last changeThu, 16 Jul 2009 01:20:14 +0000 (11:20 +1000)
2009-07-16 Chris AdamsAdded filter tests for char, uint, longlong and ulonglong master
2009-07-16 Chris AdamsFix bug in date-filtering code; add unit test for date...
2009-07-16 Chris AdamsRemove superfluous test code
2009-07-15 Chris AdamsAdd autotest for retrieving contacts by filter from...
2009-07-15 Michael GoddardAdd the filter supported test back in.
2009-07-15 Michael GoddardAdd the infrastructure and beginnings of better value...
2009-07-15 Michael GoddardFix double comparisons, and cross type checking.
2009-07-15 Michael GoddardAdd bool and char support to memory engine too.
2009-07-15 Michael GoddardAdd double support to memory engine.
2009-07-15 Michael GoddardSplit the filtering into a separate test case.
2009-07-15 Chris AdamsAdd to unit test for manager - information reporting...
2009-07-15 Chris AdamsFix bug in qcontact, updated qcontact autotest.
2009-07-15 Chris AdamsAdd some tests for actions and preferences - qcontact.
2009-07-15 Chris AdamsUpdate unit test for qcontact preferences
2009-07-15 Chris AdamsMinor fixes to contact action API, add some unit tests
2009-07-15 Chris AdamsMinor performance improvements in qcontact
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