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2015-04-18 Sergey A. GalinADDED MIGRATION NOTICE android-master
2012-10-15 Saytgalin AlexanderProduces minimal information, enough for making backtra... grym-android-16
2012-10-11 Saytgalin Alexander-ffunction-sections is not compatible with -g
2012-09-25 Галин Сергей... Add /system/lib to library search path
2012-09-17 Галин Сергей... Fix rare crash in context menu grym-android-15
2012-09-17 Галин Сергей... Fix rare QtActivity.tag() crash
2012-09-05 Галин Сергей... Disable SSL in std config (doesn't work at the moment)
2012-09-05 Галин Сергей... Fix findarmeabistrip function (it should not print...
2012-09-05 Галин Сергей... Fix strip lookup for older config
2012-09-04 Галин Сергей... NDK8 support
2012-08-30 Галин Сергей... Removed scrips which were kept for merging with Necessi...
2012-08-28 Галин Сергей... Fixed Android 1.6 back key in context menu problem. grym-android-14
2012-08-22 Галин Сергей... Clean up reference to m_jniProxyObject (very minor)
2012-08-22 Галин Сергей... Additional check for second run of the application...
2012-08-17 Галин Сергей... Prevent crashing when reading empty clipboard on Android 4
2012-08-17 Галин Сергей... Return 0 in QAndroidClipboard::mimeData if clipboard...
4 years ago grym-android-19 OpenGL Beta 1
4 years ago v4.8.5 v4.8.5
4 years ago grym-android-18 Stable release for non-OpenGL mode...
4 years ago grym-android-17 Grym release 17
5 years ago v4.6.4 Qt 4.6.4 opensource release
5 years ago v4.6.5 Qt 4.6.5 opensource release
5 years ago v4.8.4 Qt 4.8.4 tag
5 years ago grym-android-16 Qt 4.8.2, config tuning for Android...
5 years ago n0.41 Necessitas alpha 4 update 1
5 years ago n0.4 Necessitas alpha 4
5 years ago grym-android-15 Qt 4.8.2, NDK r8b support, bugfixes
5 years ago v4.8.3 Qt 4.8.3 Release.
5 years ago grym-android-14 Qt 4.8.2, first Grym Android releas...
5 years ago grym-android-13 Stable release on pre-4.8, touch...
5 years ago grym-android-12 Last stable release on pre-4.8...
5 years ago grym-android-11 Next stable version - added toast...
2 years ago android-master
3 years ago production-4.8
5 years ago production-4.8-pre
5 years ago alh-integration