last changeThu, 19 Jan 2012 17:40:45 +0000 (18:40 +0100)
2012-01-19 Robin BurchellRemove Q_CC_NOKIAX86. master
2012-01-19 Lars KnollRemove QDir::convertSeparators()
2012-01-19 Jonas M. GastalRemoving QHttpHeader and QHttpResponseHeader.
2012-01-19 Lars KnollRename all our interfaces from com.trolltech to org...
2012-01-19 Jan-Arve SaetherCleanup: No need to have two code paths that both retur...
2012-01-19 Bradley T.... Add "nswindow" resource to the Cocoa native interface...
2012-01-19 Bradley T.... Remove the tst_QWidget::retainHIView() test
2012-01-19 Bradley T.... Prevent menubar related crashes
2012-01-19 Joerg Bornemannremove NTFS junction and mount point detection
2012-01-19 Joerg BornemannRevert "fix NTFS mount points"
2012-01-19 Friedemann... Fix compiler warnings in Qt Network.
2012-01-19 Bradley T.... Disable 'make check' for tst_QWidget on Mac OS X
2012-01-19 Bradley T.... Replace Q_WS_MAC with Q_OS_MAC in tests/auto/other
2012-01-19 Friedemann... Windows: Implement QPlatformScreen::name()
2012-01-19 Lars Knollcore as a directory name is usually not a good idea
2012-01-19 Friedemann... Fix hang in tst_qwidgetaction on Windows.
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