
2012-07-27 Ian DeanAdd common build flags required for iOS platform plugins.
2012-07-25 Ian DeanRemoved existing iOS mkspecs. Added Qt5 iOS mkspecs...
2012-06-28 Tobias HungerClang: Do not warn about unused parameters (caused...
2012-06-24 Andy ShawFix compile issue on AIX
2012-05-24 Jonathan LiuEnable extra warnings for win32-g++ mkspecs
2012-05-03 Raphael Kubo da... mkspecs: Define compilers and linkers elsewhere for...
2012-04-19 Raphael Kubo da... mkspecs: Rename freebsd-g++40 to freebsd-g++46.
2012-04-17 Raphael Kubo da... mkspecs: Sync freebsd-g++40 and freebsd-g++.
2012-04-17 Raphael Kubo da... Do not define QT_AOUT_UNDERSCORE in freebsd-g++'s mkspec.
2012-04-17 Raphael Kubo da... Remove the freebsd-g++34 mkspec.
2012-04-17 Raphael Kubo da... Do not redefine QT_SOCKLEN_T in freebsd-g++'s mkspec.
2012-04-13 Sean HarmerEnable stack smashing protection on Blackberry platforms
2012-04-13 Pasi PentikainenAdd new QSysInfo::symbianVersion() enums
2012-03-26 Rafael RoquettoBlackberry mkspecs
2012-03-21 Hib ErisDisable the use of sed on native mingw
2012-03-21 Sean HarmerSilence warnings about va_list mangling for QNX toolchain
2012-03-20 Gareth StockwellBackported linux-g++-maemo mkspec changes from Qt5
2012-03-10 Marc Mutzmkspecs: don't forget to add 'qnx' when building for x86
2012-03-07 Rafael RoquettoRenaming QNX mkspecs v4.8.1
2012-03-06 Samuli PiippoMove qws/qnx-* mkspec files from unsupported
2012-02-29 Hib ErisImplement missing replacements when installing .pc...
2012-02-23 Kalle ViironenINTEGRITY mkspecs update
2012-02-03 Rafael RoquettoAdds QT_NO_QWS_INPUTMETHODS to blackberry qcc mkspecs
2012-02-02 Miikka HeikkinenEnable basic gesture support for WEC7.
2012-02-02 Andy ShawAdd support for XCode 4 into qmake
2012-02-01 Pasi PentikainenSymbian: clean deffiles for external projects using...
2012-01-31 Miikka HeikkinenFix DEPLOYMENT_PLUGIN for graphicssystem plugins
2012-01-30 Janne AnttilaAdded mkspecs for WEC7 platform builder and armv4i HW.
2012-01-30 Rafael RoquettoAdd mkspecs for Blackberry Playbook NDK
2012-01-25 Eike Zilleruikit: refactor the mkspecs and add armv6 and nothumb...
2012-01-12 Mark Branduse "cp -R" instead of "cp -r" for *bsd compatibility
2012-01-12 Mark BrandWindows: Add gcc 4.6 for cross building
2012-01-11 Jason McDonaldUpdate year in Nokia copyright messages.
2012-01-02 Qt Continuous Inte... Merge branch 'master' of
2012-01-02 Kai KoehneMerge remote-tracking branch 'qt-qml-review/master...
2011-12-31 Qt Continuous Inte... Merge branch 'qt-4.8-from-4.7' of
2011-12-30 Qt Continuous Inte... Merge branch 4.7 into qt-4.8-from-4.7
2011-12-30 Sergio AhumadaMerge branch 4.7 into qt-4.8-from-4.7
2011-12-20 Qt Continuous Inte... Merge branch 'master' of
2011-12-13 Qt Continuous Inte... Merge branch 'master' of git://
2011-12-09 Qt Continuous Inte... Merge branch 'master' of
2011-12-09 Qt Continuous Inte... Merge branch 'master' of git://
2011-12-09 Qt Continuous Inte... Merge branch 'master' of git://
2011-12-09 Water-TeamMerge branch '4.8-upstream' into master-water
2011-12-08 Qt Continuous Inte... Merge branch 'master' of
2011-12-08 Qt Continuous Inte... Merge branch 'master' of
2011-12-07 Qt Continuous Inte... Merge branch 'master' of git://
2011-12-07 Qt Continuous Inte... Merge branch 'master' of git://
2011-12-07 Miikka HeikkinenSymbian: Fix language mappings for localize_deployment
2011-12-07 Liang QiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/4.7' into qt-4...
2011-12-06 Qt Continuous Inte... Merge branch 'master' of git://
2011-12-06 Pasi PentikainenMerge remote-tracking branch 'qt/4.8'
2011-12-06 Qt Continuous Inte... Merge branch 'master' of
2011-12-06 Qt Continuous Inte... Merge branch 'master' of
2011-12-05 Qt Continuous Inte... Merge branch 'master' of
2011-12-04 Qt Continuous Inte... Merge branch 'master' of git://