2014-02-03 Simo FältAdded dbg
2014-02-03 Simo FältFix typo
2014-02-03 Simo FältMerge branch 'dev_ci' of gitorious.org:qt/falts-qtqa...
2014-02-03 Simo FältTry to resolve extra dependencies
2014-01-28 Simo FältDebugging
2014-01-28 Simo FältAdd dbg prints
2014-01-27 Simo FältAdd dbg print
2014-01-23 Simo FältCheck insignificants when timedout or failed to exec
2014-01-23 Simo Fältescape sed's arg
2014-01-23 Simo FältTry sed instead of tail when reading last lines
2014-01-14 Tony Sarajärvifix for qmakeflags
2014-01-08 Tony Sarajärvichange QTMAKEFLAGS behaviour
2013-12-31 Tony Sarajärviqmakeflags test 2
2013-12-30 Tony Sarajärvitesting qmakeflags adding
2013-12-17 Tony Sarajärvianother fix
2013-12-17 Tony Sarajärvifix for imx6
2013-12-17 Tony Sarajärviimx6 testing
2013-12-16 Tony SarajärviTry 2 on launching imx tests
2013-12-13 Simo FältAdded param for publishing builds
2013-12-11 Tony Sarajärvitest for running test executables on devices
2013-12-11 Simo FältFix typo
2013-12-11 Simo FältSome review fixes
2013-12-10 Simo FältCleanup
2013-12-09 Simo Fältrestore artifacts dir to prevent build break
2013-12-09 Simo FältFix merge conflicts
2013-12-09 Simo FältMerge remote-tracking branch 'qtqa/master'
2013-12-05 Sergio AhumadaRemove QtJSBackend_release_Integration CI.
2013-12-04 Simo Fältadded missing eval
2013-12-04 Simo FältUse string instead of int
2013-12-04 Simo FältAdded docs
2013-12-04 Simo FältEnale configurable xunit publisher
2013-12-03 Simo FältDon't mark asa failed until log is parsed
2013-12-02 Simo FältDon't exist until tried to pull the output
2013-12-01 Simo Fältqtqa: Delete $qt_dir only if needed
2013-11-29 Simo Fältqtqa: Adding QtConnectivity's android branch to CI
2013-11-29 Simo FältCp all the crap to both locations
2013-11-29 Simo Fältcp manifest to build dir
2013-11-29 Simo FältFix merge conflicts
2013-11-29 Simo FältMerge remote-tracking branch 'qtqa/master'
2013-11-29 Simo FältFix Copying android manifest
2013-11-29 Simo Fältcp androidmanifest
2013-11-28 Simo FältCleaning installed ios apps
2013-11-28 Simo FältFix connect return
2013-11-28 Jocelyn TurcotteFetch headers according to sync.profile.
2013-11-28 Simo FältMinor review fixes
2013-11-27 Simo FältFix typo
2013-11-27 Simo FältFix uneedede dir deletion
2013-11-27 Simo Fältremove some xUnit hacks
2013-11-26 Simo Fältfix exit
2013-11-25 Simo FältFix timout nag
2013-11-25 Simo Fältfix android typos
2013-11-22 Simo FältFix log parsing
2013-11-21 Simo FältFix usage
2013-11-21 Simo FältFix split line
2013-11-21 Simo FältCleaning up and enablins strict
2013-11-21 Simo FältFix android typo
2013-11-21 Simo Fältcleaning up
2013-11-21 Simo Fält Cleaning up
2013-11-19 Simo FältFix fail detection
2013-11-18 Simo FältPrint summary stats
2013-11-18 Simo FältKill simulator after timeout
2013-11-18 Simo Fältkill all simulator instances instead
2013-11-17 Simo FältDebugging
2013-11-15 Simo FältAnother for ps grep
2013-11-15 Simo FältFix for ps grep
2013-11-15 Simo FältDebug prints
2013-11-15 Simo FältKilll the simulator if seems stucked
2013-11-14 Simo FältFix typos
2013-11-13 Simo Fältrestored the ios-sim sleep
2013-11-13 Simo FältFix ios again
2013-11-13 Simo FältFIx ios testrun
2013-11-12 Simo FältFix popd order
2013-11-11 Simo FältEnable building
2013-11-11 Simo FältFix syntax error
2013-11-11 Simo Fältedit printouts
2013-11-11 Simo FältCheck if insignificant
2013-11-08 Simo FältAdded timout for ios
2013-11-06 Simo Fältfix path
2013-11-06 Simo FältCombined tesrunner for ios and android
2013-11-05 Simo Fältfix chdir
2013-11-05 Simo FältIos test runner perl version
2013-11-05 Simo FältInitial version of ios testrunner
2013-10-31 Simo Fälttest log printout
2013-10-28 Simo Fältqtqa: Adding some release branches to CI
2013-10-28 Simo FältAdding websockets playground project into ci
2013-10-25 Simo FältRun andoird test in test dir
2013-10-23 Simo FältRestore un modified embedded runner
2013-10-22 Simo Fälttmp script
2013-10-18 Simo FältFix testrunner args
2013-10-18 Simo FältAdded device connect
2013-10-14 Simo FältSkip webcokets license check
2013-10-14 Simo Fältqtqa: Make flaky test mode configurable
2013-10-08 Simo FältCheck flaky mode
2013-10-08 Simo FältRevert "TEst configurable flaky mode2"
2013-10-07 Simo FältTEst configurable flaky mode2
2013-10-07 Simo Fältqtqa: Adding QtEnginio_master_Integration to CI
2013-10-04 Sergio AhumadaRemove QtJsonDb_master_Integration CI.
2013-09-25 Sergio Ahumadaci.cfg: Remove unused CI configurations
2013-09-25 Tony SarajärviAdd QtWinExtras_stable to the integrator's subscribe...
2013-09-25 Tony SarajärviAdd QtMacExtras_stable to the integrators subscribe...