2014-07-05 Paul LemireRenamed Component to QComponent
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRenamed Entity to QEntity
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRenamed Node to QNode
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRenamed RenderNodesManager to EntityManager
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRenamed RenderNode to RenderEntity
2014-07-05 Paul LemireBackend taking advantage of Entity as root node
2014-07-05 Paul LemireForce root object of aspects to be an Entity
2014-07-05 Paul LemireSlightly refactored RenderSceneBuilder
2014-07-05 Paul LemireLightManager in Renderer
2014-07-05 Paul LemireAdded LightManager
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRegistered lights to QML
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRenderLight element to monitor QAbstractLights
2014-07-05 Paul LemirelightProperties method in lights
2014-07-05 Paul LemireUpdated simple-qml to use Layers and LayerFilter
2014-07-05 Paul LemireLayer checking added to the Rendering
2014-07-05 Paul LemireAdded LayerManager to Renderer
2014-07-05 Paul LemireLayer Manager
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRenderLayer monitoring frontend QLayer
2014-07-05 Paul LemireAdded backend LayerFilterNode
2014-07-05 Paul LemireFrameGraphNode subclass of QObserverInterface
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRegistered QLayerFilter to QML
2014-07-05 Paul LemireAdded QLayerFilter
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRemoved virtual signal from framegraph items
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRegistered QLayer to QML
2014-07-05 Paul LemireAdded QLayer component
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRefactored QAbstractMesh, QMesh and QAbstractShapeMesh
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRefactoring of MeshData, Buffer, Mesh and Attribute
2014-07-05 Paul LemireAbstract IO classes for MeshData, Attribute and Buffer
2014-07-05 Paul LemireQRenderPass renamed and d-pointered
2014-07-05 Paul LemireAdded Q prefix to all frontend framegraph items
2014-07-05 Paul LemireMajor refactoring of Framegraph Items
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRefactored and Renamed Scene
2014-07-05 Paul Lemired-pointer updated in QAbstractTechnique QTechnique
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRenamed Technique to QTechnique
2014-07-05 Paul LemireQAbstractEffect, QEffect d-pointers
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRename Effect to QEffect
2014-07-05 Paul LemireQMaterial updated d-pointer
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRenamed Material to QMaterial
2014-07-05 Paul LemireAdded basic light elements in rendering frontend.
2014-07-05 Paul LemireQAbstractShapeMesh is a subclass of QMesh
2014-07-05 Paul Lemired-pointer in QMesh
2014-07-05 Paul LemireExport private headers defined in Core needed by Render
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRenamed Mesh to QMesh
2014-07-05 Paul LemireShape subclasses
2014-07-02 Paul LemireQFrameAllocator added valgrind macros to help debugging
2014-07-02 Paul LemireRendering using QFrameAllocator
2014-07-02 Paul LemireRenderer / RenderviewJobs : some ground work to use...
2014-07-02 Paul LemireQFrameAllocator + unit tests
2014-07-02 Paul LemireEmpty QFrameAllocator class
2014-06-28 Sean HarmerAdd QBoxCollider
2014-06-28 Sean HarmerAdd Quick3DBulletPhysics QML plugin
2014-06-28 Sean HarmerExport RigidBody
2014-06-28 Paul LemireCorrected doc in QResourcesManager
2014-06-28 Paul LemireAssimpParser: use Parameters to set textures
2014-06-28 Paul LemireParameter : new ctor taking name and value.
2014-06-28 Paul LemireTextures hooked up
2014-06-28 Paul LemireAdded textured material in simple-qml
2014-06-28 Paul LemireCreate TextureUniform when a Parameter references a...
2014-06-28 Paul LemireAdded TextureUniform subclass of QUniformValue
2014-06-28 Paul LemireTextureData pass parameters by const ref instead of...
2014-06-28 Paul LemireTextureDataManager added in Renderer
2014-06-28 Paul LemireAdded TextureManager to Renderer
2014-06-28 Paul LemireTextureDataManager
2014-06-28 Paul LemireTextureManager
2014-06-28 Sean HarmerStop clang complaining about 3rd party assimp
2014-06-28 Sean HarmerStop clang complaining about 3rd party assimp
2014-06-27 Paul LemireAdded QUuid to Texture
2014-06-27 Paul LemireTexture updated
2014-06-27 Paul LemireRemoved virtual signal in CameraSelector
2014-06-27 Paul LemireRemoved virtual signal in Entity
2014-06-27 Paul Lemiresimple-qml example updated
2014-06-27 Paul LemireRenderView reworked
2014-06-27 Paul LemireStandardUniforms enums registered as a metatype
2014-06-27 Paul LemireRenderShader updated
2014-06-27 Paul LemireRenderer refactored
2014-06-27 Paul LemireRenderCamera cleanup and added inline getters
2014-06-27 Paul LemireQUniformValue templated subclass
2014-06-27 Paul LemireChanges to QGraphicContext
2014-06-27 Paul LemireUnitTests for Nodes/Entity/Component
2014-06-27 Paul LemireRemoved unused slot in Quick3DMaterial
2014-06-27 Paul LemireRenamed ParameterBinder to ParameterMapper
2014-06-27 Paul LemireCleanup of Parameter
2014-06-27 Paul LemireUpdated simple-qml example with Parameter animations
2014-06-27 Paul LemireRenderView using Parameters from effect, technique...
2014-06-27 Paul LemireUnregister RenderTechnique on destruction
2014-06-27 Paul LemireUnregister RenderEffect on destruction
2014-06-27 Paul LemireRenderTechnique getter of backend parameters and cleanup
2014-06-27 Paul LemireRenderEffect getter of backend parameters
2014-06-27 Paul LemireRenderView using ParameterPack to build QUniformPack
2014-06-27 Paul LemireAdded dtor and getter to ParameterPack
2014-06-27 Paul LemireParameterPack in RenderTechnique
2014-06-27 Paul LemireQUniformValue overloaded constructor from Variant
2014-06-27 Paul LemireSlight cleaning in RenderMaterial
2014-06-27 Paul LemireRenderEffect using ParameterPack
2014-06-27 Paul LemireTechnique, d pointer and parameters notification
2014-06-27 Paul LemireSmall fix in Material
2014-06-27 Paul LemireEffect emits notification for Parameters
2014-06-27 Paul LemireParameter emits a notification when value is changed
2014-06-27 Paul LemireUpdated RenderMaterial to work with QUniformPack
2014-06-27 Paul LemireParameterPack observing Parameters