Renamed Component to QComponent
[qt:qt3d.git] / src / core / core-components / qabstractmesh.h
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRenamed Component to QComponent
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRenamed Node to QNode
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRefactored QAbstractMesh, QMesh and QAbstractShapeMesh
2014-07-05 Paul LemireRefactoring of MeshData, Buffer, Mesh and Attribute
2014-07-05 Paul Lemired-pointer in QMesh
2014-06-26 Sean Harmerd-pointer the core node, entity, component types and...
2014-06-07 Paul LemireSlight changes to QAbstractMesh
2014-06-07 Paul LemireMove QAbstract private classes to .cpp
2014-05-31 Paul LemireMove QUuid member out of Mesh into QAbstractMesh
2014-05-31 Paul LemireQAbstractMesh