2013-08-16 Shrikant DhumalPatch created for 485 for eglfs on RPi master
2012-04-19 NokiaQthanged to use -sysroot for ST7108
2012-04-19 NokiaQtRemoved hard coded paths
2012-04-09 NokiaQtCorrected qmake.conf to read environment variables
2012-04-04 Donald Carrmkspec rapture: So long Raspberry PI
2012-04-02 NokiaQtAdded support for Trident's Shiner SoC
2012-03-20 Shrikant DhumalAdded support for Qt 5
2012-03-16 Donald CarrSync mkspecs with qtbase
2012-03-15 Thomas Senykbackport of 0001-EGLFS-changes-required-for-BCM-Raspber...
2012-03-14 Girish Ramakrishnanamlogic: update to latest includes for qt4
2012-03-14 Girish RamakrishnanFix include path
2012-03-14 Girish RamakrishnanAdd AmLogic 8726M mkspec
2012-03-14 Girish RamakrishnanVFP disable patch Not required, upstreamed
2012-03-14 NokiaQtAdded mkspecs for ST7105, ST7108, ST7540 for Qt 4.7...
2012-03-12 Donald CarrUpdate tested base sha1
2012-03-12 Donald CarrMuch smaller patch now required
2012-03-12 Donald CarrDefault to EGLFS until Wayland is baked
2012-03-06 Donald CarrAdd BCM define to mkspec
2012-03-06 Donald CarrUpdate EGLFS patch and associate mkspec define
2012-03-06 Donald CarrAdd udev default option ahead of master integrating it
2012-03-06 Donald CarrStart using sysroot for correctness
2012-03-04 Donald CarrUpdate common/feature files
2012-03-04 Donald CarrExplicitly add OpenmaxIL libs required by bcm_host lib
2012-03-02 Donald CarrFix link line to add NEEDED OpenmaxIL lib for bcm_host
2012-03-02 Donald CarrUpdate the Qt 4.8 rasp pi mkspec
2012-03-02 Donald CarrAdd (host) udev header in order to compile against...
2012-03-01 Donald CarrExplicitly specify V8 target
2012-02-29 Donald CarrExplicitly set the v8 target arch until Qt's new arch...
2012-02-28 Donald CarrUpdate common/features/modules to Qt 5 HEAD
2012-02-20 Donald CarrAdd Andrew Baldwin's new EGL initialization patch
2012-02-20 Donald CarrUpdate Rasp-Pi mkspec for first official sd-card release
2012-02-04 Donald CarrKeep the mkspec baseline synced against Qt 5 HEAD
2012-01-24 Donald CarrSync mkspec base to Qt 5 head
2012-01-24 Donald CarrSync 4.8/5.0 raspberry PI specs
2012-01-18 Shrikant Dhumal7425 - Incorrect define used to turn on/off debugging...
2012-01-16 Shrikant DhumalAdded eglfs Lighthouse driver support for qt 4.8 on...
2012-01-16 Shrikant DhumalAdded eglnullws GFX driver support for qt 4.8 on 7425-A0
2012-01-16 Shrikant DhumalAdded DirectFB GFX driver support for qt 4.8 on 7425-A0
2012-01-12 Donald Carr[Qt 5: RASP PI]
2012-01-11 Donald CarrMove from our arb compiler flags to BCM's flags
2012-01-11 Donald CarrUpdate mkspec to use softfp
2012-01-10 Donald CarrSync 5 common spec files
2012-01-05 Donald CarrRevert "make use of vfp3 for raspberryPi"
2012-01-04 Johannes Zellnermake use of vfp3 for raspberryPi
2012-01-03 Donald CarrMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/10' of git://gitoriou...
