last changeFri, 20 May 2011 08:58:08 +0000 (10:58 +0200)
2011-05-20 Martin Peterssontst_q3dns: update test to follow RFC-5952. master
2011-05-11 Liang QiAdd QT3SUPPORT_VERSION macro for qt3support
2011-05-05 Marius Storm... Build Qt3support again
2011-05-05 axisFixed an incorrect module profile definition.
2011-05-03 axisAdded .tag file with Git revision.
2011-05-02 Marius Storm... Use private headers
2011-05-02 Marius Storm... Add module.prf, and install MODULE_PRI for each module
2011-04-27 axisAdded dependency information to the sync.profile.
2011-04-27 axisAdd .gitignore to each module
2011-04-27 Liang QiAdd tst_headersclean for each module
2011-04-27 Liang QiModularized tst_compilerwarnings
2011-04-27 Liang QiTmp fix for tst_bic
2011-04-27 Liang QiModularized tst_bic and add some helper functions for...
2011-04-27 axisIntroduced the QT.<module>.plugins variable to module...
2011-04-27 axisAdded QT.<module>.imports support to module profiles.
2011-04-27 axisFixed uic3 test by adding extra bin/ dir to the PATH.
7 years ago master