last changeTue, 15 Mar 2011 12:35:59 +0000 (14:35 +0200)
2011-03-15 ketmarunfinished attempt to write back CursorXP themes master
2009-10-13 ketmaruniversal theme converter added
2009-10-13 ketmarnow we can pack converted theme to tarball
2009-10-13 ketmarCurXP themes are now really unziping
2009-10-12 ketmarnow we can import CursorXPThemes without scripts
2009-10-12 ketmarfinally CursorFX converter seems to work ok
2009-10-12 ketmaradded untested script interpreter
2009-10-12 ketmarCursorXP script loader fixed; script parser started
2009-10-12 ketmaryes! it can convert simple CursorXP themes
2009-10-12 ketmarseems that import at least can parse CursorFX file
2009-10-12 ketmaradded Xcursor unpacker; added untested incomplete Curso...
2009-10-12 ketmarfixed itiotic bug in theme removing
2009-10-12 ketmarnow it can remove themes\!
2009-10-12 ketmarnow theme codec can parse and write theme index file
2009-10-12 ketmarnow it writes 'info fields'
2009-10-12 ketmarfixed copylefts
7 years ago master