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2015-05-04 Oliver WolffRefreshMocStep: Handle "standalone" header files contai... master
2015-04-17 Venugopal ShivashankarDoc: Updated the VS Add-in docs
2015-02-26 Oliver WolffAdded missing quick widgets module to project settings...
2015-02-26 Oliver WolffCorrect VCProjectEngine reference for MSVC 2013
2015-02-26 Oliver WolffTranslate missing "Module selection" sentences for...
2015-02-26 Oliver WolffReflect module changes from recent commits in project...
2015-02-24 Oliver WolffAdded missing modules to Project's Qt Settings
2015-02-24 Oliver WolffRemoved no longer supported Qt modules from project...
2015-02-24 Oliver WolffReadded script and ui tools to module list in project...
2015-02-24 Oliver WolffNew changes file for 1.2.4 version.
2015-02-23 Oliver WolffDo not overwrite saved debugging environment on project...
2015-02-19 Oliver WolffUpdated references for MSVC2012
2015-02-17 Oliver WolffUse correct version of VCProjectEngine for MSVC2012
2015-02-17 Oliver WolffSet correct solution platform on project creation
2015-02-17 Oliver WolffFix compilation
2014-10-27 Katja MarttilaFix crash when creating new Qt5 app in VS2008
4 years ago v1.2.2 VS-addin 1.2.2 Release
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7 years ago v1.1.9
7 years ago v1.1.8
7 years ago v1.1.7
7 years ago v1.1.6
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