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2015-01-05 Caroline ChaoiOS: Increment version to 1.4 master
2014-12-17 Caroline ChaoUpdate contrast for some icons
2014-11-25 Caroline ChaoAndroid: Update version to 1.4
2014-11-06 Jan Arve SaetherCall tr() so that lupdate recognizes it.
2014-11-06 Jan Arve SætherIncrease size of the accessible elements in the header
2014-10-28 Jan Arve Saether"function accessiblePressAction()" => "Accessible.onPre...
2014-10-28 Jan Arve SaetherLet slider have discrete steps when accessible
2014-10-28 Frederik GladhornMake the TextField a searchEdit
2014-10-27 Jan Arve SaetherAdd some missing norwegian translations
2014-10-23 Frederik GladhornUse const refs
2014-10-23 Frederik GladhornAdd the wind direction for accessibility
2014-10-17 Frederik GladhornAdd description for slider
2014-10-17 Jan Arve SaetherUn-abbreviate m/s, mph, mm and in for accessibility
2014-10-17 Jan Arve SaetherMake Clear button in search field accessible
2014-10-17 Jan Arve SaetherMake one day page accessible.
2014-10-15 Jan Arve SaetherFix accessibility press action on the long term day...
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4 years ago v1.3_iOS Version 1.3 for iOS based on Qt...
4 years ago v1.2_iOS Version 1.2 for iOS based on Qt...
4 years ago v1.2_android Version 1.2 for Android based on...
4 years ago v1.1 Version 1.1 for iOS and Android...
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