last changeThu, 5 Jul 2012 14:22:33 +0000 (11:22 -0300)
2012-07-05 Anselmo L.... macdeployqt: skip qmltooling plugin master
2012-07-05 Anselmo L.... macdeployqt: deploy QtQuick imports
2012-07-03 Friedemann... Designer: Fix crash when switching from docked to multi...
2012-07-03 Stephen KellyRun the cmake unit tests as part of the qttools CI.
2012-07-02 Yuchen DengFix compilation
2012-07-02 Joerg Bornemanncetest: remove support for X.sources of DEPLOYMENT...
2012-07-02 Stephen KellyCopy the LinguistTools macros to the build directory.
2012-07-02 Yuchen DengFix cross compilation
2012-07-02 Giuseppe D... Port QStandardItem/QStandardItemModel includes to QtGui
2012-06-29 Stephen KellyCreate a Qt5LinguistTools config file in the build...
2012-06-29 Oswald Buddenhagenremove stale reference to QTDIR_build
2012-06-27 Oswald BuddenhagenMerge branch 'buildsystem'
2012-06-27 Friedemann... QtTools/Linguist: Replace Q_WS_ by Q_OS_ where appropriate.
2012-06-27 Oswald Buddenhagenpurge QT_(SOURCE|BUILD)_TREE usage
2012-06-27 Oswald Buddenhagenbuild system cleanups
2012-06-27 Oswald Buddenhagenauto-generate module pris
6 years ago qt-v5.0.0-alpha1 Qt 5.0.0 Alpha1
6 years ago master