2012-01-03 Donald CarrSince on anal retentive kick, lets be more terse
2012-01-03 Donald CarrFix spelling mistake (Thanks Holger)
2011-12-29 Donald CarrAdopt Qt 5 flags for Qt 4.8 pi
2011-12-27 Donald CarrUpdate common spec files
2011-12-15 Johannes Zellneradd explicit zlib linking for declarative with raspberry pi
2011-12-06 Donald CarrDisabling hardfloat does not suffice
2011-12-06 Donald CarrAdd notes file
2011-12-06 Donald CarrTrack sha1 usage
2011-12-06 Donald CarrAdd v8 patch disabling HARDFLOAT assumptions
2011-12-06 Donald CarrAdjust rasp pi mkspecs to document difficulties!
2011-11-22 Donald CarrTidy up spec
2011-11-22 Donald CarrAdd OMAP3430 spec to the mkspecs
2011-11-21 Donald CarrFix gcc/g++ brain fart
2011-11-21 Donald CarrTweaking existing spec
2011-11-21 Donald CarrNo dice; document hopeful define which failed to resolv...
2011-11-19 Donald CarrFix non-escaped comment
2011-11-19 Donald CarrAdjust Rasp PI to handle new declarative breakage
2011-11-18 Donald CarrDocument mkspec usage
2011-11-18 Donald CarrClean up spec for airing
2011-11-18 Donald CarrAdd required define to harmattan mkspec
2011-11-17 Donald CarrMove from the madde sysroot to the platform one (scratc...
2011-11-15 Donald CarrAdd Tegra2 Qt5 mkspec
2011-11-14 Donald CarrBritish spelling or am I a miscreant
2011-11-14 Donald CarrStill not giving me a legit EGL config but building...
2011-11-14 Donald CarrAdd gross functional panda mkspec
2011-11-08 Donald CarrThe grossest mkspec ever hewn by moi for the AMLogic...
2011-11-03 Donald CarrAdd n9 targetting spec
2011-10-19 Thomas Senykadded imx51 mkspecs
2011-09-30 Donald CarrTweak now benchmark later
2011-09-30 Donald CarrAdd Qt 5 centric mkspecs (required for symlinking)
2011-09-30 Donald CarrAdd QPA spec for raspberry pi
2011-09-29 Donald CarrAdd rasp-pi mkspec for 4.8/qws (simplegl) usage
2011-09-28 Arun VoletiModified qmake.conf and README files for exporting... 10
2011-09-27 Arun VoletiAdded mkspecs for Amlogic 8726M
2011-09-02 Donald CarrTweaking panda spec
2011-09-01 Donald CarrAdd panda board mkspec for 4.8
2011-09-01 Donald CarrAdd OMAP 3430 spec
2011-08-31 Donald CarrAdd ce41xx mkspec for Qt 4.8
2011-08-31 Donald CarrThumb interwork breaking webkit build since thumb24...
2011-08-31 Donald CarrTweak tegra2 spec back to functioning sanely
2011-08-30 Donald Carrtweaking tegra2 mkspec
2011-08-29 Donald CarrTweaking Harmattan mkspec
2011-08-28 Johannes Zellneradd tegra2 hard fp mkspec
2011-08-25 Donald CarrUpdate mkspecs to reflect changes in Qt 4.8 mkspecs...
2011-08-23 Donald CarrTweaked up tegra2 spec for Qt 4.8
2011-08-23 Donald CarrCompiles Qt successfully
2011-08-23 Donald CarrTweaking maemo5 spec
2011-07-26 Shrikant DhumalModified top-level README to add detail instructions
2011-07-05 Donald CarrUse latest greatest toolchain
2011-07-05 Donald CarrAdd 4.6 spec for maemo5, and maemo 5 alone
2011-07-05 Shrikant DhumalSimplied qmake.conf and idented simpleglscreen.cpp
2011-06-28 Shrikant DhumalRemoved PluginViewQt.cpp related changes since they...
2011-06-23 Shrikant DhumalAdded patch for broadcom specific NPAPI implementation...
2011-06-23 Shrikant DhumalMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/10' of git://gitoriou...
2011-06-23 Bhooshan SupeChanged README File