last changeTue, 11 Oct 2011 05:19:27 +0000 (07:19 +0200)
2011-10-11 Julian de BhalQTBUG-20321 - fix example code in QML3D Point docs master
2011-10-10 Julian de BhalQTBUG-21236 Disable missing font take 2
2011-10-10 Julian de BhalQTBUG-19564 QGLSceneNode::setPickNode crash
2011-10-10 Julian de BhalQTBUG-21236 Disable reference to missing font
2011-10-10 Julian de BhalQGLShaderProgramEffect: Make materials work when any...
2011-10-09 Sarah SmithMake the flickr3d demo bit more worthy.
2011-10-06 Alan AlpertFix typos in README
2011-10-05 Danny PopeDoc bug: QTBUG-20809
2011-10-04 Julian de BhalQTBUG-19908 Do not crash with null / invalid shaders
2011-10-04 Julian de BhalMake qml test files visible in creator project browser
2011-09-29 Danny PopeFix for QTBUG-18538: Pretransform is applied to children
2011-09-29 Danny PopeQTBUG-19432 Doc bug for QML Mesh class.
2011-09-29 Danny PopeQTBUG-19442 Enabled property (actually meshNode propert...
2011-09-27 Danny PopeIcons updated for all platforms.
2011-09-23 Danny PopeQTBUG-20075 & QTBUG-18450 Item3D and Billboarding
2011-09-23 Julian de BhalFix error message in Asset Importer
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