last changeMon, 6 Jun 2011 11:26:29 +0000 (14:26 +0300)
2011-06-06 BogDan VatraPrepare alpha2 update 1 release android-stable
2011-06-06 BogDan VatraBetter support for *local qt libs*
2011-06-04 BogDan VatraFix java compilation on all android platforms
2011-06-03 Ray DonnellyUse android-5 for armeabi_v7a
2011-06-03 BogDan VatraDon't add soname informations
2011-06-02 Ray Donnelly--warnings
2011-06-01 BogDan VatraBring back the missing code to
2011-05-31 Ray DonnellyWindows Fix: ln -s replaced with cp -rf Mac OS X Fix...
2011-05-28 BogDan VatraImprove non-qt projects support.
2011-05-28 BogDan VatraFix android-4 compilation
2011-05-28 BogDan VatraMerge branch 'stable' into experimental
2011-05-27 Ray DonnellyMacOS X: 32bit and 64bit fat build for the host tools...
2011-05-27 BogDan VatraRevert "Fix non-qt projects support"
2011-05-25 BogDan VatraFix non-qt projects support
2011-05-22 Ray DonnellyFix QMAKE_CFLAGS not getting set in QMAKE_CFLAGS_DEBUG...
2011-05-20 BogDan VatraFix DER certificate format handling
8 years ago v4.6.0-tp1 Qt 4.6.0 Tech Preview 1 Release
8 years ago v4.5.2 Qt release 4.5.2
9 years ago v4.5.1 Qt 4.5.1
6 years ago intelligentpapers
6 years ago android-stable
7 years ago android-master
7 years ago android-4.7